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Z-FIghter's Drawings - Z-Fighter - 09-01-2016

Well, I decided to post my art-thread here.

All of my work can be found on My Deviantart Page, but I'll list the more exceptional ones here.

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - ShineCero - 09-09-2016

Nice! Her outfit is pretty cool :thumbs:

Can't wait to see more of your stuff man.

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - Panich - 11-05-2016

Yay! I look forward to seeing all your amazing art!  :D

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - ShineCero - 10-26-2018

Any new drawings as of late? Wagh

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - Z-Fighter - 10-26-2018

Well, as stated before, the lion's share of my work is on DA. But here is one just for you lot:

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - ShineCero - 02-26-2019

(10-26-2018, 10:07 AM)Z-Fighter Wrote: Well, as stated before, the lion's share of my work is on DA. But here is one just for you lot:

Thonk then add some artwork that's exclusive here.

Anyways, your artwork is pretty good though. Can't wait to see more.

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - Z-Fighter - 02-26-2019

That is going to be difficult, since I like to post all my stuff on DA, and whatever I don't post are stuff I am afraid people would misunderstand the reason of me posting it up there...

But thanks regardless. :)

BTW, I am still hosting an Ask My OCs thing here:

So, post your questions in the comment section of that journal and have your question answered by that character in a drawing.

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - ~ Z ~ - 02-27-2019

When are we gonna get pictures here?!  Wagh I barely go on DA, mostly because I forgot my password or something, I'unno. xDD

I personally like your pixel-style art. Keep it up and maybe post some pictures here for Boogaloo! I think it should love your style. :D

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - Z-Fighter - 02-27-2019

Well, I can link you to this one:

This is introducing one of my latest OCs: Majin Shaza.

RE: Z-FIghter's Drawings - Z-Fighter - 09-21-2019

Meet Vocat the attendant of Gervene, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 912 (see attachment)