Forum Announcement: Art Garden Rules
The Art Garden is a section where you can show off your skills in fine arts, such as drawings (traditional, painting, digital, etc.), graphic designs, making videos and showing off your original stories/fan-fictions. All of them are wonderful ways of expressing yourself; however, like any other section, there are a set of rules that need to be followed to ensure the stability of the forum. Please take the time to check over the rules if you’re unsure about something! Should you have any questions regarding the content of your thread(s) and post(s), don’t hesitate to ask LoopyPanda.

Check out The Boogaloo Rules!

1. All Rights Reserved © 2015-2017: Any and all original content (art, photography, literature) by Boogaloo Members are under All Rights Reserved protection. You do not have the right to redistribute, reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload any of the works provided here and vice versa in any way, shape or form without explicit written permission or consent by a creator(s).

2. Art Content Must Be SFW: In addition to the rule expressed in the general rules, excessive gore, gore being displayed in a sexual manner, or any form of fetish being depicted in a sexual or cruel manner is not allowed. Take it somewhere else. There's a difference between making a content that has something bloody or graphics in some fashion than explicit gore being displayed in a sexual or cruel manner.

3. Large Images/Chapters: To prevent slow loading times, lagging, or infinite scrolling for others, please be courteous and place large file images into spoiler tags. It keeps your thread neat, tidy and easy to scroll, along with keeping people's mouse wheels happy. Below is the code to use to place your images and chapters in spoilers.
  • Spoiler Option: Put any content under spoiler by using this code: [spoiler] [/*spoiler] - [spoiler="title"] [/*spoiler] (remove the stars)
4. Double Posting: Under the Art Section, you are allowed to submit multiple posts of your newest content.

5. Thread Specifications: To keep your own threads a bit easier to manage and keep tidy, it's recommended you have threads split up accordingly. To help make this easier, we've implemented various labels for certain sections of the Art Garden! Simply make sure to click on the Prefix Drop-down menu next to your thread's title and select from the prefixes available.
  • Ex: 1 thread for Photography, another for your drawings/paintings.
  • Ex in Modern INKers: 1 thread for Fan Fic, another for Comic, another for Original.
6. Commentary and Critique: An brand new board, a discussion board dedicated to both writers and readers who can engage in conversation. Readers can critique and discuss with other readers and creators of your stories. It is important to note that you should expect criticism of your works. If you are not interested in an intense analysis of your work and/or very sensitive of your skills, do not bother posting your works in Commentary and Critique board. It as simple as that.
  • If you're making a review, make sure your review has some thought behind it. Simply posting one-liners (such as "This sucks!") is not allowed and will be deleted with no questions asked.
  • Place your critiques/reviews in a spoiler.
  • Lastly, it's to have fun and give thoughtful, respectful feedback to an artist should you have any to offer them! Artists grow best together!

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