Loopy's Characters
Name: Asuza Farie

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'06"

Weight: 117 lbs

Species: Humanoid Witch

Appearance: [Image: asuza_by_loopypanda-d955grj.png]

Personality: Asuza has a very serious front about her, and can be sarcastic or cynical. It's difficult for her to open up, so it takes a certain level of trust and friendship. Initially she is cold (and still retains a bit of it with friends), but she still has the ability to care about others. Still won't hesitate to stand her ground. Despite being a cynical person with a short temper, she can still have curiosity within her and capable of a wide range of emotions. Her interests include pastel or gothic fashion and anything related to witchcraft and crystals. She's also an avid reader, talking a lot when it comes to her interests. Otherwise, she's usually not very talkative about personal interests.

Asuza is also a blunt person. Her short temper is provoked when she is demeaned, underestimated, or belittled needlessly by others. She can resort to threats and insults.

Fists of Apollo: Her hands (or feet) are engulfed in flames to allow her to punch, claw, or kick the opponent and cause added burn damage. She can use this to also fire off fireballs repeatedly and send out crescent-shaped fire waves from slashing forward. Takes the least amount of energy overtime.

Fire Flower: her hands are surrounded by colored flames, which vary with the temperature she wishes to set them at. Default is orange/red. Any alterations gradually drain energy from the temperature manipulation. She produces extensive amounts of fire from her hands and manipulates it to surround the enemy in flames and engulf them from the front. The formation resembles a flower.

Burst point: Asuza gathers flames into a tightly packed fireball (about the size of a snowball) and fires it to accelerate the speed. Where it hits, it bursts apart into multiple embers. Burns badly on exposed skin and can damage armor a bit.

Fire Spume: Flicks hand at the ground below an opponent to fire an orange fireball. The spot ignites, flames bursting directly up as if a mine went off. Severely burns foe and damages immensely. Not to be used while sparring, and takes up plenty of energy to do correctly.

Flame Rush: Asuza surrounds herself in a veil of fire and charges right into the opponent. She increases in speed and, if a direct hit, causes severe burns in the skin and can sear wounds open. Takes up a lot of energy and is difficult to control, and isn't used often because it also causes damage to her (bruising, etc).

Sun Shower: Energy and fire is gathered into a large sphere, bursting into smaller fireballs. It covers a wide range, but saps a lot of energy. Should only be used on groups of opponents for maximum use. Alternatively can be fired in form of streams of flame arrows.

Abilities: Levitation (on herself) 
& Teleportation: Teleportation- can be short distance to phase out from harm's way or used as a traveling method in form of Fire Portals.

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use):

Fire Walls- She can create a ring or walls of fire and trap an opponent in place or keep herself at a distance. Only hurts if they choose to run through.

A small glass jar of smooth Carnelian shards that she keeps in a pouch with her, and a Fire Opal pendant. These boost the energy in her fire magic.


Asuza's family is a clan of mages from the Paradice region who all had affinities for magic that was used constructively rather than destructively (i.e. white magic, healing, water elements, earth, etc). However, Asuza's natural affinity was fire-- the family thought of her power as an omen since they saw it as a power that only destroyed and treated her like an omen. The family often fought and would alienate her power, trying to get her to learn more "suitable, gentler" magic. Okawa was introduced to her with the hopes that she could teach Asuza other elemental magic or something completely different. While Asuza grew to like Okawa, this forced grooming drove her to run away at the age of 13, leaving behind her younger sister who had a natural accepted gift in white magic. 

Being a lost sort of child, Asuza wandered aimlessly and tended to live in abandoned homes or an empty cabin in the forests she'd pass through. Happening upon a travel hub sort of town, she met a group of people from a crime syndicate, who promised her that she could put her destructive power to use on those unfit to wield the power and prestige they had. In exchange for working for the organization (this usually entailed acts of fatal violence and robbery on other criminals), she would be given a place to live and food to eat alongside earning a small wage. Wanting to find a place to be understood and be herself, Asuza accepted the offer.

Eventually however, she grew to realize that what she did only benefited the leader and only served to be his puppets without lifting a single finger himself. They had been groomed to never question anything, and so she decided to leave with Megumi once the organization became a group divide over the morality of their work-- some found no problem and stood loyal to their leader, and few others began to object. It was too dangerous to just request they leave though, since those who knew the truth and expressed it would seem to just disappear without a word to anyone. Megumi had left before Asuza did, as it took her longer to realize that what they were doing was ultimately causing more harm than good, even if it was seemingly justified. They both went AWOL and started traveling again to find a new place & purpose, while trying to bury their dark past. Now they take any job that would benefit them with their powers, but they find it hard to get by like that. The crime syndicate is now defunct, as nobody seems to know about their whereabouts.
Name: Okawa Gloryash (though her last name has since faded from use due to her gaining the status of a witch)

Age: Appears 26, but has lived for about two centuries.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 lbs

Species: {Humanoid} Witch


Personality: Generally courteous to others, but dislikes those without manners and disciplines them in the playful manner witches do. Rarely does she lose self-control, since her anger builds up rather slowly. Okawa also is a trusting and honest individual so long as she feels the other is capable of doing so. Using her magic, she is quite observant of her surroundings, which plays in her ability to pick up on body language and social cues. If she uses black magic, it makes her seem overall more negative and irritable. Okawa can also be spiteful with people she doesn't like. Because she hasn't lived a mortal human life in so long, she has little interest in many pursuits humans take after, but is rather sentimental of her memories. Okawa is also wise and willing to give advice to those who seek it.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent):
Star crash: orbs of light magic crash down from above, one after another like a meteor shower. Wide range, but saps energy the longer the duration.
Moon Beam: a large amount of energy gathers up at the tip of her wand (or her hands), and fires a burst of glowing purple. A linear ranged attack.
Gungnir's Spear: a great spear is summoned, good for large opponents or breaking through force fields. Can summon one or many to fly at the target at high speeds. It's often the element of surprise that makes this one the deadliest. Will always strike and always pierce (wherever it may be). 
Hex Magic: Ranges in what she curses you with, but the hex in question wears off eventually. Can be silly tricks like coughing up slugs or direct poisoning. 
Black magic, but she tries her might to avoid using any of the sort. Prolonged or extensive casting of black magic deteriorates her personality and warps her into a more malevolent being (that is if she doesn't perform any cleansing rituals to ward off dark spiritual energy).
Other attacks can employ the use of elemental magic (Fire, Water, Air, etc), but she doesn't master those in particular.

Mixed Abilities:
Purification/Cleansing Spell: cast to purify an area and clear it of malevolent spirits, demons, poltergeists, ghouls, etc that manifest dark energy. Most beings feel no harm from this spell, but it causes great distress and burning sensations to 'evil' entities of the above kind.

Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent):
  • Radiant Shield: Conjures magical energy to make a shield/force field. Can be reinforced to withstand heavy blows or a series of blows, but it just drains energy faster.
  • Health Restoration Magic (but it drains a ton of energy)
  • Levitation/ability to move in the air without use of wings.
  • Teleportation. Not instantaneous enough to use as a form of dodging if she's attacked faster than she can forsee. Used to travel.

Her wand: handmade of ebony wood with a petrified blue butterfly at the end. It boosts the power of her magic and helps with guided telekinesis. If it's broken, she can fix it, only by sacrificing part of her memory. Meaning she goes to great lengths to keep anyone from getting in close enough range to grab it and break it.

 Her memories of human life are a bit blurry and only remembered in short bursts. Okawa became a witch after she began to delve into witchcraft as a young lady. The magic was a mix of white magic rituals and black magic to spite those she disliked as cruel play. Eventually, she was found out and was sentenced to death for being a witch. In her fit of struggles and desperation, she used black magic to hex those threatening her life. Out of self hate, she exiled herself once she escaped and honed her skills in magic to become an Endless witch by the hand of a higher ranking witch after they dueled for the test of her might. Eventually she met Asuza who was a lost child budding as a witch. Taking her under her wing, she taught Asuza how to master her natural affinity with fire, and is a bit of a sisterly figure to Asuza. Though they haven't spoken in recent years. Currently owns a Magic Shop and sometimes travels.
Name: Vala
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'05"
Weight: 118 lbs
Species: Human (Mage)

Personality: Vala is a stoic kind of person, not incredibly talkative unless spoken to. Takes jobs rather seriously. Despite being rather solitary in terms of sociability, Vala is observant of her surroundings and is capable of sympathy even though her words can come of painfully blunt. Sometimes she will crack a smile, though it isn't because her mood is irritable, just that she does not express emotions very outwardly. Takes things seriously much of the time. Also has a bit of a bookworm trait, and is seen reading frequently.
Abilities: Can perform various magical spells and curses with the use of her staff, usually in the form of spherical blasts of energy. Her magic gets boosted at night. Can perform protection spells as well, but it drains more of her energy.
Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): 
Comes from a family of mages whom relied on black magic in order to live wealthy. The demon that granted them the wish demanded payment of equal value, with which the (now deceased) head of the family refused. It resulted in the entire family being cursed for their greed, which not only took away their wealth, but greatly shortened the life spans of the head's children and their descendants that would follow. Vala was one of them, and has turned to look for a way to break the curse (by either honing her magic skills to defeat the Djinn demon or finding something that has the equivalent value of the wealth her family was granted along with the value of the former head of the family). With this, she also badly wishes to take a new direction in life rather than be consumed by greed like her ancestors. Vala also wants to find amusement and fulfillment in her life that she would be satisfied with if she never would break the curse give herself her own identity.
Name: Megumi Ota 
Age: 19
Gender: Female 
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Species: Human
Megumi is usually confident in herself and isn't as serious in what she does. She loves to fight and enjoys sparring. Which can inadvertently get her into mischief. Sometimes, she can be snarky or taunt others, but normally she just takes things in stride. Just don't talk stuff about her or you'll get your butt whooped. Otherwise, she's laidback and outgoing, especially with friends (she used to be a combination of seriousness and a mischievous personality when she was in the Negacult). While Megumi is also capable of being bitter with others, she can be reasoned with. Generally, Megumi has a tomboyish way of acting and manners/formalities aren't really a thing for her. She will however show her respect to those she admires or considers authority. Otherwise, she'd act in open defiance.

In battles, she is confident in her own ability and can come off as arrogant. She likes to strike a few nerves of she wants to, whatever would make the battle interesting for her. If it's boring, she will make it known.

Abilities: She channels her energy through her giant war fan to manipulate the wind/air around her. Depending on what she wants to do, she can use the wind to inflict damage or use it to deflect objects. Megumi can't manipulate winds generated from harsh storms because they are too unstable to really manipulate.
Aside from her fan, she does hand-to-hand combat or melee with throwing weapons. 

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Born to a family in a village within the Desolate Lands, she was abandoned by them in her late childhood years when some kind of conflict broke out; she was thrown in the direction of oncoming attackers as her family fled, or the ones that turned back for her were forced to escape or died. Megumi has little recollection of what it is like to have ever had a real family. 

Shortly after the attack on her village (she couldn't recall if it was a bunch of humans or not), she took on a nomadic life, hardly living on what little food she could get. Eventually she was taken in by a crime syndicate, honing her abilities with the promise to become strong enough to not need or rely upon anyone but herself. This was done through a kind of grooming with tasks they assigned her, to which she had come to realize were so morally ambiguous that she and others they used had been manipulated into believing what they were doing would better themselves. All it did was perpetuate the violence that led to her abandonment and darken her heart. She was the first of the Cult's Lost Children to defect from it-- this led to others, especially Asuza, to go after her and get rid of her, as they wouldn't risk all that they built upon to further their position in the Desolate Lands and elsewhere to be ruined. This backfired and the syndicate has since then appeared disbanded-- the cult in itself was not widely known, but their crimes never went unnoticed.

Since those events, Megumi defected to the Paradice region to live with her closest friend Asuza; although they don't seem to get along, they grew to depend on each other and fostered their somewhat ambiguous friendship.
Name: Cernia 
Age: Appearance of 17-18 year old girl, but has lived for a few decades as a demon after death.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"~5'4"
Weight: 107 pounds
Species: Demon
Personality: Mischievious. Apathetic and unfeeling to all except her first and only love Atlas. Hates humanity as a whole for reasons unknown to strangers. Her demeanor consists of playful violence; she derives entertainment from harming others or mocking them. If she is driven by anger or hatred towards someone, she will act and attack with even more malicious intent; but her attack will be less on the playful side. Impulsive and can act like a child, despite showing an ability to act much older and mature than her appearance. Keeps her emotions/impulsive nature in check easier with Atlas around. Is happiest when around Atlas. Tries her best to not be bored so she tries to find ways to have fun with her time. Appreciates nature, especially flowers and butterflies.

Abilities [Detailed Attacks can be included]: Ice manipulation & the freezing of water molecules to form ice.
Ice Needles: Flings sharp icicles with a swipe of her arms. Vary in size. Embed in the flesh and are hard to pull out after they reach a certain diameter in thickness.
Ice Bomb: Forms a sphere of ice meant to be thrown or fired at an opponent. If the sphere itself makes physical contact with body, it can act as blunt force or expand in a large growth of spiked ice. If deflected, Cernia will have it 'explode:' either in a giant burst of ice pieces or will expand as giant spikes of ice from all around the ball.
Ice Stalactites: Waves of spiky ice formations arise from the ground and forward towards the opponent. Requires water to be on the ground.
Ice Shield: Projections of smooth ice that can tank certain attacks. Can be created as an obstacle in front of her or on her arm for quick blocks.
Less harmful abilities include her naturally low body temperature and ability to create snow, hail, or blizzards. Though she hardly ever feels the need to do these since it requires precipitation or clouds full of water, and snow tends to be for having harmless fun. Wear a sweater though. 

She possesses natural regeneration, but it is greatly hindered by holy water. Not that she would allow you to get that close enough. Can also travel through the use of portals along with good agility and speed. Physically she can't tank many hits as she is a preferred long range fighter. When bloodlusted, her attacks increase in ferocity and she becomes more withdrawn and focused on her opponent, saving the playful violence for when they're injured to the point of immobility.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history):
Name: Magiana Farie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 104 lbs
Species: Humanoid Witch
[Image: magiana_farie_by_loopypanda-d9u7kbg.png]
Personality: In general, Magiana is rather reserved and shy, but a small group of close friends is something she would like to have. Her hesitant nature keeps her from taking risks and gives her a tendency to strictly follow rules. She is a dependable friend and has a lot of patience with people (often misinterpreted as oblivious or someone that can easily be taken advantage of). Magiana often lets her emotions get the better of her and so she can be considered a bit of a crybaby; she won't allow people to see her cry, so she tries to hold it back as much as possible. Anger isn't an emotion often seen from her.

Tries to be as helpful as possible, even if it's out of her ability.
Abilities [Detailed Attacks can be included]:
Uses a wand (often mistaken for a toy) to start practicing her magic. 

Se wants to find the element that is her talent in white magic, and can perform basic spells.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): The younger sister of Asuza Farie, who ran away when she was about 10 years old. Never told why, she was very hurt by her sister leaving her behind, but she was fairly oblivious to the rhinly veiled disdain their parents had for Asuza (the omen) because she was too young to understand. 

Magiana was left to invest inmagic studies, but their parents didn’t allow her to begin practice until she was about 14, a fact she is very embarrassed about. Unlike Asuza, she wasn't such a "natural" and didn't exhibit the same signs as Asuza when her powers began to grow. Despite considering Asuza's affinity for fire magic an omen, their parents were holding the fact Magiana wasn't able to immediately pick up on magic to her. 

One of her goals is to reunite with her sister and move out from under her sister's shadow.
Name: Olivia Hawthorne
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"/~5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Species: Human
Olivia has lightly tanned skin, with hazel-green eyes and long brown hair that often hangs down her back. Sometimes she adds a braid or ties it back.
One arm sports a silver armored glove with claws made of some kind of crystal, which she uses to both aid her casting and as a physical weapon. 
For clothes, she wears a dark brown hooded cloak without sleeves on top of her outfit that consists of a pale green overall dress layered over a white longsleeved blouse. The cloak ends a few inches above her knees. 
Olivia also wears dark brown boots with black tights.

Personality: Olivia doesn't speak her mind excessively, and prefers to listen. Rather than dive into a fight, she prefers to reason the other from doing anything rash. When it comes to monsters, if she is attacked by one, Olivia will try to attack back but only for the purpose of defeating them or tiring them out. She has only killed a monster if she cannot console it or bring it to sensibility, which tends to upset her. She tends to internalize it.

Olivia prefers befriending others rather than being overtly violent or aggressive. She also has a phobia of blood, which adds to her refusal to hurt outright and unfortunately is not something she has overcome. Olivia is also a bit naive next to her curiosity. But overall she is kind and isn't one to hold grudges.
-Whip-lasso: ivory and blue colored leather with a black handle. Used as a lasso much of the time, but doubles as a weapon. It is kept coiled and attached to a belt she wears under her cloak.
-Spellbook: comes armed with both runes and magical spells. Olivia often uses Rune spells.

Summoning: Upper Keys of the Heavens - The use of Keys in order to summon Star Spirits (incarnations of stars) by opening their sealed gates. It takes up quite an amount of energy in order to summon them; when it does, a large magic circle forms on the ground or in the air and the Star Spirit she summons manifests. Star Spirit stamina varies, but they often are forced to return if out of their own energy, defeated, or if Olivia calls them back. The Star Spirits she currently can summon without problem is Capricorn, Aries, and Gemini. Though Gemini does not listen.

Castor's Rain: Casts a rune circle which fires an orb of light into the sky, resulting in a raindown of softball size brightly lit energy orbs. Covers the span of a small area.

Crush Runes: Runes circle her armored arm and allow her to deliver strong, crushing blows with the intent to inflict external damage. Internal damage can be added if applied to a vulnerable torso. 

Other magic can be cast but she is currently learning to use newer and more complex spells.

Olivia was born in the Desolate Lands, but is currently a wanderer who is traveling the world. Not much is known about her or how she managed to contract with Star Spirits. Her family is not made up of magicians, so her ability to perform unaided magic is lesser than those raised in magician or most Paradicans. Her reason for her overall lack of hatred towards Demons and Deimos aren't known, but by nature she wishes to seek knowledge of the world and travel to both help those in dealing with monsters causing trouble and to investigate the existence of Deimos and Demons alike.

Part of what plays into her exploration of the world of these monsters happens to be her wish to console and calm Demons and Deimos alike that are causing trouble. She wishes to understand them rather than slaughter them outright. The only times she has done so was being forced due to the monster being a danger to humans and itself. Rogue demons to her are often inconsolable but she still attempts to try and bring them to their senses.
Name: Celeste
Age: Bears a humanoid age of 19 years in appearance, but her true age is about 24 years.
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Species: Shapeshifter (Monster)
Appearance: Her humanoid form is how she prefers to get around and avoid drawing attention to herself. Celeste's skin is an olive-light skin tone with multiple scars on her arms and legs. The nails on her fingers and toes are elongated. She appears to wear some kind of dark colored toga or sleeveless robe, partially obscured by the black hood-like fur pelt she wears on her head. From under it, her hair and fringe seem to curl out. At the top of the pelt pop out a pair of black fluffy wolf ears. Between the top and bottom parts of the toga is a small gap in the fabric for her black wolf tail to come through.

In the dark or when she uses her magic, Celeste's eyes glow a light shade of blue. Normally, her eyes are a slate-gray color with the pupils to be rather small. Sometimes she hides her face with an unidentifiable tribal mask.

Personality: Has a serious and judgmental attitude, often speaking her mind as she sees fit. Rather aggressive in her demeanor, but to traveling humans, she will speak in a very heavy tone with her words. Very protective of her territory, and won't hesitate to fight. Doesn't help others unless given a reward in exchange. Avoids speaking more than is necessary.

Weapon: A dagger and a spear, but these tend to be used outside of battle.

-Beast Mimicry: although she appears mostly human, Celeste is a monster capable of imitating the forms of many different animals (provided she has seen them and knows about them). Taking on the form of an animal allows her to use their unique abilities. But her stamina will match the certain animal to compensate. Her 'true' form is that of a rather large black wolf and grey eyes. The ability for her to appear mostly human comes as part of her power as a shapeshifter.
Current place of residence is within Shina Ania. She was separated from her shapeshifter brethren after they were overtaken by an outsider territorial pack, and has wandered as a rogue from then on. Often scavenges through previously inhabited human towns, but tends to do so solely out of boredom or to find old weapons hidden away. Has been sighted wearing her mask from afar, often on cliff or hilltops, but most humans speculate whether she is merely the ghost of an old tribal leader, an infected human, or a monster.
Name: Eleanor
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 127 lbs
Species: Human
Appearance: Coming soon.
Personality: A risk-taking punk that only loosely obeys the rules except for singular authority figures. Her honesty is solely characterized by her bluntness. All-around a troublemaker, but she's capable of making friends. Who exactly she makes friends with is anyone's guess. Not very nurturing or inherently empathetic, but sometimes she acts flirtatiously if it'll get her what she wants. Doesn't seem to engage in self-monitoring very much, so she can't be trusted to be alone.
Weapons: 1 long-chained detacheable/retractable Chakram with hidden blades, 2 Kukri blades sheathed in a belt. 
Abilities: Athletic agility that allows her to cross terrains and forested areas with little problems in stamina. Is able to perform better with close-combat melee weapons rather than long-distance given her only basic control of the chakram. Her preferred form of attack is to ambush the enemy from a strategic hiding spot, since she isn't built to rush anyone head-on without possibly causing harm to herself.
Belonged to a criminal group that operated between the regions of Paradice and Desolate Lands some years ago that is now disbanded, engaged in theft and acts of general violence (and accused of several accounts of murder). Was arrested for her crimes, but managed to strike a deal with her jailers to let her go free with only minimal smudges on her record in exchange for some form of community service. Of course, they chose for her. Given the situation and how it was with other members of this cult, they agreed but would monitor Eleanor closely from now on.

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