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Things that annoyed you in fan-fiction
(01-20-2017, 05:41 PM)LoopyPanda Wrote: I think the worst is the trend where they take series that are fantastic in genre/lore (i.e. magic, etc) and shove all the characters in the most normal, bland, "coffee shop" alternate universe. As in, they take the characters and just stick em in a boring ass setting. I read Harry Potter because of how UNLIKE the real world it is! I don't want to read some boring thing about if Harry was some normie!!!

I'd prefer if they took the normal "realistic" settings and made more fantastical AUs, but it's rare to find a good fanfic like that.

So much this Pls

Especially when they made no attempt to mention of what the series is about and practically into a slice-of-life scenario
What grinds my gears is when they take existing notions, like harry potters statute of secrecy and toss it to the wind in hopes that it would create a better story.
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