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Ann shook her head in disappointment at Minute-Man's statements, holding back the normally nightmarish teeth of hers.

"Cooperation is how we'll kill the Solarian Minute-Man, and from where I sit, at the foot of this table, the Meeting is confident in its ability to kill the Solarian, and we are more than certain that the majority of the members of the Heroes Organization would rush headlong into battle against the alien without a second thought. This accord wasn't called to ensure the death of the Solarian, but instead to protect our people from his wrath as effectively as possible. This is not just a truce to kill an threat to our planet, it is so much more. Now if your help in the Desolate Lands is an issue, the Meeting is perfectly willing to simply buy technology from Empire State to keep the Desolate Lands guilds in our cooperation." She said looking to Silence and Valerie. "If your buy in, Minute, is killing the Solarian, their buy in is compensation. And they are perfectly willing to walk away from the table if their needs aren't met. That's why I'm here, brokering this." She said. She then focused in on Silence in particular.

"The Meeting has turned up no results between the Solarian and any other mages, our own investigation states that the Solarian comes to Booga for the sake of avenging his master, who was murdered here back when the Desolate Lands was still Rupee. Even if the leader of the Brotherhood was behind these events in some form, I doubt he has telepathic powers allowing him to converse across to another galaxy. Though the fact that I have no idea who this Negative is, troubles me greatly. My bosses must be even more blinded in their zeal than I thought."
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Minuteman’s conduct remained stern, unwilling to back down from his position on supplying other countries with resources. His eyebrows twitches when Valerie brought up points that Empire State was attack multiple times under his watch. Before he has a chance to make a comment, his phone blasted loudly as multiple text messages arrived on his cellular phone. He took a quick glance; his expression went from shock before frowning in an instant before putting his cell away.

“Don’t bother, Ann. I have no interest of buying any form of technology from Desolate Lands. My Guild just wants to pay sufficiently and that’s it.” Silence smirked after Valerie called Minute Man out, giving the woman thumbs up before continuing. “Compensations mean very little if the Solarian destroys the planet, so our cooperation is going too happened regardless of our interests.” Silence listened in to Ann’s explanation regarding Negative. “Then I have no comment; if Negative and this Solarian have no connection, there’s nothing to discuss at lengths.” 

Ballows clears her throat. “Well, Negative can be dealt with at another time until we have more information about him anyways…..” Ballows turns to Ann. “Your group came to our offices a while back that you needed two of our mages. How is that going? I would very much like to know how our mages are doing.” 

Jayden chose to remained silence since he has no idea and not interested in squabbles about who gets what for their contributions.
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