The Forest of Memphis
Magiana slightly struggled in distress, but it only served to further pin her face down into the dirt. "Th-that hurts... please let go..." She started to tear up from the anxiety. "D-don't hurt him, please...!"
Aquario growled under his breath and seemed to submit. He didn't want to but he worried for Magiana's safety and her worried call to him only made him more careful. He stopped struggling against the men and narrowed his eyes. His anger was unmatched right now.

"Fine, I'll go peacefully if you do not harm my student." Aquario said with a hiss. "If any harm befalls her, you can kiss your lives goodbye."
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“See? Was that so difficult?” Watcher 2 chuckled. He snaps his finger, alerting the group to pick up Aquario onto his feet. However, they will not let them go and forced him to move forward. 

“Of course, we can’t have you making such a ruckus. So for the time being, you’ll be restrained until we reach for our destination.” Watcher 2 explained.  

The group causally lifted Magiana up from the ground as well, forcing her to move forward. However, they seem to be gentler when it comes to her. 

“We must not taint the body for our lord. Leave little bruises on her.” Watcher 3 stated. As all of them walked forward. It seems that they heading to a rundown palace. Vines were growing around it—bushes and trees were sprouting out of the cracks.
Magiana observed how much plant life was covering  the place and wondered how long it's been since anyone thrived here. Was there some kind of ancient temple somewhere?

She stayed quiet and let her tears dry out on their own.
"Such a disgustingly untamed area you have brought us to."

Aquario, as promised, didn't struggle against the group that held on to him. He glanced at Magiana every once in a while to see if she was doing alright. He was obviously beyond furious at the foolishness they have been dragged to. He stared at the scene before him, unimpressed.
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"Alas, the palace is no longer in it's glory. However, once we revived her, we shall make this place reborn.." Watcher 3 said.

They reach the front gates of the palace. However, it was emitting some foul energy, covering most of the ruins. 

"Opened the gates so we may proceed." Watcher 1 stated.

Multiple people went ahead and opened the gates for them to pass through. It seems that they are  heading towards the back of the palace, rather than the front as it's entrance seems to be protected by some "evil barrier".
"A-and then after you do what you need, we can go on our way, right?" Magiana asked softly.
Everyone in the group stare at one another. Their eyes were riddle with smug-like expression.

"You will know when your tasks are done here." Watcher 3 stated. "If you are not up to what we done, we will let you go."

They enter the palace in the back, and traveled downwards. Soon, they reach a place - a dungeon. They place Aquario and Magiana in the dungeon, together, and closed the door.

"You will remained here until we are done with the preparations." Watcher 2 said. 

"And don't try to use your magic. We place a barrier that prevents you from using such." Watcher 1 chuckled.
"Hmph, scared that I'll destroy you if I use my magic?" Aquario teased. "Cowards."

He then addressed his glare to Magiana and let out a sigh. He sat down against a wall and crossed his arms, obviously annoyed with the whole situation they were dragged in. He didn't say anything for a while, almost as if collecting his thoughts.

"So, mind explaining to me what happened, Magiana?"
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It took Magiana a few minutes before she spoke up, shifting uncomfortably against the cold wall and rough floor. "W-well, I was in the library reading like I was supposed to, cause I wanted to study before I went to bed."

"And then one of them sat down next to me. He even asked about me--he said my name too. Said he heard all about what we did back in the Opera House, and pulled out a book, asking for an autograph." Magiana's face grew red in shame as she retold the event, poking her fingers together. "So, I signed it... then he looked right into my eyes. I don't remember much besides them turning so.... red. It was really unsettling... then before I knew it a couple more people grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the building like they did with you." 

Then she sniffled and wiped the side of her face with a gloved hand. "One even licked me! Eek, it made me sick..." She hugged her legs to her chest with teary eyes. "I d-didn't think something like this would happen at all... I tried to get them to let go, but their grip was too hard to squirm out of. I'm really sorry, Mr. Aquario." She felt terrible, like it was her own fault.

"Now we're stuck here in who knows where..."

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