“Maybe he want to flex his muscles?” Jason added. “Whatever the case may be, we can’t predict his movements and only response when he actually shows up. If this guy is supposedly a super-duper god threat or whatever category he falls under, then we have to handle this in a mature, serious manner.”

“So, that’s the conclusion of our meeting then?” Minute-Man asked. “What other information do you want? We seemingly agreed to join forces and exchange information when needed.”

"Speaking of Shina Ania... my members was out there doing an mission." Silence remembered. "I probably need to head back to my place and see if they returned. Haven't heard from them for a while." He took note of Valerie's statement. "Cults huh? I hard rumors that they have a problem with the religious folks. Wouldn't be surprised if they held this alien as some sort of god."
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"Is that all you got?"

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