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Z-FIghter's Drawings
New year, time for some new work.

So here's a drawing of Brachi in a snowsuit, with the same coloring as Vegeta's snowsuit in the Dragonball Super: Broly movie, but without the symbol on the chest part. And I drew her in a pose from Krizalid of the King of Fighters franchise for the heck of it. xD Found it quite fitting since Krizalid has a battle jacket himself.
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Looks awesome ZF! You use MS Paint right? Did you draw the background on it as well? :O
The shading is also spot on, even in small places like the hands. Good job!
[Image: A525k87.png]
Thanks for the comment, Ploep. :D

No, I don't use MS Paint. I use different programs to suit my needs: Gimp for Lineart and effects and Animation Shop for the coloring. 

To be completely honest, the background is more like 'assembled' if you will, using pre-existing elements and then cobbled together like a puzzle to form a bit of a basic scenery.
And here's a new drawing I want to share:

And here's two more:

Looking good ZF! Do you use a drawing tablet with a screen when you do these drawings?
[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

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Nope. Sketch is done on paper, which is then scanned into my computer, so I can use GIMP to work on linearting, then using Animation Shop for the coloring/shading and, where needed, using GIMP again to add effects where needed as a finishing touch.
Here's some more stuff:

Majin Bara is best Majin. Everyone else is wrong so I win. xDD Huh, your OCs are really interesting ZF, I like how all of them are unique and have their own little twist and gimmick to them. How did you do the energy ball? It looks great! I assume the program you use comes with it or makes it easier to shape? I don't think my program has these types of effects unless I'm not looking hard enough.  :think:
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
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I used a filter in GIMP to create such a Ki ball, as it adds a nice glow effect to it. :D 

And you're not the only one whom has taken quite a liking to Majin Bara due to her being such an innocent cinnamon roll of a Majin... xD

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