Johannes Palace
"Oh, um... no thank you... I am a bit peckish though..." Olivia didn't deny some of the finger foods offered to her. She took a handful of snacks and continued walking, looking around at the collections.
"Please, don't mind the servants and maids. They always love it when visitors come and visit the palace." Elewa chuckled. "So they will have the tendency of over-showering visitors with gifts and foods." 

Down the hall from where they walked, there is a large door made of gold and diamonds plastered.
"I can't complain... the food tastes amazing," Olivia laughed. "Big doors..." she realized she was about to meet their King, so she immediately shoved the rest of the food she took in her mouth and brushed the crumbs off her hands to look more presentable. "Ready," she said through a muffled voice before finishing off the food.
Elewa opened the door. "Miss, let's meet the king..." The door opened, it show nothing more than a empty room. There was a single chair in the dead center, with a figure seated. On each side, there was a warrior. The figure himself, seems to be nothing more than a small child. 

"Your majesty, I have presented you, the warrior that will answer our call of help." Elewa bowed down on his knees.

"An warrior, huh?" The boy turns to Olivia. "You're strong, right?"
I... wasn't expecting their King to be a little boy... he looks younger than I am. Olivia thought in surprise. "Uh... yeah, I guess I am. Strong enough to be of help to you..." She bowed her head nervously. "I'll even show you, if you aren't convinced by my appearance alone."
"No need to be so formal." The king said. "I trust Elewa's judgement on these things. Never once had he been wrong before." 

"Your majesty, you are too kind." Elewa responded.

"My question wasn't about your physical ability, my lady." The king said. "My question refers to your mental state."
"...If I weren't strong in the mind, I wouldn't be standing here in your lands. I'm putting a lot at risk coming here." Olivia responded. "I'm certainly not hardened by war or anything, but the way I live now isn't one I would choose if I were... I don't like to use this word, but, weak." 

"As long as my allies are with me, I can keep my emotional ground just fine. I won't crack easily, I can assure you."
The King smiled. "Good! Lots of people always come and goes and tackle the mission, but when they hear the details, they often run away!" He chuckled. "My name is Khalid! Nice to meet you, miss!" Khalid went over to Olivia in a causal manner and offer his hand to her for a shake. "Thanks for accepting this dangerous mission... I hope we are not asking much out of you to take this."
"Right. I'm Olivia," She said as she returned the handshake. "I don't have much better to do anyway, since the jobs I do aren't daily occurrences as it is. I guess the first thing I ought to ask is about the disease you have ravaging the country... How that showed up just in Shina Ania is interesting."
Khalid nodded. "Right...." Khalid cleared his throat before speaking. "Unfortunately, we do not know the cause of the disease." Khalid had a depressive face when speaking about the topic. "The only clue is that it seems to be a tool." Khalid look at Olivia's face. "An tool by Ruopee to destabilize Shina Ania for colonization." 

"The Royal family passed various measures to make sure the disease is contain." Elewa spoked. "None of the citizens, that caught the disease, had every left the continent. Only those that formed a pact with monsters, with permission of the king, can do so."

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