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The Reality Vortex - ShineCero - 06-21-2017

[Image: 0CeCVgw.jpg]

After Viegan's defeat in the Crisis Era Year 11, Todasúl reshaped the Infinite Worlds into three sectors to prevent the collision of their world with BoogaVerse. However, because of the reshaping, it created a leftover world, unknown to Todasúl at the time, that eventually wrapped into an entirely brand new reality that orbits around BoogaVerse. Dubbed as Reality Vortex by Todasúl, it is the smallest dimension that orbits around BoogaVerse, composed of a single city. The city itself is a mashed of everything from the Infinite Worlds; hence the world being upside down, sideways or buildings come out in isolated spots. Furthermore, beings that cannot possibly exist in normal circumstances had appeared over time. Different Black Towers began to appear around the city, as a testament of strength for these strange beings. Time flows differently; there are multiple timelines of the same city in this realm; gravity is all over the place, and finally, night and day last longer in this realm.

Todasúl studied the realm, noting that if these people tried to leave their world, their entire existence ceases to exist. Avoiding any destruction, Todasúl placed a powerful barrier around the small world to prevent them from being deleted. The barrier cannot destroy from the outside nor the inside.

Despite the strange reality and closed off from the rest of the universe, individual beings sought for power in this reality and obtained absolute control.

Local Area of Interest - New Areas Coming Soon

The Tower of Fears: A Mysterious Tower that stands in the center of the strange city. It contained 100 rooms with powerful opponents. It is said that those who reached the top of the tower will receive a high price. It was stated that it was the home of God of the Reality Vortex.

Cuki's Apartment Complex: It's big and wide and has many rooms. There are hidden rooms that sometimes appear when the home rebuilds itself. No matter what, the apartment will always have a room for each person who visits due to its wacky nature. It has a kitchen with never-ending food and ingredients, many bathrooms, and comfortable beds. However, since it belongs to Cuki, it has a gym for her fighting/training needs, meditation spot, and balcony. Think of it like a mansion.

The Lich's Resturant:

Doctor Doom's Castle:

Notable Information and Rules
  • Cannot leave Reality Vortex, or they will instantly be erased. Regardless, the barrier cannot be destroyed from outside or inside.
  • You can create any character without restrictions, but they are limited to this thread.
  • This is the only place where multiple timelines exist of the same city.
  • In Reality Vortex, you cannot die. Even when blowing yourself, you are still alive (though you'll be in a million pieces). Death is when you're erased from existence itself. However, it's only exclusive to one person.
  • You have free reign in this thread. Go nuts.
  • This is the only thread where the rules for BoogaVerse does not apply.
  • Neutral, Pure and Chaotic Energy does not exist in this realm.

RE: The Reality Vortex - Vegetto - 07-02-2017

Appearing suddenly in the middle of an empty street, a sudden bright light slowly diminished around a humanoid figure. The small, yellow earrings and his baggy gi flowed slightly in the wind, Vegetto's narrowed eyes turning to the sky and glancing around in confusion.

"What the...where am I?"

RE: The Reality Vortex - ShineCero - 07-03-2017

"Ah! Looks like another being that flung into the realm of impossibilities have appeared. Welcome, young man, to the Reality Vortex!" A voice ringed in Vegetto's head.

RE: The Reality Vortex - ~ Z ~ - 07-03-2017

Cuki, a mysterious tailed human was walking around while holding a map upside-down. She eyed it with a confused face and it was no doubt that she was lost. Grumbling at what she thought was a wrong turn, she wasn't paying attention to road in front of her and she felt a vein pop on the side of her head.

"Arrgh! Can't a girl just find a nice place to eat?!" Cuki sighed. "I think I should've taken a left at that shoe store..."

RE: The Reality Vortex - Vegetto - 07-04-2017

Vegetto perked his head up slightly, his eyes still narrowed.

"What the...who is speaking?"

RE: The Reality Vortex - ShineCero - 07-04-2017

"Ah! Don't be alarm newcomer! My identity serves little importance than your interest of what's going on, I'm sure. Let's just say that I'm the person that will be an excellent guide in this world!" the voice replied. "Any questions you have can be answered, my boy."

RE: The Reality Vortex - ~ Z ~ - 07-04-2017

As Cuki continued to walk around, lost, her scowl became more apparent. She kept her gaze on her upside down map and still refused to pay attention to where she was going. She continued her merry way and heard her stomach growl. As she scanned the buildings she felt herself bump on to the new man. She looked up and saw Vegetto. Her tail whipped behind her to show her annoyance.

"Hey, watch where you're standin!" Cuki grumbled.

RE: The Reality Vortex - Grey Star - 07-05-2017

A echoic voice rang out.

The fusion? Here? My calculations must be off. It's before his time... Or is it after? I can never be sure with equations that have the answer inside of them.

RE: The Reality Vortex - Vegetto - 07-08-2017

Vegetto narrowed his eyes, standing in silence for a moment after the voice in his head finished. He glanced around at the nearly empty city street he stood in, his head turning back to the sky before he spoke openly.

"Alright, for starters, where am I-"

He huffed, stumbling forward slightly from the sudden impact. His glare turned to Cuki, scoffing in response.

"You're the one that needs to watch where you're going!"

RE: The Reality Vortex - ~ Z ~ - 07-08-2017

"What did'ja say?!" Cuki was very small, just barely reaching up to Vegetto's chest. 

Her tail and energy was oddly familiar. Cuki pulled up her short sleeve, bracing herself for a fight but her nose twitched. She lifted her head in the air to get a better whiff before taking a sniff at Vegetto's arm. Her eyes widen.

"You got the same energy as I do!" She tilted her head, quick to forget her reason for getting angry. "That, or you didn't shower... Bah, I bet it's just a coincidence that you smell familiar."