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The BGL Rules - ShineCero - 07-23-2017

Welcome to Boogaloo City! Thank you for joining up on the board; we hope you will have a fun and relaxing time as you browse through the forum. Though, we advise you to look around and take a moment to read over the rules! Reading the rules isn't always fun, but it will provide you with information about things to avoid. Failure to follow the rules, can lead to various negative consequences such as privileges being revoked, temporary loss of access to a section, or, in extreme cases, temporary/permanent banishment from the forums.

See something that is considered a breach on the rules? Use the report button, as it is your best friend. The Booglaoo Staff won't be able to catch everything, so if you see something that the staff hasn't caught on yet, report it! Please use the report button wisely.

The Rules is divided into ten parts. It's may seem a lot, but they're crucial to know so you can avoid conflict.

1. Be Kind

Respect your fellow members. No bullying, no personal insults, no flame wars or anything related to those standards. There's a clear difference between joking around and outright malice. 

2. Discrimination/Harassment 

Harassment, racism, and any form of discrimination will not be tolerated, period. Malicious remarks about cultures, religion, beliefs, and sex, aiming to insult one's background will not be tolerated. Period. Don't be afraid to report to any mod if such activity is happening--whether or not you are involved. 

3. Be Clear

Please be certain your topic(s) and post(s) are clear and to the point. We’re not asking you to formulate a well-structured, grammar free sentence(s), but it should at least contain some basic wording so it will not cause confusion for the members. Moderators may rename your thread title and edit your posts if they find it necessary to have a better understanding of the topic you're trying to say.

4. Double Posting

Avoid double posting in threads. If you're responding to a member, use the QUOTE button or the Multi-QUOTE button to directly respond to the member(s). The only time you can double post is in the Art Garden--specifically in your own threads.

5. Off-Topic

Try and keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. Do not derail the thread into something unrelated to the topic at hand. For example: If a topic of the thread is abortion, do not bring up topics such as puppies or make an attempt to derail the thread. If you're not interested in the topic--don't post in it.

6. Dupe Threads/Necro-Posting

Avoid making duplicate threads and/or posting in threads that has not been active for 9 months. The only section not affected by this rule is the Amusement Park.

7. Spam

Please do not spam in any section on the forum. The only place you can spam freely without restrictions is the Amusement Park. Depending on the section, quality post is valued in order to get members to engage in a discussion. Please do not spam or your posts will be deleted.

8. Spoilers

Videos and Large-Sized Images--whether singular or multiple-- need to be put in SPOILER so it won't stretch out the forum. Please be respectful to members that are not up to date with a series. Leaks should be placed in SPOILER unless they're were officially revealed. 

9. Personal Affairs

Any issues you have with a member, keep it between you and the member(s). The rest of the site is does not need to know your problems with said member(s) unless it's a serious manner such as harassment/bullying (which should be alerted/reported to a mod regardless). The forum is not your audience and we intend to keep it that way.

10. Pornographic Material

Please do not post any pornographic material. Period. Images/Videos depicting genitalia in a sexual manner, sexual acts (real or simulated) or anything of the sort is NOT allowed. Doing so results an imminent and immediate ban. No questions asked!

Quote:Banning Guide 

Following the rules of the forum is pretty simple. Failure to abide to the rules will net you a series of strikes against your account. Having multiple strikes on your account will lead to privileged being revoked, suspending from posting or outright banned. Here how it works:

All members (aside from certain exceptions) will be given free warnings at least once. How many free warnings given will be depended on the staff. Once it's clear that free warnings is not enough, you will be given a strike against your account. Strikes follows a point system which determines your fate on the forum. If you received 100 points, this is a immediate and permanent ban.

Warning Strike: You will received 25 points for failing to follow the rules.
Final Strike: You will received 50 points for failing to follow the rules.
Death Strike: You will received 100 points for failing to follow the rules.

50% = Suspended Posting for 1 week.
75% = Temporary ban for 1 week.
100% = Permanent ban from the forum.

In extreme causes, strikes will not be given out and instead will be permanently banned straight away.  Boogaloo Staff wants to give everyone a fair chance of participating on the forum, so please do not give the Staff any reason to provoke this.

(Rules are subjected to be revised/added at anytime)

Last Edited: 7/23/17

You are responsible for reading the rules and any form of guidelines that come forth from that. Proclaiming that you’re “unaware” of what the rules are is no excuse. 

Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the staff members. We reserve the right to withhold forum privileges to members who consistently display incorrigible behavior. Also note that staff members hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum.

Thanks for taking your time of reading the rules! So, with that said, have fun posting!
- The Boogaloo Staff