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BGL Suggestion Box
(02-25-2017, 12:06 PM)ShineCero Wrote:
(02-19-2017, 04:06 PM)Nick Wrote: Ok, so we have about (to compile here) 2 major competitions of 1 writing, and one Artistic and they last 1-4 months (roughly seasonal)

And if I include my suggestion of allowing for smaller competitions, then we can have a few smaller ones just for people who want maybe a smaller time period.

Can we agree on that?

I'm down with that. Maybe smaller ones can be run by members themselves while seasonal ones can be run by Admins? Think

Thats what I figured, best we have them have to go through someone of the command structure though so we dont get a mess with em. Like a basic format and a requests thread?
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- Dr. McNinja on a motorcycle

Think That sounds good. What do others think about this?

Starting Friday, I'm preparing to do some updates to fixed some errors on the forum that I've come to noticed and established spoiler button once again. Just hope that Mybb does not update as soon as I implemented the changes.
Upcoming Stuff - Around 4:00 PM PST, I'm currently will be on Spring Break. This will allowed some updates regarding Boogaloo as an whole now that it has my full attention.
  • As an surprised, ~ Z ~ had renamed Fan-Fiction section as Story Critic section. This allows people to review or critic works created by members. According to Z, this section is composed of works from original stories, fan-fics and comics [such as webcomics].
  • Due to ~ Z ~ creating the entire section by herself (and even got the prefixes up and running), it would make sense for the section to be under Z
  • With that said, all threads have been moved to Modern INKers and separated by prefixes.
  • Boogaloo Showcase on the sidebar is now removed on Ultimate/Night skins.
  • Dice Roller is rejected. There isn't a plugin, without paying, to included on the forum. 
  • Boogaloo Life and Boogaloo Plaza is receiving an revamp.
  • New Prefixes could replaced or added.
  • Deluxe skin "clean-up". Nothing major, but some minor clean up is needed.
  • Spoiler Button in the command toolbox to be re-added again. Hopefully, mybb does not decide to upgrade itself once I do.
  • Donut and Colosseum will received updated rules fitted for their section.
  • Academy of Booga will received special prefixes. 
  • Banner Competition will be revamp to include more banners from various members, including holidays and seasonal changes.
Hopefully, this can be done within an week! Any questions, statements and thoughts on some of the changes?
For the BG Academy prefixes, will they be user written, or categories pre-chosen? I dont really care which, I just want to make sure that all the treads within it can be classified properly. maybe just label them by the most relevant schooling class title?

Everything mentioned for the Update sounds good to me.
"Man...Is only separated from Heaven by that which he will not ramp!"
- Dr. McNinja on a motorcycle

Prefixes for Academy of Boogaloo will be pre-chosen. So far, I only have two "Prefixes" for the section:
  • Question
  • Academic 
If you have anything that could be added that covers the general base of the section, feel free to recommend them.
Can we have a 'Theory' Label?
"Man...Is only separated from Heaven by that which he will not ramp!"
- Dr. McNinja on a motorcycle

I see no problem with that. I'll add it. Thumbs

There is a dice-roller plugin. The trouble with this is that it doesn't seems all that usable. With that said, dice-roller is rejected due to the inability to select specific forums, the inability of how it works (no explanation) and the usages of more complicated coding. I'm recommended of just sticking with typical role-playing for the future Thumbs
Furthermore, as stated earlier, I'm refreshing certain things on the forum, to make everything cleaner and more organized. The usages of prefixes will be very beneficial in this case. 
  • Akiba section will have their own prefixes.
  • Deluxe will continued to have minors updates (mainly profiles. It looks weird and disorganized at certain places). 
  • Favorite Thread plugin had been added. You can know favorite threads without the need of email/inbox notifications. Simply favorite a thread, so to USER CP and see if anyone posted in it. 
As usual, I will continued proving more content of the updates. The Updates/Change thread will be updated in due time as well.
Ploep and I revamped the Akiba section:
  • New prefixes added for better organization of new and ongoing animes
  • Akiba films is added for Animated movies
  • Off the Air is added for old animes, but you can still post in it.
Future Updates:
  • Possible update with Boogaloo Colosseum (to created an understanding of "canon").
  • Minor fixes in some themes. 
Special thanks to Ploep for adding previews to the new anime threads and updating some older ones. This will now be a thing for all new anime threads introduce in the Akiba section. Again, thanks a bunch Ploep!
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