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ShineCero's Stuff
Might as well throw my hat to the in avatars and sigs :p

[Image: FvuC4hl.png][Image: kqmqh8I.png?1][Image: URLduLb.png][Image: svlFfVN.png][Image: Du01Rr6.png]
[Image: nMzyUMK.png][Image: xd2lFgj.png][Image: z3wzvAO.png][Image: Gv4Vjfn.png][Image: uxmc1i6.png]
[Image: VQNADQJ.png][Image: Klc4nsA.jpg][Image: krbNKpy.png][Image: 2XYea4H.png][Image: cNeu2cD.png]
[Image: 8nJviz2.png][Image: 2EUoRVk.gif][Image: YcmUBmT.png][Image: cv2HzWG.png][Image: DJne9gI.png]
Current avatar isn't Mei tiddy. Disappoint. (Is that Mei from OW? idk)

9.5/10 not enough boob

Forreal though that BnHA gif... wtf XD

Will you grace us with your tiddy avatars? B|
He won't grace anyone with tiddies when I'm around. B|

My personal fave the Bird dude because of the laughs me and Shine had and the dog because I remember he had it but I forgot why...

The snowman avatar still freaks me out to this day.
[Image: Mob-Psycho-100-One-Punch-Man.gif]

Put yourself into your avatar, obviously none of previous ones was describing you enough
[Image: N5ZitKf.png]
Moar stuff maybe

[Image: 90BLzt8.png][Image: Fqgk9WN.png][Image: kLje20w.png][Image: poqI74N.png][Image: aTvw9Vg.png]
[Image: 994UjHx.png][Image: qxEfVIM.png][Image: 1KjHOB6.png][Image: xCixVE1.png][Image: I2yj1cY.png]
Animated Avatars
[Image: 3cCM64t.gif][Image: TBCHvut.gif][Image: TixAki0.gif][Image: HRV6hcQ.gif][Image: eZKj4yE.gif]
Christ that's a lot of boobs.
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
House Characters: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Shine probably needs a girlfriend...

...or some job to not think so much about boobs.

Anyways, boobs are only for babies. For others are just read-only.
[Image: N5ZitKf.png]
gee willikers that is a lot of boob 

A+ coloring though  teehee
[Image: 7p4eFFJ.png]


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