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DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 5: Asylum)
"I'm fine, thanks a bunch Kira!" Jaz took a second to look at her hands but rose to her feet before anyone could question her. There was some fear in the back of her head. Listening to Kira, she cheered herself up by smack talking Vaylin.

"Heh, Vaylin was no problem at all!" Jaz smiled while crossing her arms. "I bet she's quivering in fear at how strong we all are. She'll think twice before messing with us now and, hopefully, she'll end up bald and ugly like her brother so she can't tempt Junior or anything. But... I really couldn't have done anything without you guys! If you didn't distract Vaylin... I would've been..."


"As a matter of fact, I think I'll fire this cannon later Koth, I believe you should have the honors of firing it first." Kire smiled before rising from his seat and placing a hand on Koth's shoulder. "She's your ship, after all. Besides, Jaz is acting cocky and someone's gotta burst her bubble, right?"

The man spun on his heel and glanced at an overconfident Jaz, chuckling at her childish insults.

"I think you guys might wanna buckle up or somethin', this ship is goin' for a hell of a ride now that Vaylin got turned to fireworks."
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What is it, big boy? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?!
Mioi was sitting in the first spot she had seen upon entering the ship, and was holding tightly to the nearest thing on the wall that she could grip. 

"Now we just have one to worry about now, correct?" She asked tiredly.
Vegetto held a blank stare as he entered the cockpit with the others, his attention falling on Koth who sat at the console controls. He gave Kire a small nod, facing towards the open window now depicting the ominous image of the Eternal Fleet before them, blocking out most of the open space before them in multiple rows and columns. Vegetto Jr. knelt down next to Jaz, resting his hand on her right shoulder while Koth narrowed her eyes.

"Alright everyone, hold on. Moment of truth: let's see if this ship lives up to the legends."

His left handled fiddled at a side console, a few buttons pressed in a sequence. To the side of the ship's open window, a bright green glow began to slowly mount and build, the source hidden from view and the energy rising.


The entire ship violently shook, the platform buzzing with a loud hum as the green energy blasted through the open black space forward directly into the small line of Eternal warships hundreds of miles away. A small grey vessel erupted into a green explosion, Koth's lips rising slightly with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm.

"One target..."

His eyes narrowed.


The small explosion began to billow up into a large green smoke cloud, green lines shooting out from the source of the first ship explosion and marking ships one by one as they covered past the grid. Each vessel marked began to exploded after a few seconds of being marked, Koth's eyes widening.

"Five hundred...I can't keep up!"

Vegetto blinked as well, watching on as the entire set of rows before them began to ignite into massive explosions and clearing a large space of black.

"It's real...we can take the whole fleet!"

Gogeta Jr. nodded his head once, his eyes narrow.

"Punch it Koth...we need to get out of here now."

Koth turned his head back down to the console, clutching onto a lever to the right of his seat.

"Right...activating the hyperdrive. Hang on everyone!!"

The Gravestone soon shot forward, rapidly entering hyperspace in the small window left behind by the ship's path of destruction and slipping through what little remained of the Eternal Fleet's firing line, silver metal debris spiraling all across the open space.


The ship soon emerged out into open space shortly after, falling quiet and floating steadily forward. Koth let out a quick sigh, resting back into his seat.

"Well...that's enough excitement for one day."
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Both Brachi and Xenest sighed of relief, although they remained silent as they retreated to a darker area of the room they were in, evidently trying to contemplate things and making plans as they both still had an agenda of their own.
"Hopefully, yeah." Jaz replied to Mioi. "And he's a lot weaker than his sister so I think he shouldn't even be a problem to us."

Jaz warmed up when Junior knelt down beside her and remembered what he told Vaylin nearly at the start of the battle. Her cheeks turned red but before she could ask Junior anything she felt her father tugging on her arm, glaring down at her burned hand. The energy was strong enough to burn through the suit and even at Jaz's skin.

"You talk big for someone who was nearly killed, Jaz." Kire sighed. "That fight completely disabled KABS from use and it looks like I gotta repair it with some new upgrades. Might as well update KABS for Mioi too, I got a few surprises for you girls anyways. In the meanwhile I'll take this core and fix it..."

Kire grabbed the diamond centerpiece from KABS and yanked it off of the suit. The suit retracted back to just a tight shirt and shorts casual look. 

"Might as well fix yours too Mioi." Kire snatched the core from Mioi's suit, reverting it to a similar attire to Jaz. "For now I guess we're safe... Junior, why don't you take Jaz to clean her hands. Helga already set up the room next to the lab so you guys can rest. Mioi, you can rest in the lab since there is a spare bed, I don't use it that often."

Kire said nothing as he walked to the lab, his face more serious than usual while he gripped the cores tightly in his hand.

"Wonder what's up with dad..." Jaz said under her breath. "Guess he was really worried about all of us if he's super serious."
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What is it, big boy? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?!
Kira turned her attention away from Jaz and Mioi when she heard the clanking of Solaris entering the room.

"I've seen two organic super weapons and Kira told me of a dozen more she's seen, but this one is far different from the rest." Solaris remarked walking in towards Koth. "And I don't think there's a safer place in the galaxy than this ship."
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Perhaps he's realized by now that we can no longer rely on luck to save us from any mistakes we make. Mioi kept this thought to herself.

"Yes...I will go to the laboratory and rest up. I can't run on that cryogenic power-nap for much longer." Mioi said before departing for the lab. She needed a good spot to think without distractions.
"I agree. All this running is making me ache all over. It's nothing a quick nap can't fix, right?"  Oriko sat down against a wall, letting out a brief yawn. "Wake me up when we're inevitably hounded again, because I'm just-- way--- too-----" And like that, the young boy was asleep, succumbing to sleepiness and physical strain caused by the past events so far.
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