Johannes Palace
"So it's all to divide up territory? ...Ruopee? I don't think I've ever heard that name before. Is that a group of people or something?" Olivia asked.
"Ah, forgive me. Rupoee is no longer used anymore." Khalid realized what he said. "I think it's currently called Desolate Lands, if I recalled."

Elewa nodded his head. "Yes. It was for territorial grabs. Of course, the people of Shina Ania manged to repel their invasion. Yet, the scar is still within us. We had yet to find a cure aside from pacts."
"Wow... it really did last this long," she whispered, mostly to herself. "So, these pacts. How do they keep the disease from becoming deadly and spreading everywhere? Doesn't sound like your ordinary allyship at any rate."
"Well, as you know. The disease caused humans to be be filled with Chaotic Energy." Elewa said. "It said to cause any human to die or become mindless killing machines." 

"The only "cure" is to formed a pact with a monster." Khalid said. "Pact fuses two souls of two individuals as one. This allows the chaotic energy to be calm thanks to the monster's soul. It prevent the disease from spreading and kept in check. Though, not every monster wants to be in a pact with humans, and some humans don't want to be pact partners with monsters." Khalid explained.
"... And the only way to fix that is get rid of the disease altogether..." Olivia rubbed her chin. "Hmm... so you'd have to come up with a way that could get rid of that excess chaotic energy and doesn't end up upsetting the natural balance of things. And keep it from affecting future generations. Quite a pickle indeed."

"Well, I met Elewa in a shop where he was looking to buy some books. I suppose it was for research? Maybe I'll have to take a crack at those books so I can really be helpful."
"We want to avoid killing them." Khalid said. "And even that, we're beyond past this point. We don't know how this disease spreads, nor the original source of it. We sent several people with the disease in Empire State, very secured, but nothing came out of it." Khalid rubbed his chin.

"That'll be a start." Elewa said. "It was one of the research to determined an way to get rid of such disease. I believe we requested ShineCero, Leader of the Brotherhood, to see if he can take a crack at it. However, we have not heard anything about it for several months yet."
"That sounds really unfortunate if hardly any outside help has come forward... Hmm. I guess the first place to go for is seeing how the energy cycles around here. If there's a way to keep the chaotic energy in a human within safe levels, then studying monsters that were willing to do the pacts could bring us to study how pacts even came to be possible in the first place." Olivia suggested. "Even if there's no need for a pact to happen outside of Shina Ania, no other region I know of has any knowledge about how to perform them. But it would be something I need to see first hand."
"Of course. However, there's still that mission that I must asked of you to do. If you accomplished this mission, I would give you all the information you need about the disease." 

"Are you referring... to that?" Elewa asked.

"Yes. I can't handle it on my own, because you guys won't let me. Even the monsters threaten to blockade me if I dealt with them, since I'm a child."
"Of course, I'll be willing to do anything you need me to if it means I can help you get closer to your goals." Olivia said eagerly.
Khalid gave out a warm smile, pleased with her response. 

Elewa cleared his throat. "There are a group of people that are causing ruckus in the Forest of Memphis. It seems that a cult called, The Watchers, have taken over the place. According to several reports, the cult kidnaps women. No matter how many warriors we sent, none of them never returned. If you can put a stop to whatever they are doing, you will be aware with riches." 

"I would join you, Olivia... but everyone is very much against it." Khalid said. "But if you need any supplies, my servants will happily supplied you with some."

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