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Z-FIghter's Drawings
Time for some new work, so here's Gina, one of my Advanced Android Guard OCs.

And here is a drawing of Godel, the fusion between Gohan and Videl. :D

Aww, I love Godel and I think they are super cute! I love their relationship in the anime and I think it's cool you fused them together. It brings an interesting idea. It also reminds me of your OC (The two lovebirds) fusion. I see you like to mix them up, huh. xDD

Gina looks pretty cool too! I didn't know Cell was an Android unless it's something I'm completely unaware of. (I don't know much about DBZ or who/what anything is.Ohdear ) The design is nice and looks normal except for the tail. I assume Cell is an Android and this is why she has that tail?
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Well, Cell is technically a bio-android, being created out of cells of various beings (having Saiyan, Human, Namekian and Frost Demon DNA).

The main idea here was that, given that there is quite an amount of artwork related to Cell absorbing characters around on the internet, Gina, as well as her 'sisters' Celicia and Judy, are doing the complete opposite of what Cell has done. Sure they can take people inside with their tails, or jab their tails inside an arm like a needle or so, but instead of absorbing the people they do this to, they simply heal them. That is the thought behind the Advanced Android Guard, being a form of sentient mobile hospital, capable of taking people out of a potential dangerous zone while at the same time help them recover from any injuries they may have at that time.
Here's a drawing I made while messing with some brushes in GIMP:


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