The Forest of Memphis
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The Forest of Memphis was once a sacred ground for the royal family--used as a testament to will for the descendants of Empire, the First King of Shina Ania—to find the worthy successor to the crown. The descendants are one of the few rare mortals capable of having Pure Energy—which is only available to “Gods”—this is proof of being a direct descendant of the king.

The Forest of Memphis was cited as the most well-round, beautiful paradise for love to truly come to fruition. It was said Empire would bring many beautiful women in the forest—each of them remarked how the journey was an unforgettable moment.

However, the Moyasu alma Disease had devastated Memphis and the Forest completely—rendering the places of royalty as nothing more than decaying wasteland. Furthermore, this was said to be the burial ground of the fallen Queen of Shina Ania. She was accused of being a fraud—citing that she was not the true descendant of the King—due to the outbreak of “false gods” appearing in the masses. Angered when she took the crown, she was assassinated during her daily jog in this forest.

Recent times, monsters and humans never come across this place—rumors have it that the angered of the fallen queen lingers and punished those whom step onto the landscape. Another rumor that a cult—called “The Watchers” used this area as their headquarters and prayers—but no one is brave enough to enter these lands.
Sudden burst of light appeared outskirts of the forest. The three men observed their surrounding. Watcher 2 took a deep breath, than exhale. "Man, the sensation of the fallen. The love is giving blessings through my nostrils." 

"Calm yourself, Watcher 2. Our journey has not ended yet." Watcher 1 said. "We must take the vessel to our birthplace." 

"Watcher 1 speaks the truth! We must move forward!" Watcher 3 turns to Magiana. "Vessel, to not make any negative attention to yourself. You are stepping on the holy grounds of the fallen! Please be on your best behavior!"
Aquario was starting to stir up but he wasn't able to do much due to his vision being blurry. He placed a hand on his head and stopped himself from moving or being moved from the others. He was still in no condition to fight.

"W-What is happening?" He said dizzy. "Ugh.."
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"I won't do anything bad, I promise..." Magiana gripped her arms, placing her wand into her kneesock for safekeeping. Immediately she turned her head behind her. 

"Mr. Aquario! You're awake!" The girl was relieved he didn't suffer too great an injury.
"You have arrived to the birthright of the fallen!" Watcher 3 said. "This is where the rebirth shall take place. Now, please move along. We have so much little time in our hands!~"

"Indeed. We must not waste any time. Our brothers and sisters are waiting for us to see the success of our mission." Watcher 1 responded to Watcher 3. "Come along."
"M-Magiana?" Aquario slowly started to get back to his senses. He noticed that he was behind held by the other cult members and he quickly pulled himself out of their grip. He pointed his palm at the men and fired a large jet of water to them. He did the same to the men near Magiana.

"You will take us no where!" Aquario said with anger in his voice. "What is the meaning of this nonsense?! Explain yourselves or I will place you in an early grave!"
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"M-Mr. Aquario, please, settle down!" Magiana headed towards him with a pleading in her voice. "I p-promised to do what they said, and that's why we're this far out! I didn't want them to hurt you any more. I don't want to hurt anybody..." She said with tears in her eyes. "B-but they said to be good, because this is where that fallen person is or something." The girl was scared and simply wanted to flee, but she was afraid of the consequences that would come of it given their warnings. She had no idea where they were either.
The Watchers were pushed down from the stream of water. 

"To attack the followers is a great offense, but to speak such language in the presence of the fallen's grave is punishable by death! Watch your tongue of how you address to us!" Watcher 3 said.

"Mind, Watcher 3. He is nothing more than a man drowned with ignorance. Let us give the pardoning to the man. He have no idea." Watcher 1 turns to Aquario. 

"You are now in the land of where the fallen has died. You and this young girl, are granted with high honors of becoming the vessels for the fallen. Please, do not fight. We do not wished to use force." Watcher 1 warned.
"Unhand the girl now." Aquario said with a strong voice. "I care not for your fallen and I do not plan to be anyone's vessel. Let her be at my side and I'll decide what you shall do with our bodies. Heed warning that I will not play into your charades."

Aquario didn't seem to do anything rash because he feared for Magiana's safety. He didn't know how these people would react and he didn't know what would happen to the girl if he attacked so carelessly. He stayed close to Magiana's side and seem to give her a hard stare.
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Watcher 2’s body suddenly rose up onto the ground—like a lifeless body becoming alive—as the other two Watchers were discussing back and forth on dealing with Aquario’s blatant refusal to listen to their cause. He bore a sinister smile as his eyes began to glow a crimson color. 

“Perhaps this will change tone you used to speak.” Watcher 2 snaps his fingers. A sudden rush of individuals—in the tens of dozens—surrounded Aquario and forced him onto them ground as they grabbed a hold of them. Another dozens surround Magiana—grabbing her on the arms and forced her onto the ground as well.

Watcher 2 causally walked over to Aquario—lean downwards—and grabbed his head. He placed both his eyes and Aquario—making sure their pupils were locked onto one another.

“Now, you are too emotional to be making decisions. We do not wished to impose injuries among your persons. So I suggest you change the tone you are using when speaking to us. Otherwise, bones might be broken here and there…”

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