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"Mission accomplished, astral projection has been bagged." Said a voice from the van as soldiers from inside got out, when one looked up.

"Target still active!" Said the soldier as the Solarian straightened himself, the projected blood falling onto the ground and his robe was rather torn.

"You were clever, using the most painful of ammunition, but it's not enough to save you." He announced firing off several large orbs of flame, hitting the van and destroying it, while causing the soldiers to dive for cover, only to find themselves surronded by flames.

"Come on the rest of you, I'll kill you all!"
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
"Geez, what a pain. Didn't yer parents teach ye' not to play with fire?" Metal Bat watched the orbs rain down, one coming right for him. Looking unimpressed, he lifted his bat as he took the stance of a batter. "Let's see a home run!" He swung his bat with perhaps the force of a hundred men as it collided with the giant fireball. He could feel his bat heat up to unbearable temperatures, but he gripped the handle in spite of the imaginably painful burns scorching his skin. He dug his feet into the ground and twisted his torso to launch the orb back into the sky, albeit with a notably different trajectory. He hoped it would eventually fizzle out from the wind force if it didn't find its way back to the Solarian. 


"Ready!" Orso seemed to already transform back to his Power Mode. "Let's get movin'."
"Right!" Red said before falling asleep, causing him to activate his Sleep Walker. "Right..." He follows after Orso. Pilotman flew the helicopter high up to give them the aerial advantage in the event the man decides to take the battle to the skies.


"Miss! I reckoned that you focus on that alien fella right here! I'll make sure the people get out of the fire!" The old man said, diving through the flames and opened up a pathway for them to escape. "Come on, young folks! This old body of mine ain't much, but it will help you get out of this fire!"

Gravity Girl nodded. "I'm confused about what's happening, but I guess it's pointless to ask questions. You are a threat and I'm ending this feud. Be gone." Gravity Girl moved both of her arms to summon multiple balls of air that condensed through the forces of gravity and rain down towards the Solarian. 

Engine-Man, impressed with Metal Bat's ability to block away from the attack, jumped into the battle as he sees the Solarian in plain sight. Without hesitation, he slammed his foot onto the ground and pointed his left arm towards him. "Be erased Alien scum! Death Calls!" Engine-Man took out a stream of bullet rounds and placed it into his arms, firing off a storm of bullets.
The mercenaries of the Meeting quickly ran out of the flames, firing bullets back to the Solarian, who generated walls of flame to destroy the ammunition coming his way. The Solarian looked up to notice both the fireball flying up, Pilot Man, and the condensed air balls coming his way. Dashing upwards in his wreath of flame he dashed around the balls, avoiding them like he was avoiding the bullets also being shot in his direction, heading for Pilot Man.

"This!" He said as he grabbed, or at least tried to grab, onto the helicopter. "Is for your xenophobia!" He announced, his voice travelling down below before sending out large continuous blasts of flame onto the helicopter rotors.
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
"What!?" Pilotman grabbed his bag and jumped out of the chopper. "There's goes another one." As he turned around, seeing the chopper's rotor melted and descending downwards towards the ground at rapid speed. 

Red grabbed onto Oros and jumped out of the chopper. "Whoa! That was a close one!" he turns around, seeing that they're falling pretty fast. "I hope you got some ground legs to land because we're about to get flatten, Orso!" 

"Slippery one, isn't he?" Gravity Girl saw the falling chopper, using her gravity to prevent the crashed. She overheard his words, "Xenophobia". "Is he a foreigner?" She dashed towards the alien mage, creating more air-condensed attacks and throwing at him. "Can't you just stay down and declared defeat?!"  She thought to herself.

Engine-Man gritted his teeth, angered that he went after the chopper. If it wasn't for Gravity Girl, more and more people would've been killed. "I don't care what your issue is, you do not take it out of the people here!" He slammed both his arms together. "Machine Gun: Death Showers." In a split second, his face turned into a skull, with red eyes beaming out, and unleashed powerful energy bullets in the masses to the direction of the Solarian. 

The old man was glad that the people managed to get out the flames, but all these firey arms seem to put more people in danger. "Kids these days..." He mumbled. "I need to solve this situation before it gets out of hand." 


Construction Man finally landed thanks to Dragonfly. "Damn, the battle is not far, but this amount of damage to this small community. Dear god..."
"Just gimme a second... I gotta think," Orso grunted, using his large paws to try and cling to one of the nearby buildings' walls. This managed to slow down their falling velocity significantly, but he still used his legs to push them off the building onto an adjacent building's flat-topped roof once he caught it on the way down. "Damn that felt worse than claws on a chalkboard... but at least now we have a clear view of the one who attacked us." Orso crouched to allow Red to lower himself down.


"Xenophobia? Ain't that the name of some kinda sci-fi movie?" Metal Bat wondered aloud, as he wasn't one who possessed an advanced vocabulary. "I didn't know people hated it this much..." There was little he could do on the ground other than try and prevent debris from hitting any civilians. "But hey... looks like we got backup trickling in now."
"Thanks, Orso." Red praised him for his effort. "That was a close one. Had it been a second earlier, we all be ended up in the hospital." He looked up, eyeing the mage that attacked the chopper. "Man, he's taking on some powerful heroes and yet, he isn't going down. What his threat level was again?"
The Solarian smirked, watching his enemies jump and fall like ants away from him, half expecting to hear a large crash from the ruins of the helicopter falling below. When he didn't hear the crash however, he looked down to see the same energy distortion that had attacked him earlier.

"Wha-" was all he could say before the breath in his lunges was knocked out of him by the compressed air balls, moving with them, into being hit right by Engine-Man's bullets, the astral projection being shredded in a few areas, blood dripping from the holes.
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
"Looks like he taking some form of damage. I'm about to run out of ammo soon and there's only so much Gravity Girl can prevent before it overwhelms her." Engine-Man noticed Metal Bat and rushes to him. "Metal Bat! I have an idea! But it would require some throwing and you hit him, hard." He emphasized the last word of his sentence. 

Gravity Girl safety landed the crashed chopper onto the ground, away from the population and continues her assault by delivering more compressed air balls towards the alien mage. "Guess death is your calling." She smirks a bit. "Taking out a God level threat won't be bad on my resume." She continues to fire them at a more rapid pace.
"I can't exactly remember... but I think there's at least 2 S-class heroes here, so that must make this threat level somewhere between Demon and God level... just like that Broly guy." Orso said, cracking his knuckles. "That means any hesitation we have could cost us more than we can win back."


"You want me to give him a Fightin' Spirit kinda home run? Alright, I can do it." Metal Bat said to Engine-Man, his eyes narrowing in a smoldering gaze toward the sky. "I'll be ready then. Gimme the signal and I'll swing." Veins visibly appeared all along his forearm and hand as he gripped his baseball bat and got into a stance.

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