The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Raune failed to keep his grip on Zenta's hand, and then was ripped away from his spot by Spina's flying... Only for Spina to get knocked unconscious and drop Raune. Raune landed on all four feet, cat tail spreading outwards and maintaining his balance. Blue lightning started to course over his body before he sped away, suddenly reappearing in his Speedster Suit and with the broken pieces of Stormruler in his hands.. With Vegetto's on coming attack he dodged away and suddenly reappeared by Kavassa.

I thought he was immune to aggression but Vegetto's going in for the kill. And my back hurts from Spina's attacks. Thankfully that little time I spent in the Speedforce aged me enough that I could tank those hits. Couldn't before. Speaking of.

Raune looked to the unconscious Spina, put down the Stormruler pieces, and grabbed him.

"Wonder if I could wake him."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
"The consequences of stalling are greater than winning. I do not like to fight, however, you all continue to attack me." Zenta frowned. "Ms. Brachi, I apologize, but I cannot let you through until the timer reaches its end. The more you fight, the harder winning will become. Fight the bigger picture and realize that I am not your enemy..."

Zenta quickly locked his attention towards Vegetto powering up, his frown getting deeper. 

"Please, stop Mr. Vegetto. You are making a grave mistake..."

The animal-alien lowered his arms from his back to his side before turning his head to face the Vegetto afterimages around him. His brow rose, curious to see what Vegetto would do next but his frown remained. He took no stance, refusing to attack unless provoked. When the afterimages began their attack, Zenta took the offensive as well. His tails blocked damage from behind while he was able to handle the ones in front. Each jab he attempted resulted in no change from the onslaught of the Vegetto-Images. Zenta  He then took to the defensive, gently redirecting or deflecting punches and kicks. His head seemed to pay attention elsewhere, specifically the unconscious Cuki. He appeared distracted.

Cuki was heard groaning slightly, slowly waking up from the assault she suffered earlier. She sat up, gripping her forehead slightly. Her eyes shifted to Zenta and the rest of the Breakers. She appeared confused as to what happened before turning her attention to the large timer ticking down.

Three minutes..? Three minutes left for what?

The girl forced herself to her feet, wobbling slightly as she tried to get her rhythm back. Her arms and legs shook, still recovering from the blocked ki Zenta did on her. Similar to the other Saiyans, she gathered her energy and, suddenly, a pink aura erupted from her feet. She tried to rush towards Zenta but found herself dropping to one knee, still shaken from the attack. Her aura disappeared.

"S-Someone... Someone brush me up on what happened!"

Looks like that Zenta guy is pushing Vegetto to his limits. Raune looks messed up and Spina is out cold. Why does he... look familiar? Who... is this guy? 
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Brachi scratched her head.

"Then why oppose us now? You must have people you care for too, right?" She asked, while Majin Bara was directing her goo around mentally, hoping to ensare Zenta into a trap and snatch the key off of him.
As Zenta attempted to parry, each one of the clones' strikes would be revealed as misdirection. Punches redirected to the side soon opened into hands that grappled Zenta's forearms, holding him place. The clone to his left smirked wide, a dual voice ringing out surprisingly.

"All defense has its weaknesses too. You can't parry everything."

With their grip strongly locked on keeping Zenta in place, the clones stayed still as a massive surge of energy radiated out from the ceiling. Vegetto grimaced, the veins on his forehead throbbing once again as his outstretched hands came crashing together at the ends of his palms in a violent shockwave. His fingers curled slightly, a small blue orb gradually whirling to life from the deadly energy swirling at the ends of his outstretched palms.


Kassava blinked, her eyes widening a bit.

"Wait..he can't fire it from there!! He'll blow up all of us if he does!"

Whis nodded his head curtly, keeping his smile.

"Well, not all of us. But a good majority of the team might die, absolutely."

The bright light began to suck the remaining vision in the room, the orb growing even larger as Vegetto pulled his arms back. The energy massively dwarfed the power of the clones, nearly overbearing the other sources not flaring out to Zenta's senses as Vegetto's dual voice thundered even louder than before. The source of the voice could not be identified due to the loudness of the scream, but was oddly closer than expected as the energy grew in tandem.


Kassava shot up to her feet, having broken out into a small sprint and yelling up at Vegetto.

"No!! Stop!!!"

Just as quickly as it had began, the display rapidly changed as Vegetto suddenly disappeared into thin air with the attack. The entire energy signature high above vanished completely along with him, but failed to reappear in any capacity in another location. Kassava blinked, turning her head down in confusion in noticing the lack of blue light encompassing the room and realizing that all five Afterimage clones of Vegetto had also vanished into thin air to leave the entire room in pitch black darkness again minus the timer ticking down. She paused, suddenly throwing her fists down and powering up to a mere Super Saiyan to illuminate the room in a golden glow.

She blinked hard again, her eyes landing on Vegetto now gently tiptoeing away from Zenta towards the mystical door. He had reverted to his base form, completely exhausted with his spiky black hair frazzled from the effort but still awkwardly holding out his arms for careful balance in his light, soundless steps while masking his energy signature as best he could. His own eyes were wide once he felt the light hit his body, freezing in place and sweating extensively from his forehead as he turned to look towards Kassava, who stared on in disbelief.

Whis stood silently as well, his small smile lifting at the sight of the key glinting in the golden light in Vegetto's outstretched left hand, having used the chaos of his display to pickpocket Zenta during the false powerup of his attack. Vegetto blinked a couple of times, pulling his right hand and pressing his pointer finger to his lips to tell the others to be quiet.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Brachi and Majin Bara had noticed this and nodded, not saying a word at that.
The still moving Speedster almost dropped Spina upon seeing Cuki wake up and get back up. What could've been a solid thud from Spina falling down to the floor, again, was prevented by Raune tightening his grip.

"Right, I guess I can wake up Spina later. Cuki, you've missed quite a bit, in fact-"

Whatever the Speedster said next was drowned out by Vegetto's massive scream, the loudness of which caused Raune to drop Spina directly onto the floor, stumble backwards, and clutch his cat ears, screaming in pain. The immobilized Raune clutched his ears, and the Raune on the sidelines dropped Detective Vegeta onto the ground.

"Ozpin fuck Vegetto!" They all cried out in pain. And as soon as the scream started, it stopped, leaving them dazed for a moment. The Remnant on the sidelines picked up Detective Vegeta, chuckling a bit nervously.

"Sorry, Detective. That was just extremely painful." He apologized. The Raune that had dropped Spina looked up at Vegetto's attempt at asking for no one to say anything. In a moment that Remnant was on the opposite side of Zenta compared to Vegetto, blue lightning starting to cover his body as he phased both of his hands, vibrating rapidly, in a pose not dissimilar to the same pose the immobilized Raune had taken up right before Zenta one shot him.

Tick tock Flash.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
"I used to have people I cared for, Ms. Brachi. Unfortunately, they are all gone."

While the Vegetto clones gripped Zenta's arms and held him still, the beast refused to move and retaliate. The energy around the room swayed Zenta's fur and when Vegetto began to charge up his infamous Kamehameha. The yell made him cringe slightly but the fur in his ears was there to soften the noise. Once the clones disappeared, Zenta remained in the same spot, only turning his head to face the timer ticking down to the last 30 seconds. He quickly turned his head to face the lightning Raune shot at him and held his hand out, allowing the bolt to hit him. The same blue lightning crackled around his body before frizzing up all the fur on his body. His body was coated in the same white energy he used earlier, allowing the lightning to sizzle back to his hands as he redirected it towards the door.

Zenta lowered his shoulders before letting out a loud sigh. He lowered his ears in disappointment before turning his head to examine the room around him until he faced the tip-toeing Vegetto. Without skipping a beat, Zenta slowly started to walk towards Vegetto, almost as if he can see him clearly.

"This whole time, you all assume I sensed energy. I not only sense it, I see it." Zenta continued to walk towards Vegetto. "You can mask it all you want, all living creatures have an energy that is unique to them. You cannot hide from me, you never could. You all assume so much about an opponent you know nothing about. It is quite sad." 

Zenta took one more step towards Vegetto before he vanished and appeared right before Vegetto. He didn't attack the man. He held a flat palm before Vegetto, indicating him to stop.

"Every time you transformed, you made yourself the biggest target. This entire match, all you have done was mindlessly attack." Zenta then pointed towards the door. "Now you have the key, but what of the lock?"

"Hang on a sec... we had to get a key from this guy?" Cuki said wobbling towards Zenta. "It couldn't have been that hard, right? Well, we have your key, now where's the lock?!"

"There is no lock."

"What?! So what was the point of this whole fight?"

Before Zenta could answer the question, a loud buzzer was heard echoing the room. The timer had finally reached zero. The Key in Vegetto's hand turned to dust and everything within the room that was damaged had been replaced thanks to the mysteries of Doom's castle. The magical properties of the door were still engulfing it, however, from behind, locks were heard shifting around, almost as if someone was opening it from the other side. The frown on Zenta's face immediately turned to a smile.

"Ah, finally... As I said, once the timer ran out, it would all be over. The fight is over, yes? You are all free to go once the door opens."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on!" Cuki valiantly approached Zenta, arms placed on her hips. "Care to explain something here? Why are you letting us go? Aren't you suppose to stop us?"

"No, not stop you, stall you. Dr. Doom was watching this fight the entire time, studying each of your new abilities. I begged you all to simply let the timer run out, but none of you listened."

"But... why didn't you just say so?"

"Had I exposed Dr. Doom's plan, he would have destroyed this room with the very energy he is demonstrating outside. None of us would have survived and he would have been free to rain carnage on this realm."

"Oh, uhh..." Cuki looked towards the others. "Is that why knocked some of us out?"

"I did it so Dr. Doom could not see your abilities. Luckily, since I turned off the lights, Dr. Doom did not see much of this battle. I have done you all a nice favor, it is not as if the lights came back at any point, yes? I cannot tell." Zenta chuckled.
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Cross says "got to love contracts."
I will fine one later
Vegetto glanced around, initially wide eyed from being caught but stood with a flabbergasted expression throughout the explanation. He grunted angrily, crossing his arms and tilting his chin up in arrogant defiance as he scoffed.

"Well...either way, I still outsmarted you and got the key. Plus, I haven't shown you anything that coward Doom hasn't already"

He angrily threw up his right hand, forming a familiar sign with his middle finger akin to the few instances it occurred in his universe and strode off towards the new entryway. Kassava eyed Zenta with a small frown and a curious stare as she passed, following after Vegetto silently in reply.

Whis strode forward next, keeping his smile and leaning forward slightly towards Zenta while he passed by next.

"Well done, I enjoyed watching your skill."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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"Well, I'll be." Waldo's smile became a flat line as he processed everything, deep in thought. "Looks like this is a good thing you sat out the match." He sanded out the rough edges of his woodwork and handed the Detective what would essentially be his new leg. "You'll have to look like a pirate with this peg leg, but function is preferred over aesthetics. Give it a go!"

"Perhaps we took the 'no interference' statement a little too seriously?" Bernkastel frowned before being elbowed by Lambda.

"Hey! Count your blessings that he pitted them up against someone who wasn't a battle-hungry maniac like Banana-hair." Lambdadelta said in amusement. "It's no fun doing so much guesswork when you've got a couple of stubborn knuckleheads to do the work for you." She said with a gesture towards the ones who were out on the field. "That means we have to be on our toes from now on Bern... we'll get our turn soon." Lambdadelta smirked, taking back her beret. She then popped a jellybean into her mouth and skipped along behind Whis. "Good things come to those who wait~"

Bern watched her leave with the others but stayed in the room. Her expression became her usual dead-eyed stare, and she only studied Zenta from afar for a few moments. After making a few steps forward, she turned on her heels and made a small bow towards him.

"...Thanks for the favor. Sorry for all the trouble." Was all she said, making no direct mention of what transpired in the moments the lights were out. Bern stood straight again and began making her way for the new exit without another word.

But it is about to get far more interesting. I'll give you that, Lambda.

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