The Reality Vortex
Brachi gasped out at this, trying to hold herself together in one piece, while Bara on her turn felt her body break down, trying to hold itself together as well, latching onto Brachi to retain any form of stability.

"Stop this!" Brachi said, her voice shifting to a few of her fusees in the process.
Memories flashed through Raune's head. Only worsening his spiral of regrets. He was out of commission for this part, at least until something jarrs him out of it.
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I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

RP Characters.
Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Kassava yelped as Spina's discolored form crashed into her, the remaining force maintaining the barrier collapsing and allowing whatever little energy was left protecting the space from the sea of words to dissipate away. She tumbled across the empty floor, and only a second later, the words came barrelling and smashing down onto her. She had managed to reach out and grasp onto one of Spina's legs with one arm, the other reaching out and slamming down into the ground once the barrage of letters and words continued.

Her eyes lifted, making out the image of the scene in front of her, seeing the development with wide eyes. Her shout rang out from her immediate vicinity, but unless someone was within ten feet of her, it was silenced by the sea.



Vegetto's eyes widened, the entire movement's of the Librarian blasting through the shield too fast for him to track. His body rocketed back a step from the impact of her stab, his arms instinctively flying forward and letting out a pained gasp.

His eyes were wide to the brim, grimacing and coughing audibly at the change. Much to his confusion, no blood came out of his mouth, only blue and orange colored vapor as the cracks began to form. Vegetto barely could register his environment, dropping down to his right knee as he trembled, his weak arms attempting to pull the Librarian's arm out of his chest by her forearm and failing to move her at all.

Unngh...wh..what is...this?!

Vegetto turned his chin up, diverting his focus at the sound of Vegeta's words off a few feet away. The explanation only fueled his panic even further, desperately yet slowly slamming his hands down onto the Librarian's forearm instead of trying to pull her out to no avail. He cringed heavily, his mind racing.

Think..think...I can't...let my body...break down!

His eyes widened a bit, a memory more recent flashing in his head of Whis raising his pointer finger with a warm smile.

"-thanks to Ultra Instinct, I was able to weave through your trap because even my molecules reacted for themselves..."

Vegetto hacked a bit, his nostrils flaring with a pained grunt. my body...from falling apart. Come back...molecules...

His formerly blue pupils suddenly dilated, forming a second ring around the original circle. Despite the black and white coloring, a small shine still glinted in the new pupil design as a searing silver flame suddenly erupted from underneath the black and white warrior caught in the Librarian's trap, engulfing his entire body. The strange voice roared out along with the flames, Vegetto's body trembling as both of his gloved hands gripped tightly onto the Librarian's forearm again, his fingers digging deep.

"C̷͜O̴̝M̸̡E̵̯ ̴͔B̷̲A̷̳C̵̞K̶̙!̶̻"

As the flame surged violently, the cracks along Vegetto's body began to slowly recede. Vegetto panted heavily, his narrowed eyes regaining the shining silver first, the color in his body slowly re-saturating in his intense struggle to regain control and attempting to pull the Librarian's arm out of his chest.


Whis perked his eyebrows, having stood silent in Doctor Doom's questioning for a moment. He leaned forward slightly, looking past the lettering with a furrowed set of eyebrows.

"Oh my. I didn't think he'd be able to pick up on it so quickly: it took centuries for me to learn how to call upon every single little fiber of my being using Ultra Instinct. Yet Vegetto...perhaps the Librarian's attack has spurred him past his limits..."

He finally peered back over to Doctor Doom, somewhat bewildered and blinking once before speaking.

"Oh I'm sorry, did you say something?"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Amaterasu watched with interest as she saw this, meanwhile Snow felt the energy and teleported himself to it then to kassava with a sword out. He glared at the Librarian before cutting her arm off that was holding spina and grabbing her and pushing the Librarian up.  "You will no longer harm my friends!!"
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"I wouldn't call any of them my 'pupils,' but I can only guess that only one or two of them will be able to evade the Librarian and fix this mess. The ones that were deconstructed first have served as the examples of the consequences." Bernkastel deadpanned, steepling her nails over the armrests of her chair. "It's a frightening ability indeed, but with everything else, there are limitations. Provided they allow themselves the chance to exploit it of course."

"I wasn't expecting Vegetto to keep it together though. Perhaps he really can go even further beyond... He might be just what our detective needs to catch the monstress off guard if he stalls her long enough. At least until the others remaining are able to intercept her safely."
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"Seek the old blood. But beware the frailty of men. Their wills weak, minds young."
Cross thinks looking at this "That is remotely interspersing."
I will fine one later

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