Crossroads Town
"No need to thank me, it's part of my job 'round here. Though, I usually don't have my hands full like I did the past couple o' days, it felt nice to be occupied with things other than growing vegetables. It was nice to have some company for once," Marietta said lightheartedly. "It's been quiet for a while, so I don't suppose you'll have too much trouble on your way out of here." She bowed her head to them with a warm smile on her face. "I wish you good travels then."
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Jacen kept his smile up and nodded.

"Goodbye," he said before a pause in breath, "my friend." He added with some confusion, before turning away and beginning to walk, Sylvanas walking in step with him, and once into the desert began to speak quietly.

"You're growing too attached." Sylvanas said.

"I know." Jacen replied.

"This means we can't prey on the travelers heading to and from there anymore, nor can we raid the town."

"Does it matter? She helped us, I can't go around betraying those who offered me their blind assistance."

"It matters when we need the supplies."

"We can always head back and visit." He pointed out.

"Don't forget what you want Jacen. Don't forget the costs involved." She said, the two disappearing from view and into the Endless Desert.
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