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  Waifu-Husbando Event
Posted by: ShineCero - 02-01-2018, 01:31 AM - Forum: Artist Gallery - Replies (18)

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

The Bob Ross Competition is intended to draw out the maximum potential of artists of all media. Exclusive to the Art Garden section, any artists, whether you do traditional, painting, digital, etc., is able to jump into Bob Ross Competition series and showcase their artwork, win cool awards, badges, along with exploring out of your artistic comfort zone. Each Bob Ross Competition differs from one another with their own set of rules and tasks, designed to add variety, generate consistent interests and bring in new dynamics. Thus, you will be able to participate in different kinds of competition that suits your needs or if you’re feeling you want to test your skill, join a competition to push you to the utmost limit. 

Each Competition will not be decided by polling from members. Instead, the winner will be decided by two-three anonymous people who did not participate in the competition. They will be able to provide any comments or feedback (provided by the administrator) along with their votes of the best artwork as follow by the rules of the competition.

It's Valentine Day and it's a day of love and passion! Draw the character you'd want to be a Valentine (a waifu/husbando is a character from an established franchise). You can pick 2 characters to draw together or just 1 favorite character you've always liked and drawn them with something that incorporates a romantic theme into it. It has to be safe-for-work. Are you capable of making your Valentine feel extra special!?

Waifu-Husbando Event will begin on a Thursday, February 1st start at 10:00 AM and ends Saturday, March 3rd at 12:00 AM PDT. You MUST provide your own original content. In other words, do not steal artwork from other artists, recolors are not considered artwork and make sure they are safe-for-work. Please USE IMGUR when posting your artwork. 

  • You can pick 1-2 characters (any medium and regardless of gender) for this event.
  • It MUST have romantic elements (whether it hearts, beautiful scenery, etc)
  • You can submit the character(s) you wished to draw on this page before the February 17th 12:00 AM PDT (use official art, not fan art).
  • You can use any medium in arts for this competition. 
Awards for Waifu-Husbando Event
  • Artist Badge: Participation in the Bob Ross Competition!
  • The Romantic Artist Badge: Win the Valentine Event!
  • Michelangelo Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition!
  • Mioi Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 2 times!
  • Da Vinci Badge: Win Bob Ross Regular Competition 3 times!
  • Bob Ross Award: Win 6 Bob Ross Competition (3 Regulars and 3 Special Events)

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  A Pick Me Up Part 1: Trolling the Trolls
Posted by: Grey Star - 01-31-2018, 05:44 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Plaza - No Replies

The first of a series I recommend anyone to contribute to is a series of family friendly Youtube videos that could be used to give someone sad a pick me up by either being heart warming or friendly. Here are the rules.

1. It must be family friendly.
2. It must be a video.
3. It needs no outside context to provide warm feelings.

Now with the rules out of the way let’s get into today’s content, I present the TED Talks about Spam Emails, by James Veitch.

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  Little Idols - Japan's dark obsession with young girls
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-29-2018, 09:19 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Donut - Replies (1)


TOKYO (AFP) - In a cramped and dark venue in a sleazy Tokyo district, dozens of middle-aged men cheer at a performer on stage: The object of their adoration is a six-year-old girl.

Decked out in make-up with ribbons in her hair, Ai is dressed like an adult, but still looks very much a child.

She is a so-called "idol" singer - common in Japan, where rights groups have complained that society's sometimes permissive view of the sexualisation of young girls puts minors at risk.

It was only in 2015 that possessing child pornography was criminalised and authorities are struggling to bring the country into line with other advanced nations on the issue.

In the crowd at an idols show, Soichiro Seki, 40, says he watches young girls on stage twice a week. He insists he goes just to encourage the performers and feels no shame.

But he did concede that other fans objectify them.

"(For them) coming to a concert like this and visiting a hostess club in Kabukicho are essentially the same thing," he said, referring to Tokyo's major red-light district.

Idol Tama Himeno, who has performed on stage since the age of 16, says the men attending her shows worship the performers and crave communication with young girls that they cannot get elsewhere.

Most fans are "pure," insists Himeno, now 24, although she admits she was once offered 30,000 yen (S$360) for her used pantyhose.

"Men idolising young girls is relatively accepted in Japan," said Himeno, citing the "Tale of Genji", an 11th-century classic depicting a nobleman's romantic relationships with women, as well as a small girl.

For Ai's manager Hidenori Okuma, the men are attracted by the thought of contact with a "girl next door".

"Meeting and chatting with high-school idols has become so popular," said Okuma.

"It's now less embarrassing to admit you like young girls. Now they (male fans) say they prefer primary school girls, without hesitation."

Ai's mother, Mami Yamazaki, says her daughter has wanted to be an "idol" singer since she watched an anime cartoon about young girls striving for stardom.

"On television, you see kids acting in dramas and commercials. In magazines, children are modelling clothes. What Ai is doing is not much different," she says, despite the audience for idol shows being mainly adult males.

Yamazaki, 26, herself played in a band as a teenager and sees her daughter's performances as a way into the popular and lucrative world of idols.

It can be a pathway to fame, as demonstrated by Japan's AKB48 band, one of the most successful acts of all time, who started in a small stage in Tokyo's Akihabara, with the youngest member aged 11.

But getting a foothold into the idol scene means the child has to interact with adult fans, taking photos together and autographing the backs of their t-shirts.

"It must be a bizarre sight" for foreigners, admits Himeno but she stresses any sexual advances are an absolute "no-no."

Japan's battle against paedophilia is well documented. The number of minors abused in child pornography has risen five-fold in the past decade, according to official figures.

Police have failed to stamp out so-called JK (Joshi Kosei, or high school girls) businesses, which offer men services such as going for a walk with a teenage girl so the customers have a chance to negotiate for sex.

Quasi-pornographic "chaku-ero", or clothed eroticism - images of small children posing in tiny swimsuits - are easily found on the Internet, slipping through a legal loophole.

Lawyer Keiji Goto, who campaigns for minors' rights, says the problem is a social one.

Many Japanese think that sexually objectifying young girls is not taboo but rather "just falls into a grey zone," said Goto.

Japan is far from being the only place with a problem of sexualising children.

In America, concerns have been raised about the hyper-sexualisation of children appearing in beauty pageants, as well as on reality shows such as "Toddlers and Tiaras." And the French Parliament in 2014 adopted a ban on "mini miss" competitions for girls younger than 13, prompted by controversy over a 2010 Vogue magazine photo shoot featuring provocative images of a 10-year-old.

But in Japan, there has been little public debate of the issue.

Psychiatrist Hiroki Fukui, who also treats paedophiles, says the awareness in Japan that children need to be protected from potential sexual predators is "so low."

He explained: "We need to realise this situation in Japan is not normal."

Shihoko Fujiwara, the representative of an NGO that helps victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse, warned of a dangerous mindset.

"The girls will think to themselves the audience is crazy about them because they are small girls and because their value will reduce once they get to the age of 18.

"A society that allows children to have such a twisted self-identity can never protect them."


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  PC Building
Posted by: Freak - 01-29-2018, 04:19 PM - Forum: Tech Club - Replies (2)

Aye, so you want to build yerself a PC, eh? Well ye've come to the right place! This wee little guide here will teach you to navigate the treacherous waters of overpriced computer parts caused by things like cryptocurrency mining and exploding phones (I'm looking at you, Note 7  Kek ) so that you may get yourself the bestest and most greatest of computers. Please note this will be a very long thread, so plop dat ass down and prepare the popcorn. At the end of the guide will also be some PC Part Picker links to several generic builds I've come up with depending on needs, preferences and budgets, so if you don't feel like reading a college essay, feel free to skip down there.

I: The Processor-ing
The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, or processor, is the brains of the PC. Every little action you do on your computer is processed by the... processor. It's usually in a square shape, and while it's pretty small, it's pretty smart compared to us. There are many types of processors out in the world, but, thank god for Microsoft and their reluctance to embrace the ARM architecture (the type used in phones and such) means there are really only two big-dogs to choose from; AMD and Intel. Which company you go with depends on how much money you have to dedicate to building as well as what you need -- whether it's a faster processor or a processor with more cores. They both ultimately really make your processing capabilities better, but the type of workload you have will determine what kind of "speed" you need. Gaming, for example, rarely takes advantage of more than one core, around four at most. Things like Render machines, however, massively benefit from multiple cores as well as streaming. In the spoiler below I'll list several options for what to buy depending on the company and use case.
Note: There will be a number that looks like this: (x/x). This indicates the number of cores and threads a processor has. Cores are the physical processing cores on the unit itself while threads are the data links to the cores. The process of having two threads linking to a core is known as Simultaneous Multi Threading (or Hyper-threading for Team Intel). Games aren't very good at utilizing threads, but other programs can benefit from the presence of an extra thread.
II: The Graphics Card-inator
The graphics card, or GPU, is the muscle of your build, the true destroyer of games (and power bills, in some cases). Recently, an influx of cryptocurrency mining (as of 1/26/2018) has utterly destroyed the market in terms of available stock and pricing, with a VAST majority of graphics cards costing almost twice their MSRP. Thank goodness for stores like Micro Center, however, who are taking measures to not leave out the simple man who may just want to build their first computer... There are two players in the graphics market -- NVIDIA and AMD. Those names may be familiar. Why, you ask (other than the fact that AMD was already mentioned earlier)? That's because AMD currently supplies the processor and graphics for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 while NVIDIA's Tegra lineup currently powers the ever so adored Nintendo Switch. There is literally only one factor unique to graphics cards that would influence your purchasing options, and that's the resolution you want to play at. This may also be substituted for framerate, but we'll discuss that at a later time when we go into detail about monitors.

III: The Motherboard
The motherboard isn't a very complex choice. It goes down like this:

Do you want lots of features, and lots of extra internals (wifi, speedy fast M.2 drives [more on that later], etc)? Get the more expensive line.

IV: The case (AKA "What the hell am I gonna put this stuff in?!")
Alright, so now you have your choice of specs, but now you need to get a case. There are many different kinds of cases ranging in features, sizes, types of see-through panels, cable management, connectivity choices on the front etc. For the rundown, the reputable brands are NZXT, Corsair, Cooler Master, be quiet!, Lian Li, Fractal and a few others I can't name off the top of my head. Any other manufacturer you choose may not have the best quality. Google is your best friend for this. Here's the rundown on sizes:

Mid-ATX: Standard size for PCs, especially from the early 2000s.
Full-ATX: REALLY big case. Take the largest regular computer you may have seen before and multiply its volume by 2. That is more or less the Full-ATX case size.
Micro-ITX: Polar opposite of Full-ATX. These fit REALLY small ITX motherboards. I do not recommend working with the ITX form factor for your first build, as it REALLY requires cable management skills.

The rest of the features include things like RGB (Fancy-shmancy), tempered glass panels (be REALLY careful with those as they shatter easily), USB type-c (your Android phone might have this one if it was released in the past year or so, you can do really cool things with it), fan controllers (controlling the speed of your fans, really good if you can't afford really good fans made to be able to be controlled automatically by the motherboard), and sometimes even HDMI ports (connected through an internal HDMI port included on some GTX 1080s and above, made to allow easy connection to a VR system like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift).

Va: Case Cooling
Now you have your case. Unfortunatlely, you may notice they are either lacking or the fans included look rather.. Cheap. This tends to be to keep prices low, but thankfully we can remedy that. As cooling is incredibly important, you must absolutely dedicate at least $20-30 to case fans in my opinion. The options are very very expansive, but I have but one suggestion to make. Whichever fans you buy, buy fans with a four-pin connector (they will have four holes and be rather small). An easy way to find these is to simply google "PWM case fans". PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation, and it can be used to control the speed of your fans if you don't have a fan controller. These fans aren't cheap, but they will help keep your computer cool while not sounding like a jet engine. Refer to the site of the case manufacturer of the case you're buying to see which sizes are supported. Common sizes are 120/140mm. The larger they are, the lower speeds they need to spin to get the same amount of airflow in, which makes it quieter.

Vb: CPU Cooling
The CPU and GPU in the computer tend to have their own coolers. If they didn't, they would most likely enable you to cook your breakfast in your computer for a nice one-time price of (insert price of computer components here). Your CPU, however, may either not come with a cooler or come with only a sub-par one. Ryzen doesn't have much of a problem with this since their coolers are god-sent, but Intel users may want to consider getting a beefier cooler. This can come in one of two ways, an air cooler or a water coole--- wait wait wait, did I just say WATER?! SURELY YOU MUST BE HI-- hold on, just wait a minute there. Water is one of the most effective methods of cooling a processor and is the most effective permanent method out there. Water coolers are more effective and quieter than their air-cooled bretheren, but there is still the risk of water leaking. Don't let that discourage you, however, as water coolers from the likes of Corsair or EVGA have been perfected to the point that the chance of a leak is next to impossible. They are still more expensive, however (And take more connectors to power), and the average builder may instead opt for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, an aged, yet effective and cheap, solution.

VI: Memory
No, I don't mean storage. That is a separate topic. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a super-fast volatile (meaning it loses the contents upon the computer shutting off) memory. There have been four generations of DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM, but we're only focusing on the fourth generation right now. The type of RAM you get depends on the CPU you get. AMD users need fast RAM as performance is affected by the speed. The base speed is 2133 mhz, but I've noticed the sweet spot to be around 2600 MHZ. Intel doesn't get much performance benefit from the RAM, so choose what you'd please so long as it's on the motherboard manufacturer's Qualified Vendor List. The QVL is a list of tested parts and are KNOWN to work with that make of motherboard. Choose wisely, or else lots of manual adjustment may be needed to get the RAM running at its advertised speeds -- if it's even possible. Good vendors here include G.Skill, Corsair, Crucial and G.Eil.

VII: Storage
There are three kinds of storage; Hard drives, the old little spinny things you all know and love for computer storage, Solid State Hard Drives, which are Hard Drives with a little bit of solid state (not spinny) storage to attempt (keyword attempt) to make them faster and Solid State Drives, which come in two flavors, SATA and M.2. SATA SSDs connect with cables to the power supply and motherboard, respectively, and are significantly faster (and, to an extent, pricier). M.2 drives can also be SATA, but you don't buy M.2 drives for the SATA component, you buy them for the NVME component. These drives connect to the super fast PCI-e interface, which makes them the fastest drives by far that won't break your wallet in a heartbeat. A common scenario in my eyes would be a 240/256 GB SSD from a company like Samsung (considered the best source of SSDs) with a 1-to-2 TB HDD from the likes of Western Digital. The SSD would host things like Windows and REALLY important programs while the HDD stores everything else. Such a combo would set you back around $170-200.

VIII: Power supply
The power supply may seem simple; "Get enough to power the computer, Ez". Wrong. Getting a good power supply can mean the difference between life and voided warranty death for your computer parts. it can also affect cable management. A good power supply will have at least an 80+ bronze efficiency rating, meaning that a power supply will, at most, pull around only 20% extra power max than is used to power a computer (e.g, a 500 watt usage will result in 600 watts being drawn from the wall under worst conditions). Good manufacturers don't really exist here, as they all have good and bad models. Refer to this tier list for more information.

IX: Peripherals
This will be kept short and simple. Rule of thumb is to stick to one manufacturer so you aren't downloading 200000000 different programs.

There are a few mouse+keyboard options to choose from. My current option is the Corsair K55 and Corsair Harpoon. Both are cheap ($50 and $30, respectively) and get the job done. However, if you have the money to spare, a more expensive mechanical offering in the keyboard department may do you justice. Other good mouse alternatives include the Logitech G502, Razer Deathadder or the Corsair Scimitar Pro. Keyboards are very preferential based on your preferred layout, so look for mechanical offerings in your favorite flavor of keyboard.

The headset/headphones can be a doozy to choose from, and it depends on if you want cheap communication or top-tier sound. Good headset options include the Logitech G502, Kingston HyperX Cloud II, Corsair Void Pro or the Razer Kraken. They are all good, cheap offerings that are reliable (though I wouldn't recommend the Kraken as much as the other offerings I mentioned). If you wanted to have good sound, however, any good offering from companies like Audio Technica or Bose should satisfy your needs, but it largely depends on -- again -- preferences. The downside to getting good headphones is that they also don't come with mics. The Modmic or a standalone mic such as the Blue Snowball would come into play here.

Not enough to justify a whole other section; a wifi card is best bought as a PCIe card and not a USB adapter. They are much more powerful.

IXa: Monitors
Monitors vary wildly in the PC space, from size to different panels to different resolutions to different everything, your needs differ based on what you may want to do.

X: Conclusion:
So you've got all your parts and you're so excited. At least, that's how I hope the end result is. Wait, though, you don't know how to build it? Well, I wish I could help you, but words can't describe that weird brick-thing sitting in the computer case. What I can do, however, is recommend videos to watch. Youtubers like Linustechtips and Jayztwocents (not to be confused with Jay Z) have excellent build guides on their channels as well as many other useful tutorials for new, budding PC builders.

XI: Sample Builds (These include peripherals. Swap out peripherals as necessary)
[url=https://pcpartpicker.com/user/QWOPPAH/saved/KXZd6h]Intel Gaming
Intel Content Creation/High End Gaming
More to come soon. (Oh, and yes, I know the code is showing on the post, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now since I just finished writing this guide. Fite me Bl)

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Posted by: Elio - 01-29-2018, 12:28 AM - Forum: Character Registration - Replies (10)



1. You can have up to SIX characters. For convenience's sake and to ensure nobody gets confused, you should play up to only two characters at a time.
2. You can choose to play either a CANON character from any fandom or an OC.
3. CANON characters are claimed on a first come, first serve basis, and only ONE instance of canon characters are allowed. You cannot put forth a "different" version of a character as a workaround. Trust me. I'll know.
4. Characters can only have ONE weapon and ONE discipline (i.e. Magic, Alchemy or Ki). You may have up to TWO classes.
5. OCs and canon characters not from Dragon Ball/Chrono Trigger/Dragon Quest can be from the following: Saiyan, Human, Mystic (Namek, Frieza's Race, Majin, elves and demons etc).
6. Minor Characters will be introduced and available for play from time to time; just send me a PM asking to play the character when they're available!
7. Below is the template you need to fill in for the character registration. It's okay if you don't have a detailed bio of your character yet! But if you wish to "claim" them, the following is what you MUST have:

COMPULSORY (in case you don't have the bio yet but you want to claim the character first. Please complete the whole template within two weeks, or else your reserved character will be released for someone else to play!)

(information on Kingdoms can be found here)


OTHERS (also compulsory, but they can be filled later. Please complete them within two weeks to avoid losing your reserved character!)

Background story:
Appearance (can be a description or a picture -- if a picture for an OC, please make sure it's not the artwork of someone else's OC -- don't claim other people's characters as your own without their permission, no matter how similar they might look!)
Known weaknesses and flaws:


Don't know what Classes your character should be? Check these out!
Final Fantasy Character Jobs (the Wikipedia articles originally linked here were heckin broken Shakes Fist )
Final Fantasy XIV Jobs
Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres
Final Fantasy XIII Paradigms

What are Mystics? Read here!












Son Goku
Son Goki/Daizu

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Posted by: Elio - 01-28-2018, 11:49 PM - Forum: Planning/Preview - Replies (10)



1. We are gleaning Tytania's lore from the following sources: Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super (including movies), Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2, FighterZ, Heroes, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest. Some Final Fantasy elements will also be present here, but only in the implementations of summoning and "job classes".

2. Don't try changing the background story already in place. 

3. Don't change anything that's already established in previous roleplays. 

4. Basically speaking, no retconning. 

5. Although the main premise of this RP is based on Dragon Ball and Toriyama's other works, I welcome additions from other series/fandoms. As long as you can make it fit in the current lore & world makeup, I'm willing to listen to them! For instance if you want to add something like the enemies from RWBY, or add the Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon -- feel free to run them through here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an upcoming comic version of Tytania Chronicles, but none of it will affect the roleplay in any way. With this in mind, don't come complaining to me if the roleplay storyline doesn't seem to tally with the fanfic storyline, and vice versa.



Approximately one thousand years ago, an unknown entity had caused havoc to the universe, destroying everything including the Other World, the universes, and all that connects to it- except for the legendary warrior, Son Goku, the deities Zeno, Beerus and the Supreme Kai of Time, the Angel Whis, and the Super Dragon Balls. With the help of the Super Shenron, Goku was able to have every being reborn make the whole universe start anew - but as a result, the Shenron had given more than what his powers allowed, and vanished from the face of the world. Goku, on the other hand, was reborn - as are all his enemies and allies, but at a price most terrible: none of them will ever remember him, or what he would mean to them. Goku was also reborn with his memories & knowledge intact, and was given the task to investigate the being responsible for destroying the old Universes.

Thanks to that, the universe was reborn anew. Many past enemies are reborn as good people (with the exception of a few), and the new world oversaw the rise and fall of whole civilizations throughout the galaxies; its most glorious one yet being the birth and rise of Tytania, a kingdom run by the rough but noble Saiyans. Magic, alchemy and weapons are now more widely used, but there are still those who remember and uphold the ancient ways of martial arts and the usage of Ki. 

However, an unknown evil lurks the prosperous land, seeking nothing more than gain the power that had destroyed the past evil - and use it to their own twisted advantages. Join Goku and his pals in their quest to become Tytania's noted champions - and unravel the ugly face of darkness looming ahead..

Starting saga: The Great Trials

The Tytanian Millennial Gala is here! People from all across the world are pouring in from all kingdoms -- and even planets! -- to join Tytania in celebrating a thousand years of prosperity and goodwill --- and its biggest highlight of all is The Great Trials, where warriors from all over the world compete to become one of 13 champions that will become the world's peacekeepers. A fitting event worthy of a kingdom run mainly by the battle-loving Saiyan race! Will you find your place among the ranks of these thirteen champions, or perhaps even be worthy enough to lead them? 



Central Tytania & Wyntre Tytania: Central Kingdom. Named due to its rich source of titanium, this kingdom's main industry is weaponsmithing and technology, especially in terms of transportation advances. Saiyans make up most of the population in both these kingdoms and have been ruled by the Vegeta line since its inception. 

Notable places:
Central Tytania: Delcadar, Alexandria, Peregrin Quay, Central City, Satan City, Mount Paozu, The Ox King's Palace, Kame Island
Wyntre Tytania: Arcadia, Orkutsk

Guardia: Named after the ancient kingdom that existed long ago, Guardia is known chiefly to be second in technological advancements led by Capsule Corporation (known to have given birth to and patented capsule technology), specializing mostly in portability and biological/bionic enhancements. Humans make up most of its demography, and it is situated some thousand miles away from the main continent along with its neighbour, Meridia.

Notable places: West City, Porre, Fiona's Forest

Meridia: a mostly Mystic kingdom, it is known to be the epicenter of education and knowledge, especially in the research of magic and alchemy. Namekians are the main race, as well as other races that make up the Mystics. It is also the only kingdom that practices a constitutional monarchy. 

Notable places: Medina City, Kami's Lookout, The Pearl Spires, gateway to Dragovia, Savella

Sky City of Zeal: Ancient city inhabited by a mysterious supercivilization. No one has ventured it before, but many know that it exists.  [THIS AREA IS INACCESSIBLE FOR NOW]

Dragovia: Home to an ancient people known as Dragovians, known in history to have the power to change form into dragons. Though wary of humans, they have since become more open to other civilizations, and is in close diplomatic ties with Meridia.

Hyfanua: An ancient submerged kingdom, it is the home of a specific group of mystics commonly referred to as "mermaids" (no one really knows what they call themselves). As with Meridia, it devotes itself into the study of magic, most particularly the study of summoning. As of recent, Tytania is establishing diplomatic ties to this kingdom. 

Notable places: Trodain


Delcadar: A bustling city noted for its manufacture of transportation that runs across Tytania. This is the capital of Central Tytania.

West City: Base of Operations for Capsule Corporation. 

Medina City: Formerly a village, it is now the capital of Meridia.

Trodain: An old kingdom that's now submerged in the Tytanian Ocean, it's now the capital of Hyfanua. 

Arcadia: Capital city of Wyntre Tytania. 




The Saiyans are known to be a proud warrior race that possess unique characteristics, such as being born with tails and have the ability to transform into giant monkeys in the full moon. Over time, and for the sake of preserving world unity, the Saiyans have since learned to control this. Now they are one of the most advanced species known to the world, and are respected as well as feared for their military prowess and generations of fair and just rule. 

The Saiyans originally were from the planet Salada, but they had a mass exodus due to the dying of the planet, and had been galactic nomads for centuries. While many of the ancient Saiyans eventually became rogue and went from planet to planet, leaving behind destruction, others held steadfast to their old ways, leaving planets only when they were about to be destroyed by natural means. It was not known what happened to the rogue Saiyans; many believed that they had died out -- but the other Saiyans eventually landed on a planet rich in titanium, near-identical to their home planet, and already inhabited by beings almost similar to them. The Saiyans soon made their mark on the planet, coexisting with humankind -- with a few bumps in their history here and there -- up until today.


The most abundant race in the world, they are known to be the most resilient and tough of them all, even if they didn't seem to be powerful. Humankind inhabit the world since the beginning of time, and although they have  been driven to near-extinction many times throughout history, they still remained, rebuilt their kingdoms, and restored their race, many times over. Such resilience was well-respected by the other races, and they know that humankind are not to be messed with -- history has shown proof of that many times.

Mystic: (Mainly Namek, but also includes Makyan, Frieza's race, etc.) 

Mystics that roamed the world were once known as monsters: they were often regarded as low-lifes and uncivilized, and were victims of mass genocides by humans for eons. It was due to the arrival of the Namekians on the planet that eventually put a stop to the killings and war between humankind and Mystics, and all Mystics soon banded together under one collective, unified race that was quickly acknowledged by the world for their magical power and vast knowledge. No longer do humans now think of Mystics as monsters (some argue that the Saiyans could be classified as Mystics themselves, but this was still under heavy debate), but as members of a race that are powerful, wise and far advanced than many.

The Namekians were not originally from the planet -- they were an alien race that fleed their homeworld when it was dying. Their involvement and advance in world history now classifies them as members of this planet, as they eventually settled down and marked their place in the world as the Saiyans did.


The Supreme Kai of Time 

(These characters are inaccessible as of now but will be playable later)


Mmmkay as anyone who's been RPing in the forum that must not be named for a long time, you'll notice that there's been like three different versions of the same premise (AND a fanfic too), and this is like, the fourth attempt at making this RP happen. Hopefully now that a few undesirable elements are out of the picture we can continue the RP as best as possible!

In this RP, virtually anything that's present in the Dragon Ball universe is nonexistent -- i.e. Ki is rarely used, in favor of magic and alchemy, and every character uses weapons instead of fists. Think of it as kind of a Chrono Trigger/Dragon Quest AU for DBZ. And although I mentioned galaxies, we focus on just one world first. 

Although it's primarily a Dragon Ball AU, in this new version, you can play as anyone from any fandom, as long as you can fit them into the lore. No elements that make up the Dragon Ball universe exists here (it's a fantasy AU after all, go wild!), so feel free to play as anyone!! 

Any questions and planning goes here! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Especially when it comes to worldbuilding! I'm still trying to remember everything I've ever written for this AU haha

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  Ploep's Stuff
Posted by: Ploep - 01-28-2018, 09:26 AM - Forum: Artist Gallery - Replies (6)

I wanted to make an art thread since the beginning, but was too lazy. Since I finally switched imageshosting site and using my laptop after a hundred years I decided to make it now. Big Grin

BEWARE the pics might be big in size and most drawings will be those 3/4 side profile generic doodles that often miss one eye because I can't draw them evenly.  Kat Shutdown

there's no chronological order right now, though that'll change when I start posting drawings I make from now on.

OC.. tho ive changed everything about him so actually.. its a random drawing now.

other 2yr old stuff:

oh and two gifs/animations i made:

Tried drawing Alma from DGM:
Practiced poses once:
I'll stop with the older art bc then i'd have too many images...I have a lot more art on my insta: aaaaarghhhhh yeah thats my name xD

In the next post I'll post the more recent ones.

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Music ☽ Elio's Comic Anthology ☾
Posted by: Elio - 01-27-2018, 07:29 PM - Forum: Modern INKers - Replies (6)

There's no specific theme for this thread -- I just put them here to collect every comic I've done in the (recent) years. Most of them are personal and have been done as a sort-of journal to cope with my mental health. Others are just humorous comics, because I like to laugh at my own jokes every now and then. 

I hope to update this as much as possible!

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  Sy -- Elio, reporting for duty (again)!
Posted by: Elio - 01-27-2018, 06:04 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Registration - Replies (12)

[Image: mVmHdtO.png]


Hello pals! You might think this is a new member or something, but nope! It's me! Back from disappearing for a LONG time (almost 2 years!), but now I'm here again, ready to bring forth more content and hopefully more activity! 

You're probably wondering, "who's Elio???"; well, the person now known as Elio once went by the name Syn in the forums we've been a part of for a long while -- Elio is a new name that reflects myself better, and is basically derived from Helios -- both of which alludes to the sun! And like the sun, I hope to bring some cheer and sunny days to this forum -- as much as I can manage! Offline, I'm a freelance artist that specializes (well trying to) in character design & am working to expand my repertoire into comics! I'm 26, and I mainly go with they/them pronouns, but she/her or he/his/him also works; I'm not picky! 

I missed being in a community together with the friends I've known for so long (since my teenage days), and while social media can be fun, it can also be tiring, and I want to experience again that closeness and sense of community that only online forums can bring! I hope, with this fresh new introduction, my activity will also increase!

Despite it all, I'm kind of a veteran -- so if you're new, don't hesitate to talk to me if you need anything at all (except for mod-related stuff, in which case I'll just direct you to any available mod)! 

Good to see you guys again!

☼ ELIO! 

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RolePlaying Mok's Art Thread
Posted by: Mokaine - 01-27-2018, 09:14 AM - Forum: Artist Gallery - Replies (35)

Hey there! This is where I'll be dumping my sketches and finished drawings alike if they're SFW and worthy of posting c:
Criticism is more than welcome as I'm still learning!


HAZARD! at Wyvern Academy

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