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There’s a new Bastion Lego event, so check that out!

Anyways, I was playing a ton of competitive matches since season 18 went live. So far, I’m loving the role queues. Two healers, two tanks and two DPS which enables a healthy, fresher team experience. Though, it does get annoying when there's a Pharah, and the Junkrat/Reaper refuses to switch to a hitcan to deal with it.


I do notice a couple of things playing high platinum/border masters. Symmetra is very, enormously powerful against the double shield meta that was born within season 18. Constantly powered up her beam to the point that she never lose any ammunition (since it reloads when it slams onto energy shields). Today, they nerf her slightly by reducing her max beam output, but still, she is powerful right now. Not that I’m complaining, because it forces tanks to think smart of their decision.

I was in a game whereas we were attacking on Horizon. We had a Symmetra, put a teleporter in between the hallways and into the point and bam, we captured it within seconds. We won the entirely of the game quite easily after that. The other team (filled to the brim with masters) did the same and captured the first point, but we managed to fend them off on the second.

I feel like she’s a bit too strong, or at least, she’s consistently good. Yet, Brigette gets the short end of the stick.

Another character is Doomfist rising (no pun intended) to the ranks now that the double shield meta is shining through. He bashes through shields, pushing the shit against out of position players, and punished them afterwards (mainly healers and dps). I feel like a nerf is coming for him because of this, but I don’t think so… perhaps this is good since there’s nothing against the double shields as of now.

Anyone noticed the change of certain characters in this new meta? Characters that just grind your gears?
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