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  Galactic Ruins (AGAIN)
Posted by: LoopyPanda - 05-28-2018, 01:04 PM - Forum: Planning/Preview - Replies (5)

Because I wanted to fix everything up and put it in running order, but it took me so long, I put the opening of the actual RP on a hiatus. Well, it ends today!

Important Links

While this thread is presumably for planning the arcs as we go along OoC, I also intend to use it as a way so players can give me feedback on the story arc or ask me questions, and keep everyone on the same page.
Please let me know if you think we end up moving too slow or have similar grievances that can be resolved by me. If you wish, you can PM me about it. Smile

In the year 30XX, the Solar System of the Milky Way Galaxy faces an emerging threat known as Genma Platt. Mercury has been under his control for about 6 months thanks to careful interloping during heated political tension between the Mercurian Union and the Venusian Empire, who declared war on each other. He now has control over Mercury, but has not made another move yet, citing that he must be patient to reap the rewards. Fearing what is to come when he exits his state of hidden activity, the Terranovan Union has undertaken a plan in the past 4 months to secretly infiltrate Genma’s base of operations by employing a specialized squad unit called the Orion Squad.

Genma Platt has been declared by the Terranovan Union as a potential galactic threat. Because of his ruthless coup on Mercury and his apparent access to Class 3 weapons that take substantial amounts of resources and energy to power, the TU fears his next move will leave a swift and brutal blow to his next targets, one of which has been predicted to be Venus due to their substantially weakened access to manpower and resources. The Orion Squad (the players) thus has been tasked to be the ones that strike him down, led by Special Ops Commander Aurelia to coordinate their secret coup-- however, the question lies in how well the Union’s carefully calculated plans will work upon execution, especially against an enemy with no clear reasoning to his motives and no reliable information having been collected on him yet. With emerging rumors of an approaching new world order, anarchism and crime rates have increased. How much impact will Genma’s forces inflict upon the galaxy?

Things to know:
  • Yes, I changed the name of the villain by one letter. Deal with it. B|
  • This game has some required reading, which is found here (so you don't have to scroll back to the top). You have to read it in order to properly make characters. Thus, I ask you keep up with background information so things don't get distorted in-universe. Your character’s background information will match up well with the in-game setting as long as you follow the lore’s outlines. Once the game begins, I will not be altering any core lore that will be used for world-building.
  • The story takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy/Our Solar System, so your character can't be from a made-up planet. See the Lore Thread for further information about planets.
  • This is a Sci Fi/actiony themed RP: magic is not a thing! You will have the option to use powers however. (more on this later) A Sci-Fi/Futuristic RP like this doesn't require you to be a genius about rocket science or anything really (in fact most of what you see written by me is just uneducated guesses at how technology would work in the distant future) The lore should be enough to keep you afloat.
  • You can register a human, an alien, or a cyborg. Aliens can be whatever species you make up. See bullet point #2 regarding planets.
  • The maximum character limit is 2 at a time. You can choose to introduce a new one if one dies (you can choose when/if they die). Newly registered characters can’t be used until I give the go-ahead-- I will PM you.
Independent villain arcs run by the players are not allowed at this time. Only I can play villains at this time.

Play Style:
  • Character registration will have a simplified Class/Role system, so the battle system may be a bit of new ground in terms of what's been done on BG roleplay before. More on this soon.
  • OOC posts by me will be bolded. Pay heed to these when I do post them, as I may place these for important information about a battle, thing, etc.
  • Battles are turn-based, so players shouldn't make 64-chain combo attacks in just one post. You must cooperate with your fellow players if you don't want to get rekt.
Current plan: The Orion Squad will meet together with Special Ops Commander Aurelia for the first time, and will be debriefed on the current situation by attending a Terranovan Union Meeting. After this, characters will be given a short time to introduce each other or interact before being given their first mission and departing.

Any questions you have regarding anything may be posted below! I'll post the character registration template soon if people are still interested in this.

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  John "Totalbiscuit" Bain Passes Away At Age 33
Posted by: Freak - 05-24-2018, 10:40 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Donut - Replies (3)


The title pretty much says it all.

I'm completely devastated by this turn of events as, out of everybody that I would call an influencer on my life, TB places second by far. His criticisms of shitty game devs and publisher practices really showed me what I should look for in a video game and helped me decide what I should and shouldn't give my money to. His criticisms have helped me find many games, some of which were ultimately saved by his showcasing of said games, such as Warframe. Of all the shitfests going on in Youtube, I felt like he was one of the only 'Tubers out there that I could watch, mostly due to the fact that he genuinely cared about his community and he genuinely cared about the gaming industry as a whole. He's a precious gem in the world of clickbaiters and controversy bandwagoners, and his loss has, much like myself, left pretty much the entirety of gaming journalism, some game developers and even the community at large completely devastated. As the big guy looking out for the small fry, he was very influential in getting our voices out to the industry.

RIP John Bain. You will be missed.


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  Who would've won the final Chunin Exam tournament had it continued (Naruto)
Posted by: JamesYTP - 05-24-2018, 03:22 AM - Forum: Hagane Colosseum - No Replies

Had Orochimaru not interrupted then and there who would've won the tournament? For the sake of this thread, we're assuming per the rule that you win if you incapacitate your opponent that Sasuke has defeated Gaara as he was knocked out for quite a while before the Shukaku transformation. So it picks up in round 2 with Naruto & Sasuke battling it out in the first fight and Shino and Temari fighting in round 2. Who wins both and who wins the final? 

All combatants strength, speed and abilities are obviously as they were in the leaf destruction arc and we assume no fights are totally blood lusted but I suppose just a little less intense. Each characters general fatigue levels are also considered and the length between matches would be too with regards to how much they recover round to round.

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Exclamation Pokémon Convo: Anything Goes
Posted by: ~ Z ~ - 05-19-2018, 05:41 PM - Forum: Pokémon - Replies (17)

This is a thread in which you can talk and post about anything not thread worthy such as favorite Pokemon, worst shinies, best battle tactics, regions, etc. This also applies to fan theories and other fan-related topics like stories and games. Please enjoy!

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  Avengers Infinity War
Posted by: ShineCero - 05-12-2018, 03:07 AM - Forum: Metroham Entertainment - Replies (1)

Been a few weeks, let's have a thread about it... maybe we should have a Marvel Studios thread to house all these threads into one place....

Anyways, let's state our thoughts of the film!

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  What is the Definition of Family?
Posted by: Grey Star - 05-10-2018, 06:10 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Life - No Replies

In the past family was marked solely by blood lineage, marriage, and offspring. It was important to do things for blood family members no matter who they were, even if they had actively slighted against you or such, and assassinating them could be considered one of the worst things possible. Blood was so important English kings paid scholars to trace back their parentage to King Author for the good of their rule. Starting in the 1900s the definition of family received a subtle change. The best friend started to become the third closest person to the head of a household, the blood family slash in laws and the wife preceding him (in that order). Getting to the 70s, 80s, and 90s the focus on family shifted from the nuclear household of father, mother, and offspring to those who you relied on and trusted, adoption becoming largely more accepted (in theory) and it becoming established for the blood family and a particular family member to cut all ties. Into the 2000s it continues to change, I see a lot of mixture of blood family being important and fighting in-between blood family members is an abomination, but that the closest friends can be better than blood family members and can be more deserving of affection based on the relationship to the blood family.

So, how do you define family?

I myself find I love my blood family dearly, but there are a few members of whom that I have nothing but contempt and hatred for, due to their actions making them absolute monsters of whom I would rather walk for hours than be forced to sit in the same house with. I have an adopted uncle of whom I'm just as close and reliant upon as my blood family and nothing that is said can change my relationship with him. And I put online friends I know on the same level as my blood family, if not more so at times due to a period of difficult home life and suicidal depression making me distance myself from them.

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  What would DCEU have to do to catch up to Marvel?
Posted by: ShineCero - 05-01-2018, 06:59 PM - Forum: Metroham Avenue - Replies (5)

As the title suggests, what would DCEU have to do in order to catch up to the success of Marvel Cinetmatic Universe? Avengers Infinity beat their entire Box Office (109 days to get it) within 6 days and climbing it way to a billion (still hasn't released in China and Russia yet) and already dethrone Star Wars.

Do they have to reboot everything and start over from scratch? If so, do they just wait 6-8 years in order to do it?

@Grey Star @Vegetto@Freak@JamesYTP@gokugirl2006

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  Social Media vs Forums
Posted by: ShineCero - 04-25-2018, 03:26 AM - Forum: Boogaloo Life - Replies (6)

Which ones do you prefer and why? Are social media going to be the future of connection or forums will remain a stable for a long time?

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  Your Last Meal
Posted by: LoopyPanda - 04-21-2018, 07:27 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Plaza - Replies (5)

Too casual for Boogaloo Life, too funsy for a serious subforum.

Premise: You have been notified that you have a certain amount of time left before dying. This could be any reason (not just being on Death Row  Wink ) and there's nothing you can do about it. But! You're allowed a last meal of any kind. So, what would your last meal be? It can be as big as a three-course meal, or just one plate.

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  At Some Point in the Future, I'm Abandoning Fandom and TVTropes
Posted by: Grey Star - 04-18-2018, 07:33 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Life - Replies (8)

It started out with really, really freaking annoying advertisements on TV Tropes where it would redirect my iPhone Safari browser to a scam site. I figured because it was iOS it was more vulnerable due to more complicated nature of pop ups on it. And getting redirected in the middle of a trope page, on mobile viewing no less, is a pain to deal with, but I figured it was just a downside to iOS. And then Fandom started to do the exact, same, thing. And I'm like, okay, I can handle this.

And now it's happening on their desktop sites as well. I just had two articles on the FANDOM based Warframe wiki redirect me to some perverted bikini store. In the middle of a freaking article. I can't. I can't deal with this anymore. I'm sick of these stupid redirection ads giving me this crap, and I'll honestly rather ask the forums than bother with it.

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