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  Summer Anime 2018 Discussion
Posted by: ShineCero - 06-27-2018, 12:11 PM - Forum: Akiba café - Replies (1)




Man! It's so damn hot! You know what cools me down during the Summer? Spending the days watching the newest animated seasons coming out, starting July 2018.

The purpose of the thread is to place all discussions about the new animes in one thread. You can talk about the upcoming animes, episodes, quality of the show, etc,. This is to avoid creating multitude of threads with no discussions and left for dead after a long while. If a anime in season becomes a popular topic in the thread, you have permission to spawn it into a their own.

Remember, you will be expose to spoilers as of July 1st rolls around. So be caution of the thread if you haven't watch the episode yet. 

Any discuss about the upcoming animes can be discussed here. If the anime gets a lot of attention, it can become it's own thread, but for now, they can be discussed here. Certain animes that are popular, such as Boku no Hero Acamdeia, have their own threads.

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  Galactic Ruins (Rules + Reg)
Posted by: LoopyPanda - 06-11-2018, 07:42 PM - Forum: Character Registration - Replies (6)

Important Links

Welcome to the character thread! I don't recall if I mentioned this previously, but the way the registration will work might be a different system mechanic than you're used to seeing from me. Don't let this freak you out-- I'm new to it myself, but I'm confident it won't be too hard to manage. The closest comparison I can make is that it should be no different than filling out a form for a character after picking a Dungeons and Dragons class. Don't let the "stats" thing scare you either-- we will NOT be using numbers or anything like that during battles. Just do what you usually do; the "stat" description just serves as an immediate way to know the immediate pros/cons of the role. That being said, if you have questions or are unsure of something, please let me know so I can help you out!

Character Registration Rules
  • No characters under the age of 19 earth years (realism’s sake).
  • Magic as a power is banned. This is a universe where magic doesn't exist.
  • Characters registered are only members of the Orion Squad. Villains cannot be registered (some may be available to play in the near future).
  • You can register a human, an alien, or a cyborg. Aliens can be whatever species you make up (home planets must be from the Solar System). I say cyborg rather than android/robot because from a logical standpoint, machines are a liability to the Union. Genma has forcibly recruited a good portion of his army using several different exploits (this story point will be covered more in-depth during the game). Cyborgs are less of a liability and they aren't as concerned with loss because their cybernetic body parts can be easily replaced.
  • The max character limit is 2. You can choose to make a new one if one dies (you can choose when/if they die). Newly registered characters can’t be used until I give the go-ahead-- I will PM you. You should PM me in advance if a character is going to die so I can plan it with you accordingly.
  • There is no limit on items/weapons, but be realistic about how much your character could carry without hindrance.
Regarding Class and Special Abilities:
  • You will select 1 role from the list below for the character. Use the "abilities" part to describe their role more specifically.
  • Powers (optional) and regular abilities are not the same. General abilities should be described relative to the role/equipment you gave your character or their physiology; Special Moves are abilities/attacks granted from a ‘super’ power of sorts (think Ultimates from Overwatch, for example). Try not to end up with too many of one class.
  • Your character can possess a Power/Special Ability; I recommend choosing one that would be beneficial for the role you want to play. You can currently have up to 2 Special Moves/Abilities. If you don't want any, just put N/A! These must also have a matching weakness/flaw.
  • If you choose to give them Special Abilities, Powers that are banned include, but aren’t limited to: Magic/Magic Energy, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, “Future Sight”, Time Travel & Manipulation.
Use Background to list their home planet or any info you want other players to know about, doesn't have to be super long. Just make sure it fits the lore. (Background is optional, but not required)


A role under the class you choose has a certain “stat” balance. The descriptors for these classes serve only to give you a general idea of what kind of character fits the role-- be creative!

Stats: Speed, Defense, Attack, Health
Legend: (+)=Boosted, (-)=Lowered


All stats are neutral by default for these roles. I also encourage you to be creative if you choose a neutral class, as it opens more flexibility in your character’s abilities.


Earth Age:
General Abilities:
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses:

My characters:

Name: Mioi
Earth Age: 41
Appearance: Coming Soon
Species: Alien
Class: Secondary Attacker (Sniper)
General Abilities: Her large eye has given her superior visual acuity compared to a normal person with binocular vision (although she lacks depth perception in comparison). Her species of cyclops can fire laserlike energy blasts from their eye, but this is only used in close-quarters combat. Mioi is able to hold her own in one-on-one melee, but not for long. Much of her training as a sniper is focused around stealth and maneuverability. She also has a pretty nasty bite, which one wouldn't know she even has until the skin of her face retracts to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Because her ‘mouth’ is hidden, Mioi instead communicates with her peers using telepathy over actually speaking.
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses: N/A
Items/Weapons: Sniper rifle equipped with infrared sights: capable of close range rapid-fire with a large spread, but is not nearly as lethal. Also uses a grappling hook for mobility.
Background: Mioi is 22 Martian years old, which equates to about 41 Earth years. The Martian Cyclops is one of the common species found living in the Underground. Mioi has volunteered her service to the Martian representative of the TU by joining the Orion Squad, previously serving as part of the ground patrol force to apprehend any troublemakers that roam the underground societies of Mars. After Genma’s uprising, she was promoted to sniper training.
Personality: Has a strong sense of justice when she feels others have wronged her, but most of the time she unintentionally comes off aloof or dismissive in social settings. Has a tendency of using monotone sass as a form of insubordination. She is actually a bit of a nerd and obsesses over humans a little too much.

Name: Azumi 
Earth Age: 20
Appearance: Coming Soon
Species: Human
Class: Frontline Flanker
General Abilities: Azumi is fairly lightfooted, so she is quick on her feet and is prepared to harass the enemy and help divert fire away from her teammates with relative safety.
Special Moves/Abilities, Weaknesses:
  • Mimicry: Able to either camouflage herself and become temporarily invisible, or mimic the appearance of an opponent for a short amount of time. (Weakness: Does not copy abilities since she isn't a cyborg/android with the proper circuitry for that, and taking too much damage destroys the temporary illusion.)
  • Detonation: As a last-resort type of technique, Azumi can use the plasma in her pistols as an explosive by allowing its entropy to accumulate in dangerous amounts, resulting in an AoE explosion. (Weakness: This results in complete destruction of her pistols beyond repair, so this is when she's completely out of options. This attack can also hurt allies if they are in range.)
  1. Two pistols that fire off plasma bullets at a high rate of fire.
  2. helmet she wears when using her hoverbike that allows her to adjust to a planet’s environment if it's not adequately suitable for humans.
  3. A strange item called a “Flux Engine” that grants her the Mimicry ability.
Background: Her planet of origin is listed to be from Venus. As an orphaned child, Azumi worked for a scrap dealer on Venus before earning enough credits to live on her own. She grew up a mercenary, taking jobs that suited her abilities and often involved transportation or retrieval of what could be considered “illegal” items, or at least, unauthorized transportation of valuables. She would sell leftovers from her missions as well. This never had any consequences, and her activity was padded with different jobs assigned by clients between Mercury and Mars, to keep these particular illegal activities from forming a pattern. Being her own boss, she was essentially a neutral party. Once, she had stolen an item called a Flux Engine that was intended for use by a cyborg, but she managed to get it to work without changing her own body too much.

It led to her current predicament, however, when she was caught transporting multiple artifacts that were considered stolen from the archives of the Earth Federation. But Azumi was far outside of their jurisdiction, so it was the job of the TU to arrest her and recover the items on Venusian jurisdiction (even though she didn't know they were stolen, there was little she could do to clear her name considering she was still charged for possessing and willfully engaging in illegal smuggles). The charges were enough to put her in several decades of prison, with quite a high price to bail her out. Interestingly, Empress Mystia was impressed by a bounty hunter knowing so much, so she proposed to allow Azumi to join the cause under approval of the Martian Chair. Azumi’s choice was to rot in jail, or become an agent for the Terranovan combat sector-- she accepted being given a second chance and has been working the same missions with Mioi for a month.
Personality: Mioi considers Azumi a cynical loud-mouthed idiot whose only concern is money. But what makes her valuable is being observant and efficient within her line of work, although she's kind of a slacker outside of work. She's approachable at the very least, but it's hard to predict how she'd respond to you.

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  E3 2018 Discussion
Posted by: ShineCero - 06-09-2018, 11:35 PM - Forum: No Game No Life - Replies (10)

E3 2018 is coming up in a few days (EA conference already had their filled), so discuss anything related to this here. Reactions, thoughts, comments, whatever. You can double post in here if you want as well (and provide links to live e3 streams if requested). 


Kingdom Hearts 3 got pushed to Jan 29th 2019 maybe

EA conference was pretty disappointing. Anthem looks promising though. 

@Tadashi @Freak@Ploep

what are your expectations of e3? What do you want out of this event?

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  Eight Graders given bulletproof shields for protection
Posted by: ShineCero - 06-09-2018, 05:06 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Donut - No Replies

Alexandra Ma Wrote:A class of eighth-graders graduating middle school have been given bulletproof shields as gifts to prepare them for potential mass shootings when they get to high school.

The students at St. Cornelius Catholic School in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, were given 10-inch by 12-inch ballistic shields to place in their backpacks.

According to their manufacturer, the shields would protect students from handgun and shotgun attacks if the students were shot from behind. They would theoretically also be able to protect themselves if they held up the shields in front of their bodies.

The shields were a gift from Unequal Technologies, a local sportswear which makes the shields. The company's CEO, Robert Vito, has a daughter at the school.

He gave a shield to every member of the outgoing class and an extra 25 to the school's faculty.

Vito told a press conference aired by the local WTXF TV channel: "It's sad the times have called for such a product to be invented, but we have answered the call."

The bulletproof plates are 10 by 12 inches large and a quarter-inch thick, and weigh about 19 ounces (1.19 lbs/0.5 kg). Each one has a retail value of $150.

There have been more 20 school shootings in the US in 2018 alone. A teenager student fatally gunned down 10 people wounded 10 others in Santa Fe, Texas, last month.

Seventeen people were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida this February, which prompted a school walkouts and national debate over US gun laws.


And now we resorted to this type of bullshit. What are your thoughts on this?

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  Atari VCS Discussion Thread
Posted by: Freak - 06-05-2018, 12:44 PM - Forum: Tech Club - Replies (1)

Discuss Atari's recent attempt to foray back into the world of gaming hardware once again with the Atari VCS.

Response to Tadashi from the Discord server where we held a short debate about the VCS:

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Posted by: Tadashi - 06-02-2018, 05:14 AM - Forum: Game Shelf - No Replies

So there is this new game, you go to dungeons to fight and loot at night, then at day time you go home (which is actually a shop) and sell your loot to NPCs from town.
Anyone played it? It's $20 right now so I'm assuming no.

I finished it in three days. It's super short. Gets a little bit boring by the time you reach the last dungeon, but it's too short for the boredom to make you stop playing (game ends before that point). I don't think it's worth $20, more like $5, unless more stuff gets added. But it was fun overall.
It has some annoying bugs, game crashed while I was at the ending dialogue, when I opened game again it had auto-saved after the ending dialogue so I had to watch it on YouTube.

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Question Unsolved Mysteries [Weekly Discussion]
Posted by: LoopyPanda - 05-30-2018, 11:33 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Life - Replies (14)

[Image: main-qimg-e16ad6ac3814cb6357624d754303f33a]
C'mon gang! We've got mysteries to solve.

This is a weekly discussion thread inspired by r/UnresolvedMysteries on Reddit.
Sometimes, things happen that we can't find answers to. Be it ongoing missing persons cases with strange circumstances, natural phenomenon, strange events with no conclusion or explanation to what happened, or even murder cases that became dead ends. These events all are considered unsolved mysteries.

Some of us here on the web are curious people who are not satisfied with never knowing the truth, so we seek to theorize and draw our own conclusions in hopes to piece together the clues a mystery has left behind (if any). Others are more content with never knowing the truth to the mystery at all. For you amateur sleuthers who like to make theories about the unknown, this thread is just the right place to tease your brain.

How this works: Every Friday at 3:00 p.m. CST, I will post a new mystery with the required information available on the internet. You, the detective, post a response detailing your idea that can explain or debunk the mystery. It can be backed up with further research on the mystery at hand, or remain solely based on your available knowledge. It is a mystery after all, so there is no correct answer until the truth is actually confirmed. As always, your posts must adhere to the rules of this forum. Once the full week is up, a new mystery will be selected for discussion.

Of course, I will offer my own theories, but most likely I will withhold my thoughts until someone else replies so that I may refute it or not. Well-crafted posts will be rewarded with Reputation points and perhaps more bragging rights down the line if the thread is successful.

You will receive your first mystery to solve tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

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  Galactic Ruins (AGAIN)
Posted by: LoopyPanda - 05-28-2018, 01:04 PM - Forum: Planning/Preview - Replies (5)

Because I wanted to fix everything up and put it in running order, but it took me so long, I put the opening of the actual RP on a hiatus. Well, it ends today!

Important Links

While this thread is presumably for planning the arcs as we go along OoC, I also intend to use it as a way so players can give me feedback on the story arc or ask me questions, and keep everyone on the same page.
Please let me know if you think we end up moving too slow or have similar grievances that can be resolved by me. If you wish, you can PM me about it. Smile

In the year 30XX, the Solar System of the Milky Way Galaxy faces an emerging threat known as Genma Platt. Mercury has been under his control for about 6 months thanks to careful interloping during heated political tension between the Mercurian Union and the Venusian Empire, who declared war on each other. He now has control over Mercury, but has not made another move yet, citing that he must be patient to reap the rewards. Fearing what is to come when he exits his state of hidden activity, the Terranovan Union has undertaken a plan in the past 4 months to secretly infiltrate Genma’s base of operations by employing a specialized squad unit called the Orion Squad.

Genma Platt has been declared by the Terranovan Union as a potential galactic threat. Because of his ruthless coup on Mercury and his apparent access to Class 3 weapons that take substantial amounts of resources and energy to power, the TU fears his next move will leave a swift and brutal blow to his next targets, one of which has been predicted to be Venus due to their substantially weakened access to manpower and resources. The Orion Squad (the players) thus has been tasked to be the ones that strike him down, led by Special Ops Commander Aurelia to coordinate their secret coup-- however, the question lies in how well the Union’s carefully calculated plans will work upon execution, especially against an enemy with no clear reasoning to his motives and no reliable information having been collected on him yet. With emerging rumors of an approaching new world order, anarchism and crime rates have increased. How much impact will Genma’s forces inflict upon the galaxy?

Things to know:
  • Yes, I changed the name of the villain by one letter. Deal with it. B|
  • This game has some required reading, which is found here (so you don't have to scroll back to the top). You have to read it in order to properly make characters. Thus, I ask you keep up with background information so things don't get distorted in-universe. Your character’s background information will match up well with the in-game setting as long as you follow the lore’s outlines. Once the game begins, I will not be altering any core lore that will be used for world-building.
  • The story takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy/Our Solar System, so your character can't be from a made-up planet. See the Lore Thread for further information about planets.
  • This is a Sci Fi/actiony themed RP: magic is not a thing! You will have the option to use powers however. (more on this later) A Sci-Fi/Futuristic RP like this doesn't require you to be a genius about rocket science or anything really (in fact most of what you see written by me is just uneducated guesses at how technology would work in the distant future) The lore should be enough to keep you afloat.
  • You can register a human, an alien, or a cyborg. Aliens can be whatever species you make up. See bullet point #2 regarding planets.
  • The maximum character limit is 2 at a time. You can choose to introduce a new one if one dies (you can choose when/if they die). Newly registered characters can’t be used until I give the go-ahead-- I will PM you.
Independent villain arcs run by the players are not allowed at this time. Only I can play villains at this time.

Play Style:
  • Character registration will have a simplified Class/Role system, so the battle system may be a bit of new ground in terms of what's been done on BG roleplay before. More on this soon.
  • OOC posts by me will be bolded. Pay heed to these when I do post them, as I may place these for important information about a battle, thing, etc.
  • Battles are turn-based, so players shouldn't make 64-chain combo attacks in just one post. You must cooperate with your fellow players if you don't want to get rekt.
Current plan: The Orion Squad will meet together with Special Ops Commander Aurelia for the first time, and will be debriefed on the current situation by attending a Terranovan Union Meeting. After this, characters will be given a short time to introduce each other or interact before being given their first mission and departing.

Any questions you have regarding anything may be posted below! I'll post the character registration template soon if people are still interested in this.

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  John "Totalbiscuit" Bain Passes Away At Age 33
Posted by: Freak - 05-24-2018, 10:40 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Donut - Replies (3)


The title pretty much says it all.

I'm completely devastated by this turn of events as, out of everybody that I would call an influencer on my life, TB places second by far. His criticisms of shitty game devs and publisher practices really showed me what I should look for in a video game and helped me decide what I should and shouldn't give my money to. His criticisms have helped me find many games, some of which were ultimately saved by his showcasing of said games, such as Warframe. Of all the shitfests going on in Youtube, I felt like he was one of the only 'Tubers out there that I could watch, mostly due to the fact that he genuinely cared about his community and he genuinely cared about the gaming industry as a whole. He's a precious gem in the world of clickbaiters and controversy bandwagoners, and his loss has, much like myself, left pretty much the entirety of gaming journalism, some game developers and even the community at large completely devastated. As the big guy looking out for the small fry, he was very influential in getting our voices out to the industry.

RIP John Bain. You will be missed.


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  Who would've won the final Chunin Exam tournament had it continued (Naruto)
Posted by: JamesYTP - 05-24-2018, 03:22 AM - Forum: Hagane Colosseum - No Replies

Had Orochimaru not interrupted then and there who would've won the tournament? For the sake of this thread, we're assuming per the rule that you win if you incapacitate your opponent that Sasuke has defeated Gaara as he was knocked out for quite a while before the Shukaku transformation. So it picks up in round 2 with Naruto & Sasuke battling it out in the first fight and Shino and Temari fighting in round 2. Who wins both and who wins the final? 

All combatants strength, speed and abilities are obviously as they were in the leaf destruction arc and we assume no fights are totally blood lusted but I suppose just a little less intense. Each characters general fatigue levels are also considered and the length between matches would be too with regards to how much they recover round to round.

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