Johannes Palace
"I guess I could do it, since I'm fitting enough for their target demographic...." Olivia rubbed her chin in thought. "Don't worry, I won't be totally alone. A map would be pretty good for me to have if I'll be here for a while. Not sure how long I'll be clearing the place out since I'm not very into rushing into things so hastily..."
Khalid nodded his head. He snaps his fingers for his servants. One of the servants provide Olivia an map that marks the location of the Watchers. There were several notes that there is a worn down palace that protected by some powerful magic.

"They should be somewhere around there. Please, save those that were captured by these creeps. And if by chance, eliminated their leader by burning his body." Elewa said. "I heard that he possessed some powerful magic. It's possible that the rest of the people in the cult are being controlled by him. So it would be wise to be extra careful."
"I see... then, I'll approach with caution," Olivia nodded her head. "It's most likely they're gonna use black magic against me if they're cultists.... thankfully, I might be prepared to combat it. Wish me luck! Ah.... can I take a ride on one of your Pegasii to get there?" She asked as she rubbed her head and smiled sheepishly. "I really liked riding one on the way here..."
Khalid nodded. “Sure! You can take one to take you to your location. They are gentle creatures. They are happy to oblige to assist you.” He turns to Elewa. “Elewa, please provide a Pegasus for her to ride in.”

“Yes, your majesty.” Elewa answered. “Please, let’s go to the Pegasus garden and set you up.”
"Yessir," Olivia said, looking eager to be on her way. As they walked, she reached into the top of her hooded cloak and pulled out a necklace with a set of keys attached to them. She looked at them and appeared to be in thought about something. "Hmm... does the cult have people infected with the disease too? It doesn't sound like it if they can use magic really well.."
Elewa escorted Olivia to the Pegasus Garden. “It’s quite possible. I can allure that their activities could be related to them being infected. Being infused with chaotic energy can damage the mind and make you do crazy things. As for black magic… it quite possible. There were rumors of they were trying to perform a ritual of some sorts… so black magic can be a possibility.” Elewa placed two fingers—index finger and thumb—in his mouth and whistled. He called upon a Pegasus. It seem to be different compare to the common white ones. Its wings were different colors—black and white—and had Zebra-like patterns on its body.

“He will provide you the journey for your mission, Miss Olivia.” Elewa turned to the Pegasus. “Is that all right with you?”

Pegasus agreed by spreading it’s wings.
"No problem at all," Olivia said before greeting the Pegasus politely and rubbing his head. ".... Uh, mind giving me a boost, Elewa?" She sweated sheepishly. Looks like she hadn't gotten the hang of mounting the back of a Pegasus yet.
The Pegasus moved cheerfully when Olivia pettted his head. 

"Looks like he likes you." Elewa said before helping Olivia onto the flying beast. "It might be wise to not fly too close to their location to avoid being shot down."
"That makes sense. I'll be careful then. Wouldn't want big guy here getting hurt needlessly either." Olivia said, looking over the map again. "Hm... I guess I should find a nice cluster of trees to land down in for us. Somewhere that nobody goes through the trouble of getting to."
Elewa nodded. "Please be careful. Let's the light guide you to victory." 

The flying beast spread out its wings and make the preparation before taking off. He turns to Olivia to see if she was ready to fly off to her location.

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