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DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 5: Asylum)
Basil and Paprika were a bit surprised at Jaz's Scolding of the two fathers. Basil secretly hoped that was enough to defuse the situation for a bit. "Well glad that could be settled." Zibarica sighed, just as hopeful as Basil.

Panich cocked her head, eyes narrowing into a small glare toward the God. Bage and Zibarica tensed slightly at Beerus's approach to the Saiyan princess. Underestimating her was the biggest peeve, so they weren't sure how this would turn out.

"Mistaken you are, my Lord. Appearances can be deceiving." Panich's glare toward Beerus softened as she pulled her bicep back to her side after his prodding. "And while my Father, King Vegeta, may have served you in the past; I, personally, have never."

This reaction was certainly was enough to surprise Zibarica and her kids, But Bage seemed relieved that his wife chose a somewhat respectful route in this. It was much better than other situations similar to this.
Oriko looked at his new badge of honor with a small amount of amusement, patting the sticker down to ensure it stuck.

"Well, thanks, I suppose." The boy spoke with a chuckle as he tried to fix his hair. "Although I guess I should try just a little harder to not get myself killed. A dead me isn't a very useful me, after all, and my friends and family back home would surely hate to not have me around any more." He turned to look at Odessan, lamenting of what was going on back in his universe, at his Earth. Was everybody doing fine? Regardless of the circumstances, however, he can't exactly leave just yet. He's committed to helping the Z-Fighters combat the threat that is Arcann, and he knows that the outcome of this conflict would ultimately end up affecting his home in some way or another. When Oriko finished his thoughts, he turned to Koth.

"So anyway, what exactly is this Odessan place? Maybe I slept through the briefing that described why we're going here, in which case, my bad. I'll make sure to set an alarm or something next time, or maybe coffee would do?"
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"That's what I wonder too," Mioi chimed in. "It is a safe zone, yes? What's the plan for when we get there?" She seemed nervous about the idea of visiting a new planet. Then she tapped her pointer fingers together sheepishly. "Because I am also very hungry... it's technically been 25 years since we last ate, after all." 
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Solaris stood back up and just looked at the cockpit. The others had asked enough questions, he didn’t need to ask anymore. Well, maybe ask about what Kire needs from him. Maybe.
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"To the Ends of the Earth."
Brachi's eyes twitched at Mioi's remark, but remained silent still, evidently trying to keep herself together.
Koth kept his eyes forward for a bit, his attention on the console as he spoke to Oriko.

"You'll see soon enough. It's a surprise."

He turned his head, however, hearing the small outburst from the fathers and looking on to see what was being said.


Beerus rubbed his chin, still intently studying Panich.

"Ah, you are the Saiyan Princess...I do vaguely recall King Vegeta surprisingly having a daughter."

His confident, almost condescending smile lifted as he narrowed his eyes slightly down at her.

"I do hope you are correct. You must be quite the fighter if you did not serve under me as your brother has. Do you possess the power of a god as well?"


Vegetto's eyes widened a bit, the hair blasting to the side from the stray shot disappearing into the metal wall behind him in a burnt, crisp crater. His eyes instantly narrowed into a strong glare, unfolding his arms and tensing immediately.

"Alright I've had enough of your-"

Vegetto stopped in place, having been caught off from Jaz intervening. He met her glare with one of his own, the agitation clearly rising in his face. He lightened up slightly, however, his smirk lifting at Kire's turn in the scolding. It soon disappeared as Jaz turned back to scolding both of them. He kept his glare strong, turning his eyes to the side and folding his arms on his chest after Jaz's demand for an answer.

"Tsk...fine. Whatever."

Vegetto Jr. smiled warmly at Jaz, standing silently throughout the whole exchange

Koth and Gogeta Jr. both blinked with wide eyes at the display, Koth speaking in a low whisper to Gogeta Jr.

"I thought you said the Sith Emperor would never back down from...anything."

He yelped, quickly spinning around in his seat at Jaz's yelling.

"Alright alright! Sheesh."

Koth hit a couple of buttons on the console, gripping onto the wheel handles and pushing the lever down.

"Strap yourselves in, everyone! This is where everything changes!"

End of Chapter 5
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