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You know me as Raditz but I've become one with the Falcon 

[Image: latest?cb=20090704075255]
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
[Image: dh7ERea.png?width=400&height=202]
dis kid.

[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Welcome to here
From the the Sevaza System, Planet Nafine! Just who the heck do you think I am?! I'm Alzoru Ledura, the Coral Lindworm!

Listen and be amazed as you hear my roar!
[Image: 2w7lcea.png]
Please check out this. I really want to have a fun successful RP with you guys ;-;
Welcome to the forum. Please enjoy your stay. :D
Show me ya moves!

By posting and enjoying yourself. B| XD

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