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Hardest thing to draw - ShineCero - 07-30-2018

What's the hardest thing for you when you start drawing? 

When it comes to drawing people, the lips for women always get me. I can never make it look presentable when drawing full on lips. Wagh

RE: Hardest thing to draw - LoopyPanda - 07-30-2018

Hands. Specifically their fingers. No matter how hard I try to reference hands, including my own, that ends up being the primary criticism I get in terms of my art. Lmao

RE: Hardest thing to draw - Elio - 07-31-2018

Hands and feet. 

I really hate drawing feet, especially

RE: Hardest thing to draw - Ploep - 07-31-2018

I have trouble drawing the space where the upper arm starts and legs in general xD