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Rainbow Greetz!
Posted by: Mokaine - 01-26-2018, 10:12 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Registration - Replies (8)

Hello! I'm new here, name's Daniel or Mok, whichever is fine, and I'm glad to be here. I'm an art student and I'll probably be frequenting the art boards as I produce content both personally and for class. I'm a bit shy but I'm glad to talk about all kinds of geekdom! See you all around c:

- D

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  [Switch] Pokemon Switch Discussion
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-26-2018, 03:07 AM - Forum: Pokémon - Replies (6)

As Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was released and became a success (with no one being surprised), they are the last games of the 3DS. Now, Pokemon is heading off to the Nintendo Switch. There have been a lot of speculations and rumors surrounding this game, with several new sites (note, no proof yet) that the newest games will shake the foundation of Pokemon. What are your thoughts? What do you want? State your thoughts.

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  DBZ: The Tournament of Skills
Posted by: Z-Fighter - 01-23-2018, 12:37 PM - Forum: Inspired Stories - Replies (53)

(OOC: Register here before joining)

It's been a lovely day on Earth, but this time, it was a special day! It was the day of the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament, and it had some special guests competing. While Mr. Buu and Hercule were two of the main competitors, there were some familiar faces joining up today, coupled with some additional guests watching from a private booth in the audience. 

"Welcome to the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Ladies and Gentlemen!" The announcer shouted as usual through the microphone, "And we have some fresh new competitors joining today. Let's give it up for the first match, with on the first to enter the ring, a return from a previous competition, Idasa."

Idasa smirked as he entered the stage, cracking his knuckles as he eagerly awaited his opponent.

"And his opponent is a mystery warrior, referring to himself as Tempest." The announcer shouted.

Tempest entered the ring, a serious expression on his face as his gray gi fluttered in the wind, held on the waist by a brown belt. 

"Hey, green-eyes, prepare to get your butt kicked." Idasa taunted, but Tempest remained serious.

"Come at me." Tempest as he got into his causal Ansatsuken fighting stance, ready to take him on.

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  Tournament Of Skills
Posted by: Z-Fighter - 01-22-2018, 11:55 AM - Forum: Planning/Preview - Replies (12)


Inspired by the World Martial Arts Tournament, Brachi has decided to host a tournament of her own, inviting her friends to join in. This attracts the attention of Gervene, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 912, who is intrigued to know what Brachi and her friends are capable of. She offers to host the tournament herself instead, while adding some twists to the game, to test the group's overall skills both individually and when having an ally to test their co-operation skills. Her interest is piqued even higher when outside competitors arrive to join in on the fun...

Now, as for the tournament participants:



Universe 912 participants:
- Brachi
- Tempest
- Xeno
- Celicia
- Majin Bara
- Majin Mashati
- Judy
- Gina
- Anne
- Lea
- Dielec
- Sheila
- Shonfu
- Tamar
- Abaddon
- Malia
- Deramas
- Rabi
- Seina
- Nasu
- Kudisha
- Tatsu
- Yango
- Busa

Outsider Participants:
This is where your characters can join in on the fun in this tournament. The tournament will have quite a variety of challenges, which will be explained as the story progresses.

Snow (Original) (Snow)
Snow (Universe 932) (Snow)
Vent (Drago)
Giro (Drago)
Vegetto (Universe 7) (Vegetto)
Gogeta (Universe 7) (Vegetto)
Kassava (Universe 7) (Vegetto)

Secondary chars:
Whis (Universe 7) (Vegetto)

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  Dangers of a Single Story
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-19-2018, 12:59 AM - Forum: Academy of Boogaloo - Replies (1)


What do you guys think about the dangers of a single story? Do you think this is what manifest stereotypes? Have you ever engaged in the dangers of a single story within your lifetime? What means who we have to take, as writers, as educators, as future bringers of the generations, to avoid such a thing?

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  Nintendo Labo
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-18-2018, 06:02 PM - Forum: No Game No Life - No Replies


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  Al's Youtube channel
Posted by: Alzoru - 01-17-2018, 09:54 AM - Forum: Media Room - No Replies

I do covers and game reviews Tongue

And occasionally other stuff

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  Do Lobsters Feel Pain?
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-14-2018, 07:04 PM - Forum: Academy of Boogaloo - Replies (5)

Quote:Poached, grilled, or baked with brie.

Served on a roll, or in mac ‘n cheese.

Lobsters may be one of the most popular crustaceans in the culinary arts. But when it comes to killing them, there’s a long and unresolved debate about how to do it humanely, and whether that extra consideration is even necessary.

The Swiss Federal Council issued an order this week banning cooks in Switzerland from placing live lobsters into pots of boiling water — joining a few other jurisdictions that have protections for the decapod crustaceans. Switzerland’s new measure stipulates that beginning March 1, lobsters must be knocked out — either by electric shock or “mechanical destruction” of the brain — before boiling them, according to Swiss public broadcaster RTS.

The announcement reignited a long-running debate: Can lobsters even feel pain?

“They can sense their environment,” said Bob Bayer, executive director of the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute, “but they probably don’t have the ability to process pain.”

[Whale-watchers horrified to witness fishermen harpoon two orcas]

Boiling lobsters alive is already illegal in some places, including New Zealand and Reggio Emilia, a city in northern Italy, according to the animal rights group Viva.

A Swiss government spokeswoman said the law there was driven by the animal rights argument.

“There are more animal friendly methods than boiling alive, that can be applied when killing a lobster,” Eva van Beek of the Federal Office of Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs said in an email.

Van Beek told The Washington Post that there had been a motion to ban all lobster imports to the country, but the federal government “thought this measure was not applicable due to international trading laws.” Officials, she said, “also thought we could improve the animal protection aspect.”

So the legislation was amended.

And anyway, van Beek added: “Switzerland’s consumption of lobster [is] negligible. We are a landlocked country, lobster is thus regarded as a rather exotic delicacy, which is served only in special restaurants.”

Jeff Bennett of the Maine International Trade Center said the United States’ live lobster exports to the European Union in 2016 totaled $147 million. But the United States exported only $368,000 worth of live lobsters to Switzerland that year, he said.

Switzerland’s new order also states that lobsters, and other decapod crustaceans, can no longer be transported on ice or in ice water, but must be kept in the habitat they’re used to — saltwater, according to RTS.

The issue of lobsters in kitchens is controversial.

Do live lobsters really scream when they’re plopped into boiling water, or is that merely the sound of air escaping from their bodies?

Do they squirm because they’re in pain, or simply because they can sense heat?

Bayer, a scientist at the Lobster Institute, said these questions have been debated for decades — and the answers lie somewhere in science.

Although the most common opinion held by researchers is that lobsters (and their hard-shell relatives) cannot process pain, there is in fact a subgroup of scientists who vehemently disagree.

A 2013 study in the Journal of Experimental Biology found that crabs avoided electric shocks, suggesting they can, in fact, feel pain. Bob Elwood, one of the study’s authors and a professor at Queen’s University Belfast, told BBC News at the time: “I don’t know what goes on in a crab’s mind. . . . But what I can say is the whole behavior goes beyond a straightforward reflex response and it fits all the criteria of pain.”

[A spear fisherman jumped into a cove — and was ambushed by a shark]

However, marine biologist Jeff Shields, a professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, said it’s unclear whether the reaction to negative stimuli is a pain response or simply an avoidance response. “That’s the problem,” he said, “there’s no way to tell.”

But because lobsters do not have the neural pathways that mammals have and use in pain response, Shields said he does not believe lobsters feel pain.

According to an explainer from the Lobster Institute, a research and educational organization, lobsters have a primitive nervous system, akin to an insect, such as a grasshopper. “Neither insects nor lobsters have brains,” according to the institute. “For an organism to perceive pain it must have a complex nervous system. Neurophysiologists tell us that lobsters, like insects, do not process pain.”

Bayer, the institute’s director, said boiling them is likely to be more traumatic for the cook than the crustacean; for the squeamish, he recommends simply placing lobsters in the freezer first to numb them, or putting them in a sink filled with tap water, which also kills them.

But biological anthropologist Barbara King, a retired professor at the College of William & Mary, said there is a long history of underestimating animal pain.

“I’m not a biologist, but I think the preponderance of evidence suggests they can feel pain; I am convinced they can feel pain,” said King, author of “Personalities on the Plate: The Lives and Minds of Animals We Eat.”

She added: “Whether we know or don’t know, it’s our ethical responsibility to give them the benefit of the doubt and not put them into boiling water.”

King said there are debates about whether people should eat lobsters at all, “so in my view, it’s a pretty low bar to make sure that if we do eat them, we don’t torture them first.”


To frame this thread into a question, do Lobsters actually feel pain? Should Lobsters be killed then boiled? What are your thoughts.

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  Logan Paul slammed for filming suicide victim in vlog
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-02-2018, 07:31 PM - Forum: Boogaloo Donut - Replies (9)

Quote:A popular YouTuber has been heavily criticised for publishing a video showing the body of a suicide victim.

Logan Paul, who has more than 15 million YouTube subscribers, posted a vlog on December 31 called 'We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest'.

The video opens with a disclaimer about the importance of seeking help when grappling with depression, before Paul addresses the camera directly.

"This is the most real vlog I've ever posted on this channel," the 22-year-old said. "I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history."

In the video, Paul - who is American - visits Japan with several of his friends. They made a trip to Aokigahara, a forest at the base of Mt Fuji known for being a common suicide destination.

Before entering the forest, Paul and his friends joke in the car park, with Paul taking care to don his Gucci jacket before they go in. He also repeatedly mispronounces Mt Fuji as 'Fiji', and insists that popular bottled water brand Fiji Water is produced at the mountain.

After walking a short distance into the forest, the group discover a body hanging from a tree.

"I really hate to say this, I think there's someone hanging right there," Paul says to the camera. "I'm not even f***ing kidding."

Paul and his friends film themselves approaching the body, which was fully blurred out when seen from a distance. However there are several close-up shots of the body where only the person's face was blurred.

"Yo are you alive? Are you f***ing with us?" Paul can be heard asking. The person filming stood very close to the body, with Paul noting the man's "purple hands" and that his pockets were still full.

At several points in the video, Paul turns the camera on himself to discuss his feelings of shock. He reiterates that this was the "most real" moment he has ever captured on film and claims the group initially intended to "focus on the haunted aspect" of Aokigahara before finding the body.

Commenters have criticised Paul for behaving inappropriately in the video, such as circling the body with the camera and zooming in on it while screaming "What the f*** is going on?" and "It doesn't make sense bro".

When the person filming him remarks that he "doesn't feel good", Paul mockingly asks him, "What, you never stand next to a dead guy?" before laughing.

After they return to the car park, an official tells Paul he could not enter the restricted area, to which he replies, "You told us a little too late bro, we've seen a little too much already," while laughing.

Commenters on the YouTube video called the vlog "despicable" and "disrespectful and disgusting".

People have also taken to social media to condemn Paul's actions.

logan paul really made a video in a suicide forest made jokes only cared about a haunted aspect, found a dead body and continue filming and zoomed into the dead body then talked about depression while filming the body didn’t think that the person they found has a family. idiot.

— per la (@begsforyou) 

logan paul exploited a persons suicide and FILMED the body after knowing the person was actually dead. if you stan that, youre disgusting. logan paul is disgusting.

— nelly (@GUCCIFlNN) 

i decided to watch the video just to give it a dislike and It’s way worse than just the snippet on twitter. he literally says this makes youtube history, as if this is an achievement or ground-breaking event. logan paul is disgusting 

— david (@thelovelykordei) 

Paul has since deleted the video from his channel, which had been viewed at least 6.3 million times.


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  Polar Space
Posted by: ShineCero - 01-01-2018, 07:22 PM - Forum: Modern INKers - Replies (10)

Polar Space

Summary: Humans have dwindled massively ever since monsters invaded the earth. After 5000 years, a teddy bear with strange powers seeks to bring down the monster society through peaceful means.

Starting with a New Years resolution. I'm planning on doing a page every day on completing a single chapter. Now when I have a swing of things, I'm aiming to have at least 5 chapters done by the end of March.

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