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Overwatch Discussion
(06-11-2018, 03:11 PM)LoopyPanda Wrote: I couldn't cough up the dough for the stuff I wanted, so I decided to just grind for one last box and buy whatever other cheap event items I could get. 

The Summer Games should hopefully be next, since I really want Winged Glory and Suburban Dad 76

We definitely got to go into Lucio Ball Competitive. You, Jaz and I are unstoppable Wagh
[Image: lq7Yivw.png]

"Not without giving away too much,” he laughs. “But it takes place at a very key moment and it’s a sort of call to arms"

Content: My Art | No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | BoogaVerse
So it's been a couple days since Hammond/Wrecking Ball has been released, I got home recently to play and experience all the new changes (including Symmetra in full). Won't hurt to post my opinion about the changes--


He's very cute, I'll give them that (not a huge fan of most of his skins though. I like the Wooden skin at least). I tried him out in the Practice Area, he's a little difficult to get used to if you lack hand-eye coordination (i.e. ME LOL). Haven't figured out how to do that Ground Pound thing he does from midair yet, but I'll figure it out in no time.

His ultimate is really useful for when the payload is on overtime, since it will force any low health heroes off the area or force them to clear it out. If you're feeling like a risk-taker, a Dva bomb can easily clear them all out with no casualties to your own team in addition to finishing off any nearby opponents who took too much comfort in the Minefield. A great high mobility hero, but is able to be headshotted as easily as Dva is if you're a skilled Widow or McCree. Missiles take down quite a chunk of his health in no time, but he definitely isn't a hero you can 1v1. If he's surrounded though, you could probably take him down with one big rush. Seems to have high durability in Total Mayhem.

Overall, I like him a lot, he is a big game changer in terms of securing objectives and team fights. Both a great ally, and an enemy who you could more than likely deal with if you approach him with the right mindset/strategy. (Aka, don't rush him if he's swinging off an edge where you cannot recover to)


Whoo nelly! If you thought she was S Tier in Total Mayhem, she's probably SS tier now! With her now infinite camouflage and infinite duration on translocator, she is a much bigger threat across the board now. She is one of Hammond's greatest enemies haha

I also like that you can cancel and re-place the translocator-- before, you had to wait out the timer that felt like eternity in order to replace it with a better position. This is a double edged sword, however-- your poor positioning can now be punished by the enemy either destroying your One Way out of a team fight when things get heated, OR stand there and wait until you use it thinking you're in the clear and jump you like the cold blooded killers they are. So, now Sombra comes with a requirement for having a better sense of positioning.

I think it's a good tradeoff to get infinite camouflage in exchange for a lowered walking speed (one that is still faster than a lot of heroes) and inability to push payloads/contest objectives. Of course, you could probably use this to your advantage and pop out your ult on an unsuspecting team who captured the point if you make sure your group can serve as a distraction from the front.

Overall: Very good, Sombra is much more threatening vs old Sombra I think. 


Mercy's healing rate got reduced, but I don't really notice it. Instead, I just zip around the map to avoid enemies from trying to ambush me and pop Valykrie when I have a lot of people to heal at once. group up people!!!! I also noticed some of the maps got updated and look way cooler now! Sweet

Overall, good update, 9/10

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