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During the transfer of energy, Olivia felt overwhelmed and held her forehead with her free hand. She broke out into a sweat from the sudden input, but the sensation vanished as quickly as it came. "S-suppression...? Whoa. Wasn't expecting that to happen.." 

How is it even possible to do that sort of thing? I've never seen anything like it before! She thought in clear surprise.

"What else can you do if a transfer of power like that is so simple?... this is nothing like studying old dusty books all day..."
“Well, my family lineage is quite unique. I have Pure Energy, so I can perform things like that. Although, my inexperience and my youth, I don’t have quite a skill set as the others, otherwise, I would vanish that dark soul lingering in that young mage.”

“The Queen, being part of that family, also contains Pure Energy, but that rage… might taint it.” Elewa commented on.

“Right.” Khalid said in agreement. “Old Books don’t usually document stuff about my family, ever since the Queen got murdered by her own people through paranoia. I believe Cleo ended documentation of our abilities and it simply got lost in time. Like how ancient magic got lost as generations passed in Paradice.” He thought about it. “Nevertheless, this ability I gave you is a powerful ability. It will prevent the Queen from taking over the young one. As long you are around, she will sleep soundly without worry.”
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"I'd say 'rage' is an understatement... there's a very volatile being inhabiting that poor girl's body." Olivia shivered at recalling how oppressive the Queen's aura was. "But with this, at least I won't need the help of three other people to push her back." 

She frowned. "Even so... it's a bit sad she was killed by her own people. Was she a cruel ruler or something like that? It takes a lot to have your own people turn against you so much as to execute you themselves. She did ramble a lot about being dethroned but I never would think that was what really happened to her... "
Khalid and Elewa looked at each other.

"My mother told me that she was indeed not cruel, but kind. But she often plays around with ancient magic, banned a lot ago before her time, and cause people to become paranoia and scared." Khalid explained. "You see... our people..."

"They're idiots." Elewa finished Khalid's sentence.

"The Watchers Cult actually been active for a really long time... and they one of them taught the Queen the ancient secrets of magic. People talk, spread while rumors, and one thing lead to the other, she was killed. Without trial. Without proving evidences." 

Khalid nodded at Elewa's statements. "People playing with forbidden magic gets people talking... especially those that connected themselves with the Watchers Cult. They think you became a false god... something we often had during that time, and people assumed she became as such. She never stood a chance when they ambush her."
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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