The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Brachi tilted her head.

"This turned out more interesting than I thought." She said, glad she chose not to transform and not to attack any further the moment she was knocked back, while Majin Bara had recalled the pieces she had dropped right away.
Spina, after Raune dropped him due to Vegetto’s screams, woke up instantly upon impact (and stumbling afterwards). After spitting out chunks of dirt out of his mouth, he turned around to see the very conclusion of the battle, just right on time of Zenta’s explanation of this little trial. He looked around, but couldn’t see no cameras or anything, but it dawn on him why he wanted to engulf the room in darkness or his attempt to allow the clock to run out on its own. “Shit… we just gave more ammunition for that bucket of bolts. I even got knocked out in the process.”

He stood up, dusted himself off as he saw Cuki also awake. “I have to admit, but whatever happened in that duration, your teacher,” Spina finally acknowledge, “Packed a mean punch.” Spina turned back to Zenta once again. “But man, I feel like a damn fool… I know he is harboring even more strength in him if he was just stalling and attempt to stop us from exposing our abilities even further.” He looked up at the walls again, with awareness that Doctor Doom is indeed watching them. “He continues to mock us, eh!? Fine… I’ll rip that tin can’s mask and smash it into pieces!” He followed behind Kassava and Vegetto. “Let’s go…” He scratch the back of his neck, feeling an intense amount of energy bubbling up all at once. He didn’t know what it was, but due to the nature of things, he doesn’t have time to worry about it now.


Detective Vegeta fell on the ground, hard, after Raune dropped him due to the overbearing sound. “Ouch…” He rubbed his behind. “Thanks, the ground was softer anyways.” He made a sarcastic remark. “Don’t worry about it, lad, I’m glad this is over… but the way it ended… wasn’t something I would call a victory though.” He tried out his peg leg; it going to take a bit to get used too, but it’s better than being carried (with a chance of dropping) or hopping on one leg. “Thanks for that. This makes this a lot easier.” He followed everyone towards the exit. “Whatever beyond that door… we have to be ready for it.” He turns to Zenta, seeing that everyone had already made their way since their universe is on the brink of destruction. “Would you be accompanying with us? Perhaps your knowledge will be a great of assistance in our ties in battle, especially something like Kassava, who needs inspiration. Of course, Cuki, from what I’m understanding, is your student.”
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Cross thinks "I wonder how it will take doom to realize how hallow doing this is."
I will fine one later
"Ohoho, I simply allowed you to get the key because I knew you would never find the lock," Zenta smiled towards Vegetto. "I believe you youngsters call it... 'the five seconds of fame,', yes?"

As everyone passed him, Zenta offered a humble bow, apologizing for a long battle and thanking those who complimented him. He waited until the majority passed by before turning to Detective Vegeta.

"I was planning to continue my teachings with Cuki. I suppose giving the Breakers some advice would be a nice idea." the man chuckled under his breath before leaning into Detective Vegeta, whispering in his ear. "Between you and me, I purposely held back during that little warm-up. I thought the Breakers would catch on to what I said and not fall into Dr. Doom's trap. ...Sadly, they are a lot denser than they appear." Zenta then turned to Cuki, speaking normally. "As for Cuki, I believe she has much to learn. It appears that she has yet to master the Tiger Palm." 

Cuki listened to Spina and felt awkward knowing that the weird animal thing was her master, especially when she doesn't remember anything about her past. She scratched the back of her neck and heard many others say Zenta claimed to be her master. The Saiyan girl appeared conflicted. Zenta perked an eyebrow and smiled towards Detective Vegeta, urging him to the door while he took care of Cuki.

"What bothers you, my student?" Zenta said calmly, waving his hand to direct Cuki to his side.

"Errm, everyone says that you're my master... But, I don't remember you." Cuki frowned. "I'm sorry..."

"Worry not, Cuki, you will remember if you retrace your steps. All it takes is a familiar scent only found during sleep."

Cuki tilted her head at Zenta's words but walked by his side nonetheless. She walked into the next room, waiting for whatever Doom has in store for them. For the first time in a while, Cuki felt very embarrassed knowing that her supposed teacher beat everyone with little effort. Her cheeks turned red, feeling slightly responsible.

"Y-You could've gone easy on them..."

"I did. I barely used my fingers to stop them. I did not even need to use my--"

"Okay, okay! No need to rub it in..." Cuki cleared her throat, nervously looking at the others.
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Detective Vegeta was not fazed upon Zenta’s claim that he wasn’t giving his all—it was apparent based on his movements and posture during the battle. He did offer a disagreement of Zenta’s thoughts regarding the Breakers’ mindsets. “I think, considering of what’s on the line here, their minds are wandering in a dark place. While I agree that they shouldn’t bone-rushed, but we are in the nest of the enemy, so it’s not surprising that they’re high on adrenaline right now. Everything is on the line.” 

He walked around, testing out his new, peg leg. It’s still going to get some used too, but it was better than being carried (and devoid the possibility of being dropped again). “Well, hopefully, since we gained yet another ally, we can push through this fight once more and stop Doom’s plans.” He walked towards the door, by himself, and seen an immobilized Raune on the floor. “Oh, I always was curious about your ability, but it seems that you can’t move for a bit. Since you carry me, it’s fair to help a young lad out.” He grabbed Raune, putting his arm around his shoulders and walked towards the entrance. “Your speed is rather incredible—so much that you have duplicates of yourselves.”


As the battle concluded, the mysterious door opened—deep inside is nothing more than pure darkness. Silence riddled across the empty void. No windows, no visible doors, nothing. If one enter it, their bodies would instantly heal and any damage will be disappeared—it seems to be a gesture, a pity recovering from Doctor Doom. Once everyone managed to enter this room, the mysterious door will shut immediately from behind.  

Spina turned around, seeing that the door shut behind them. “S-shit!”


After a few moments of darkness, Spina looked around, bumping into Vegetto, Kassava and Bernkastel because he couldn’t see well in the dark. “Man, wished I had Raune’s eyesight to see damnit!” His voice was riddled with anger, still resonating from what had happened earlier.
“Is this another damn trick from this robotic coward?” Spina touched the walls to feel something, anything, like a door or something like that, but nothing shown up. “There’s nothing here.”

Immediately after Spina touched the walls, rows of screen appeared throughout the room. It had a depiction of Doctor Doom’s back with a machine firing off massive amount of energy. “You tried to place a curse on Doom, but my will cannot be contained by such measly abilities.” He turned his head slightly, suggesting that Cross’ attempt to make him ill failed. “Breakers, it seems that you managed complete Zenta’s trial, well, more like provide me any last-minute details of what I need, anyways. Another victory for Doom.”

“Victory!?” Spina got angry. “You’re a goddamn cheating bastard!”

“Cheating? Hardly. This is nothing more than a strategic move I made in accordance of your pathetic fools’ thoughts. Doesn’t take Doom much to make sure everything falls into place. Once an opportunity rose, I took the chance to make my plan finally up and running.” Doom turned around in front-view to face the Breakers in the room. “I couldn’t risk having you fools storming in my castle, so I needed something to distract you, keep your minds busy at the time.” Doom eyed Bernkastel and gave out a chuckle. “When the Witch of Miracles insistence of doing the trials to prove your worth, Doom decided to manipulate her desire to lively up her boring life for this little game—she couldn’t pass on playing with you fools like figurines.”

Doom faced the group again. “Of course, it was easy to construct the device…” He moved to the side, revealing the machine had Voice trapped inside of it. He was slamming his tiny hands on the glass, but nothing worked. “This divine being and the power of this mysterious tools…”

“H-help!” The voice cried out. “Get me out of here!”

“This godly being invaded my domain and saw the fruition of my goal and ran off to give you the details of my plans, it did manage to add a problem. Once you found out, you would skip the trials and go straight for me… so I took the chance to bring the trials right now to keep you occupied, under I built this powerful machine. As usual, it worked out in Doom’s favor.” He pressed a button on the machine, which send massive amount of energy across the screens, except for one that had Doom, to a different image—the image of their universes (except for one). 

“Bear witness to all the worlds in real time.” Doom raised his arms. “Total annihilation awaits them.”


Detective Vegeta narrowed his eyes, seeing his world, for the first time, in decades, he saw his own family. Tears came down as he was unable to keep it together. “Why are you doing this? This is beyond insane! No one should seek destruction of the universe! Even you, someone of high intellect, should see the foolish of such thoughts!”

Doom eyed the detective. “Yes, Doom is someone of high intellect, but I don’t expect someone, especially you worms of low intellect to possibility understand my drive.”

“Lower Intellect!?” Spina shouted. “How about you come down here and face us like a man, you damn coward!?”

Doom chuckled. “I have no need to lower myself to your standards now. I have all the cards in the table—the only reason why I even letting you lots live is because you amuse me. You remind me of the Fantastic Four and another powerful entity I encountered back in my world. Always trying to have the upper hand, but in the end, Doom will always come, no matter what.”

Suddenly, another door appeared in front of the Breakers, different from the mysterious door behind them. “If you wish to come to me, you just have to go through a horde of enemies, and hopefully, by the time you come to me, your world still exist.” Doom laughed. “I’ll be waiting.”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Cross chuckles a bit as he thinks "that kind amusing."  noticing the curse he place is no longer running thinks "so he as a grasp on magic that good to know the question is how much."

Lady Blackrock and Lady Lightstep are unaffected by bout there masters reaction nor what doom showing them.

Bulma seems unaffected by what doom was showing them.

The literal army the cross called for moves in to deal with any grunts
I will fine one later
Vegetto's eyes widened, turning to the screen that depicted Conton City. He and Kassava both stared on, the normal busy hustle of the inhabitants unfazed by the happenings of this reality while Whis stifled a small chuckle.

"Oh my, it's almost as if we never left. I wonder if the Grand Priest is still holding the tournament, or if it already happened?"

Vegetto narrowed his eyes, taking notice of the large hovering screen above the city. The headline flashed a simple message, along with a picture of the fusion himself:


Please report any information regarding this Time Patroller's whereabouts to Conton City PD.

Kassava's expression remained tense as well, her own frown deepening once Vegetto's image was replaced with her own.

"We need to get back. I can't even imagine how much pressure is on Chronoa now that-"


Vegetto blinked, his eyes wide as the image changed a final time. The third image that appeared was none other a picture of Gogeta, clear as day while Vegetto double checked to make sure the headline had not changed as well.

"I thought you said you two came here together?"

Whis blinked, turning his head down.

"We did. Gogeta stayed behind, in case you showed up back at home while we went to search for you."

Vegetto's eyebrows raised, grinning slightly with clenched fists.

"Then...he's gotta be here somewhere!!"

Kassava kept her frown.

"Or he disappeared somewhere else."

Both Saiyans stopped in mid conversation, hearing Doom's final challenge as the magical door spawned in front of them. Vegetto glared back up at Doom, smirking.

"What's the matter? Getting scared because your lackey over there wasn't smart enough to keep us out?"

He scoffed, moving forward to the door.

"Enough of your babbling, coward. You and your servant are one and the same: big talk about your intelligence. Only to end up as a loser that got outsmarted."

Swinging the door open, Vegetto casually strode on through and waved the others on with his left hand as he looked back.

"C'mon, let's put an end to this clown as a team."

His confident stare suddenly changed, however, as the door rapidly slammed shut behind him with a loud bang. Kassava's eyes widened, bolting forward next towards the door.


She quickly tugged on the handle for the door, struggling in vain to open it. She grunted, yelling audibly to force it open but no matter her effort, the door wouldn't budge and much to her dismay, slowly disappeared from sight. Stepping back, Kassava angrily shouted up at Doom, her fists clenched.

"What did you do?! Bring him back!!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Raune's mask had the ears fold down in response to Detective Vegeta's sarcastic remark, only to perk back up at seeing him on two feet again and walking on his own.

"Good to see you on two feet again, Detective." He remarked.

- - - - -

The Raune that had done the majority of his work in the fight walked over to one of the walls, stared at it, and then punched it as hard as he could, red eyes bristling with his parent's tendency for rage.

"Get it all out?" The immobilized Raune asked, being carried away by Vegeta.

"Of course!" The first one replies, before walking after the Detective, now joined by the one who had previously been holding up Vegeta.

"Thanks. Speed has always kinda been my kind of thing. That said a few years of continuous Speedforce exposure across the multiverse leads to one becoming fast. Fast enough to go back in time." The immobilized Raune stated.

- - - - -

Once the lights came on inside the monitor room, Raune hopped off from Vegeta's arms and onto the ground.

"Finally. I can walk again. Correction. I can run again." He remarked, giving a glare towards Zenta. While Doom and Vegeta talked, he walked forward towards one of the monitors, putting a hand on it. The other two Remnants stayed behind, watching from a distance and folding their arms. The one at the monitor pulled off his mask, staring at it, his muscles tensing up.

"Destroy the multiverse... He wants to be the ultimate power there is. And by destroying the multiverse and ruling over this universe, he'll become that." One Remnant mentioned to Vegeta. "He's afraid of something being more powerful than him out there... And there can't be anything more powerful if nothing remains.."

- - - - -

The main Raune continued to look at the monitor, softly whispering "mom" to himself, eyes filled with confusion from his lack of mask. On the screen, it showed a house in a rural area, surrounded by trees. In front of the house, a yellow haired woman that seemed to be rather young was playing with a small child that had black hair, cat ears, and red eyes.

"Raune! Careful to catch this time, alright?" She warned, tossing a ball into the air, to which the small child went after to grab. Raune's head started to bob in a contorted manner, breathing getting heavier as he muscles built up tension.

A black haired woman with cat ears, about the same age as the yellow haired woman, watched the two play from a window with a smile on her face and a book in her hand.

"This... This isn't right..." Raune muttered in desperation.

The monitor's feed pulled back from the family, ending up observing an individual behind a tree dressed from head to toe in black and red clothing. The outfit was regal, and distinctive, yet dark enough to fold into obscurity. The identity of the individual was only half hidden by his hood, which showed enough of his head to reveal grey hair. On his back was a cape, featuring a red symbol composed of a growling wolf head and claw marks. And grey gauntlets covered his hands.

"The Fang?" Raune asked himself.

"My son... If only fate wasn't as cruel to you." The individual muttered. Raune immediately collapsed to the floor on his knees, staring downwards in disbelief.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Cuki listened to Doom, anger boiling within her at how he tricked the whole group. There was nothing she could do, so she exhaled loudly in annoyance, trying her best to let it go. While she entered the room, all her wounds healed, allowing her to clear her head. She trailed behind Zenta while she looked up at the screens at each of the universes from all her friends. Eventually, she turned to a screen with her universe.

On the screen was a peaceful looking mountain range with snow gently falling on the summit, however, when the full view of the area was seen, the entire mountain range was on fire. On top of what appeared to be the tallest mountain was a man with reptilian features and an odd chain made entirely of the eyes of his victims. He was seen sitting on a what appeared to be a throne made of the materials nearby. He was dressed like a pirate/bandit as the locals around him were slaughtered or feeding him native delicacies. The locals ran in fear around the bandit while he calmly ate his sweets with his crew. Cuki cringed slightly at the inhumane slaughtering of the people in her universe.

"What bothers you, Cuki?" Zenta said as he shifted his attention to the screen, unable to see the images. 

"It's our universe... There is a guy who looks like some sort of pirate. He... He's killing everyone and taking the land. It's... disgusting."

"Does he have a chain with him?" Zenta's ears lowered, fearing he knew the man Cuki described.

"Yeah... it's made out of eyes of those he's killed. It's so vulgar."

"Bassacore... He's alive?" Zenta whispered.


"Nothing, little one. That is a man we must never cross paths with."
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Now Brachi was quite upset.

"Harm my universe, Doom, and I shall rain down destruction of such a magnitude that will make YOURS look like a temper tantrum!" She snarled, ready to move on.

Majin Bara then blinked.
"Wait... do you see that?!" She asked.

Brachi turned to Bara.

"Huh? What's wrong?" She asked.

"I'm seeing waves of red and black energy... but they don't seem to harm our universe... at least not our worlds..." Bara said.

Brachi turned to the screen again, noting what Bara had said, before her skin got pale.

"It... it can't be?! Not him of all people?!" She said, shaking a little, before regaining her composure.

"He is around here too, huh?" Gervene then said.

"Yes, I can feel his presence..." Brachi said.

"Evidently he must have gotten interested in the whole situation and is planning accordingly... given his posture he is definitely a wild card." Gervene commented.

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