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“I guess we don’t need these silly disguises!” Liza dropped the act and nodded towards Vox. “Got it! We need to save the boy.” She saw that Lyrik was there, remembering him from Snowy Mountains, but like Asuza, she chooses to set that aside and focus on saving Nicori. 


The Boss chuckled. “Child, there is no trouble for me. In fact, I need an audience for what’s going to happened.” He lifted his hand, grabbing onto the orb that contains Nicori. “So while they are busy with the fodders, I want you to call your mother. I’m sure she’s genuinely concern of your safety.” He smiles like a wild animal—his razor sharp teeth and his eyes, reveals a red and blue hue on each eye.


Giga Impact’s expression change when Asuza taunted him. “Don’t get cocky girl. You were nothing back in Snowy Mountains and you will be nothing here! Your magic has nothing against my gamma rays.” He lifted his hand in front of Asuza, resulting a massive amount of energy emitting from his body. Giga slightly turned his head to Byll. “Let’s get rid of this trash—” He narrowed his eyes, realizing that he no longer have any feeling in his body. 

Blood suddenly exploded out of Giga’s body—One-Eye had cleanly cut him in half. One-Eye continues to rush towards the Boss himself—without a plan, without thinking, without even consulting with the others. Anger is the only expression he had on his face. 
Giga dropped to the floor, his eyes still darting around back and forth, still not recognizing what had happened. There are sounds he is trying to make—the cries of agony, despair and confusion.

“W-well, that’s one way to cut down the enemy defenses.” Bob sweated a bit. "Remind me to not get on his bad side!"

“Lord… this guy is an animal...” Iceik got on all fours. “Don’t know what came over him, but let’s get the kid! Three down, two to go!” 


Lightning Rider got up just in time to see his friend cut down. Narrowing his eyes, he rushes behind them, intending to crash onto them with a powerful charge. “You bastards!”
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"In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories."

Vox says as an Earth Elemental comes in front of Lighting Rider "We can mock Lyrik for his error latter, for now we got work. That goes for you to Lyrik as well." Vox robes become normal as he turns off the device.

The Wind Elemental seems reedy for Byll. 

Vox says "I happy that anger is on our side Bob."
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"Wha? Call Mama?" Nicori shook his head. "If that's what you wanted then I'm not gonna call her for you! Mama doesn't like to have her time wasted! Too bad for you! Now, why don't you just sit there and get your butt whooped by 'Suza and the others!"

Nicori cheered on for the others as they began to fight. If he had eyes, they would be glittering at how cool everyone was and crying because everyone came to his rescue.


Lyrik didn't seem to mind what the others might think at the moment but he knew he had to help. With his powers, he gave the group a boost in power and speed to help them avoid any chemicals Byll might toss at them. 

"Be careful with the chemical guy, he has a gas that can put you to sleep in an instant!"


"Looks like the fake-hero decided to switch sides. What a shame." Byll growled.

Byll stared at the wind element and realized he was outmatched because most of his chemicals would be blown away but he did manage to find a counter to such a thing. Before he launched an attack, he began to compress the gasses within his palms to form a sort of 'gas bomb'. It was heavy enough to not be blown away and still keep the deadly poison he had worked up. Without hesitation, he tossed the dark purple ball of poison towards the group.
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