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General Website Goofs/Errors
Sorry for the necropost but I figure it fits best in this thread.

Looks like the spoiler function was recently replaced, but for me, it shows all the content that is placed within the spoiler by default on my end, like this:
[Image: 8FbDdnf.png]

As many spoiler buttons shouldn't be doing by default. It should logically be hiding any content within that we can access by clicking the top. We shouldn't be scrolling and clicking to hide them. 

Not sure if this is a bug in itself or not. Hopefully fellow users can verify if they see spoiler tabs doing this on their end.
Specs: I'm seeing this via the Google Chrome app on my phone.
It should be fixed now Thumbs
Sweet, it did. Checked on my laptop too, so everything's in working order. 

...until they decide to update myBB again   Tongue
Okay, so, I spotted a semi weird anomaly;

There's an emote called d/e/d (ded without the sashes), but for some reason, it appears in any word containing the letters d-e-d strung together, without the :: you typically require to make the emoticon appear. Is this some weird automatic thing? Because I imagine that can make posts seem nonsensical in certain points (I didn't see it doing this until today)

Check it out, nerd.
Yeah, I fuck up on my end. I added the new emote, but didn't realize that certain words, like decided, has "ded" in there. It should be fixed now.
It's fixed now, thanks based coder  Whoo
(01-22-2018, 08:15 PM)LoopyPanda Wrote: It's fixed now, thanks based coder  Whoo

Zamasu Hug you're welcome

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