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Disgraced beginnings: A.U DBZ ( potato/hairball)
(Ok Big Grin I also have some ideas. You wanna talk here or should we move to PMs? Though if you have a Tumblr it'd be easier)
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Message me if you have rp ideas.
(Hmmmm, maybe pm's would be best. I don't have a Tumblr or else I would totally use it cSmile
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Maren not seeming to be the least bit pleased as he and the other slaves were herded to the mine's where they were to work, likely until they died, the human knew very well by now that he was by far the weakest one of the group, even Aelith likely being stronger than he was with whatever 'mysterious' power she possessed. So far it seemed like every alien he had encountered so far had something that made them stick out and was useful to their captors, Maren himself just kinda being...there. Of course, it wasn't exactly a bad thing as it made the human less conspicuous and less prone to trouble, but that didn't help his ego from being convinced that he could still beat up the likes of Raditz if he really put his body to the task.

The Saiyan so far being the strongest being that Maren had encountered and fought, the human was naive enough to assume that he was the strongest out there as he was given a pickaxe along with the others around him. Oh, if only he had the potential to bury the sharp edge into someone's skull...maybe he would be able to prove the point that he wasn't just some weak Earthling who couldn't hold their own, Maren smashing it into an odd type of glowing rock that seemed to pulsate when shattered like some living entity.
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