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Star Wars Franchise Discussion
I'm gonna put mine in spoilers, it's really long.

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Speaking of The Clone Wars which was mentioned before, you guys seen this yet? 

(07-10-2018, 10:18 AM)JamesYTP Wrote: snip

You see, every time I heard the concept of "This films doesn't work as a Star Wars film", never made any sense to me since, well, it had Star Wars characters, it has the Star Wars lore and it has all the silly antics that aren't found other than, well Star Wars.

You're one of the few people I've seen that actually explain the idea that the film is still Star Wars, but coming in as a second entry exposes some ideas that weren't capitalized from the first film (Snoke, First Order, Knights of Ren, etc.); it essentially divorced from the previous film for something new. The Last Jedi was the first of it's trilogy, would things be different? In short, I agree that the film seemingly ignores the first film of the new trilogy; perhaps there were creative differences of how to expand on that? I wouldn't be surprised of the third film addresses all the plot points in some capabilities. Think

I vehemently agreed with your last sentence: everywhere I go when it comes to Star Wars, where it's I Hate Everything, to reddit, or 4chan to forum discussions, it's always the same numbskulls that shitted the board that the movie was ruined because of the "ESSJAYDUBBLEYOOS boogeyman" and thus the future of Star Wars is dead to them. It's clear that they already had the motivation to hate the film solely because, how dare the directors actually hired people, who just happen to be not white nor male, into the casting! Don't you know? Star Wars is not a place for these people! What do you mean Darth Vader is voiced by a black guy?!

It's so silly, so dumb and in fact, baffling that anyone would have a problem with this; it ironically makes me wonder had Rey was a dude, the calls for Mary Sue will most likely never even leave their lips. maybe Of course, this is an overall generalization, describing a vocal minority, that ultimately, have nothing better to do. Especially since Star Wars fans seemingly already cast George Lucas as a "hack" because his views does not align with their head canon, hence the conflict with him, and even now, with the new overseers of the franchise.

(07-22-2018, 06:24 PM)JamesYTP Wrote: Speaking of The Clone Wars which was mentioned before, you guys seen this yet? 

Huh! It's been quite a while and I never thought it would even be revived ever since it got canned from CN (mainly because Disney purchased the franchise). I seemingly can't recall what's going on at the last scene of the trailer; did the orange girl and Anakin had a fall out? Think
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"Not without giving away too much,” he laughs. “But it takes place at a very key moment and it’s a sort of call to arms"

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Yeah, it basically ignores the first half the time and seemingly wants to be the last the other half, it's petty weird in that regard. From what I can tell JJ Abrams despite producing the film didn't really have any real creative control over it or anything. He and Rian Johnson may have had creative differences, I dunno. Since JJ is doing iX he'll probably expand a little on all this but at this point, they might just save it all for the inevitable Ben Solo trilogy.  Strangely enough sometimes for better sometimes for worse is that a lot of the times it felt like a knee-jerk reaction to the criticism that was leveled toward The Force Awakens and the franchise in general. Like they said TFA was too predictable and unoriginal, so TLJ is throwing twists at you every 10 minutes. People have been saying for years that the franchise deals too much in a "black and white" kind of thought with regards to it's whole good and evil dynamic so not they throw a gray area on it and lay it on thick as they can. 

I haven't seen much anger over casting minorities or whatever since the first trailer for TFA myself, of course, I try my best to stay away from the dark side of the internet so maybe there is still and I'm just not noticing it. The one I tend to hear most is that they feel that Kathleen Kennedy is trying to push some kind of feminist agenda with Star Wars or whatever. Seeing as how she doesn't actually write or direct anything and basically just handles the business end of Lucasfilm that's a pretty wild assumption. Which I truthfully find a little bit ironic since for argument's sake even if this were the case, these are the same people that cry "THEY WANNA CENSOR FREE SPEECH" the moment a critic of the feminist persuasion criticizes a piece of media they find problematic (for right or wrong, some of their criticisms can be a little ridiculous). 

What I find scariest with that whole thing are the twitter spammers and stuff. The ones that are just out there getting paid to go out online and say these things to stir the pot.  I mean, read this, seriously: I talk to people in marketing, do a little video editing work for a guy who runs a marketing firm, this is a common damage control tactic, but I mean, the thought that there's some group out there somewhere that's paying people to hijack a fandom to create another strawman to be angry at terrifies me. I don't even wanna know who's behind it half the time...

Re: The Clone Wars trailer, as a refresher her name is Ahsoka and she was Anakin's padawan. At the end of the fifth season, she's framed for bombing the Jedi temple and killing a captured suspect. After this, she feels the Jedi have thrown her under the bus and to Anakin's dismay she decides to leave the Jedi order. That's where she left off in TCW.

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