The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Bernkastel was teleporting in and out to try and avoid the attack, but she wasn't able to keep all of the rays of lightning away from her. It looked like remnants of the lightning strikes were merely trailing behind her long blue hair, and she couldn't fully get out of the way. Feeling the electricity run through her body, it wasn't as painful as much as it was very numbing. Lambdadelta, however, was barely grazed. How is she better at evading it than me!? She grit her teeth in great annoyance, angrily punching through an oncoming piece of debris in addition to providing a new surface for the shock to leave her body.
- - -
"Ohohohoho~!" A heart-shaped cloud of valentine candies formed an absorbent shield to front most of the attack for the Candy Witch. Lambdadelta stood floating in the vast space with a gleeful smile on her face seeing the pumpkin forcefully collide with the celestial body and collapse in on itself, even more delighted at Gervene's beam shattering another space object, the cogs turning in her mischievous little head. So delighted, she was unbothered by the remainder of the lightning coursing through her and making her hair frizz out like a mad scientist.

"That's it! We make a total mess just like real space!" Lambdadelta excitedly snapped her fingers before clasping her hands together tightly. The giant chunks of the purple pumpkin had flown in all directions after being intercepted, but those pieces ended up exploding on her command, breaking down into candies of their own. At the epicenter of the collision, the dispersed green mist condensed to produce various green-glinting candies that were now granted propulsion by the momentum of the explosions occurring in close proximity. Razor-sharp, they zoomed off to pelt any and every celestial object that dared to be nearby, lighting up like fireworks to chip off chunks from those bodies and add to the chaos of lowered visibility.
- - - 

A pink piece of rock candy hit Bernkastel on the crown of her head, making her flinch and scrunch up her face in annoyance before catching it in her palm. She was vexed for a moment before her face straightened out having seen Lambdadelta's next move, and she closed her palm around the candy. "Is that so? I see now..." Bernkastel came close to Whis and faced her back against his, joining her hands together at the fingertips, focusing her magical energy into creating glowing magical inscription circles in several areas throughout the open field. "Let's maximize the amount of 'blind spots' then, shall we?! But don't let yourselves get distracted making such a mess. Fragment Blizzard!" Once she threw out her hands with her palms facing down, an onslaught of jagged crystals flew out of each magic circle, zipping in and out of the mini-portals in search of their enemy to pierce among the minefield of debris flying everywhere.  "...Even if it's pretty fun." She added with a small smile.

"It's probably safe to say this entire castle is full of traps, seeing as that weird pink thing couldn't manage to sneak off without being caught." Waldo ran his hands along the walls, knocking his knuckles against them for any indication of a hollow part of the wall that may lead elsewhere. "Unless you're trying to say this room might have a trap of its own? Because otherwise, if Doom's only reason was to hold us here like a waiting room for the others to return, he may as well have obliterated us and be done with it. At least, that's the impression I got from the tailed man-beast from earlier."
"What the 'ell-" Was all one of the Raunes managed to get out before getting slammed away by the force of Air Dancer, again and again. One without a Stormruler, one with, and another with his currently embedded into the ceiling. Bouncing all over the place in a confined corridor, prevented from thinking tactically.

"Enough!" One shouted, kicking off a wall to try and steady himself in the air, managing to regain control of his momentum for a few precious seconds. That Raune proceeded to control his fall back onto the floor, landing with a roll. Another Remnant looked upwards to see his Stormruler stuck in the ceiling as he flailed around, and taking the other's example started to jump off the walls using his super strength to reach upwards and grab on. Since the sword was stuck upwards, that Remnant sighed as he was currently hanging from the ceiling.

"Bit high up here, kinda like where mom and dad used to go for 'recreation.'" He remarked before vibrating his body, phasing himself and the sword out of being stuck in on the ceiling, and then landing in a controlled manner on the ground, right next to the other Raune. The third Remnant, the one without sword, missed his footing and fell onto the ground on his face.

"How can I be so stupid at times!?" The first complained.
"I dunno, how can there be three of me?" The second responded, the two crouching right next to each other, and both gave a small recoil at seeing the force Zenta hit Air Dancer with.

"He really was holding back."
"No kidding, that had to hurt."

"Now what?" The third Remnant asked, picking himself off from where he laid on the ground. All three Raunes looked at the nearly frozen moment of Air Dancer and Zenta locked together, Zenta's foot stuck on the tube man's center as the air around the walls slowly dispersed from the sheer force.

"Zenta sees energy."
"Still have two Stormrulers. This confined space works perfect."

The two Raunes with swords stood up and pulled their swords into reverse grips, and putting their non-dominant arms folded out in front of them, using it as aiming supports as they began to fire bullets from their swords and at air dancer, aimed meticulously to avoid Zenta more so than anything. If any of the bullets hit, they would also produce a short burst of electricity.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Caught within Vegetto Black’s clutch and devastating strike on his chest leaving him staggered, Spina braced for impact. Upon hitting the ground, debris flung outwards, bone-cracking sounds was heard and small amount of blood flung out of his mouth.

Spina, imbedded within the ground as debris rain back down, laid there with a visible, annoyed expression on his face. “How many times do I have to hear that?” He managed to muster a coherent sentence, albeit a bit sluggish. “…God of this and a god in that.” Spina pressed his hands on the floor to push himself up. He grinded his teeth so hard, he shattered them.

“That’s all I hear about ever since I ran into them. Over and over again.” His eyes narrowed and spat out some more blood to the side. He stood up, slowly lifting up his arms and clenches his fist. “Sick of hearing that blasted word!” Spina crotched down and positioned himself in a starting position. “You think you’re better than me because you’re a god? Here’s a little tip from a mortal.” Spina’s aura exploded like flames.
“God is just a title and you’re about to be demoted.” Spina blasted off from the spot and headed straight to Vegetto Black in blazing speeds. He roared loudly as the ground is rip apart as he crossed the distance. Just a few meters before reaching Vegetto Black, he quickly jumped forward, planting two feet on his chest, creating an explosive impact when connected and flung him towards the nearby building. It rippled throughout the land so hard, the nearby clouds parted. He landed on his two feet and continued pursuing him. This wasn’t enough for a violent man like him—he needs to even out the playing field quickly or he’ll be overwhelmed in blows.

As Spina dashed through, his veins became visible, his aura became more explosive and radical in terms of changes. He jumped through the hole of the destroyed building and let out a might roar so loudly that it shattered the remaining glass of the windows as his body changed dramatically. The golden hair vanished, transitioning to his natural black color in a wild fashion. His eyes became steadier and red highlights enclosed it.

He spotted Vegetto Black as he cocked his right hand back for a powerful assault. One punch after another, Spina’s power on the fists became more apparent in the changes—nearby debris vanished when his punches connected. Candy Red fur appeared throughout his body. He crotched down and slammed for another powerful uppercut to send him flying through the air, hitting various debris of the ruined building. He pressed his hands together as blue and red orbs appeared above him, sending the balls of energy towards Vegetto Black—homecoming attacks that slammed him from different directions without exploding. His transformation completed, as a Super Saiyan 4, he yelled once again a destructive energy appeared in his hand and launched the final one to complete the series of volleys he sent earlier. “Rising Burst Extreme!” An explosion occurred when it arrived just few inches away from the violent man.


Demi-Fiend was surprised by the sudden fake-out, and soon afterwards, felt the numbness in his arms. “Pressure points. Lost the feeling in my arms. It’s a nifty technique that even the mightiest of foes can succumbed too if the user using it is highly advanced enough and the other is a clear amateur.”

He slightly turned his head to Cuki’s attempts to help out Kassava break out of her own cage of time. “Well, I guess mindlessly throwing punches might not do any good.” He lifted his head in the sky and closes his eyes for second. After a moment, he opened them again and turned around. His arm still numb, he faced both Kassava and Cuki as the tattoos light up brightly once again. “Heat Wave.”
He started to inhale and suddenly, unleashed a gigantic amount of fire out of his mouth towards the two girls. The sheer heat was melting the ground beneath them, the size was so enormous that it practically block their plain view of Demi-Fiend. 


The explosion was so destructive, not only the water and steam kicked upwards, the Great White Whale was launched in the air, preventing it to use its healing properties. It had decided to go at a different approach. It opened its mouth and fired off a white flash of beam towards the ground, giving it a boost of speed towards Brachi and Bara. It turned around, its mouth still wide opened, passes by Brachi—it went for Bara directly and swallowed her whole. He dived back into the water, deep, underwater in such blistering speeds. It felt endless, it felt infinite, the deeper he went, the distance between Brachi and the Whale expanded.


The Air Dancer smashed onto the wall behind him. He was staggered for a brief moment, but his quick recovery time managed to allow him to throw a series of punches and kicks rapidly to force Zenta into a hand-to-hand combat; regardless of experience, speed is the determine factor. Yet, before he can throw out his first punch, it got struck by the storm of bullets, causing it to be electrocuted.  It’s body fling around as the electricity pulses throughout to regain its composure. However, it fell on the ground, wiggling less; he grab something, one of the debris from the cracked wall and toss it at one of the Raune to interrupt them.


“Superman smirked. “Yes… let’s end this warm up for the real thing…” He whispered to himself before flying towards at Vegetto with his own punch. Both of their fists collided with each other, causing multiple ripples throughout the sea and sinking any remaining island and caused the waves to raise so high and away from the two.

Superman quickly followed up with a punch to the gut and launched Vegetto through the sky, passing the clouds swiftly. Suddenly, he appeared above the fused warrior and slammed Vegetto back down to the ground. He tilt his head back as an illumining red glow appeared over his eyes, gathering intense energy and fired towards him. It was the heat vision, so powerful that despite the distance, the water became to become steam from its heat. 


Wordplay narrowed his eyes and smiled gleefully as the chaotic destruction of celestial bodies being blown into bits by Lambdadelta. “Ah, this reminds me of the time of the Big Bang. It just a wonderful melody, considering it had tons of Neptunes.” He joked. He noticed that his shield was no longer presence due to Cross’ interference.

His eyes darted back and forth that although the amount of explosion was blocking his sight of the group, he knew that they would not sit around and wait for him to strike. He saw a series of magical portals appearing in and out, with fragments flying to one and out the other. 

“Let’s me add onto the chaos, since order is not on the menu today.” He raised his arms up and swung once, within the clouds that formed from the explosion, suddenly sparked a new generation of explosion in their wake. New stars are flat out being created from the sheer destruction(and then exploding at the same time, resulting in a supernova appearing all over place, creating brand new stars, planets and other celestial bodies for pure and unfiltered destruction). 

Among the birth and rebirth, Wordplay clenches his hands as the new stars that didn’t exploded immediately, collided onto the group back to back to back. If some didn’t make it, more would come. If their shield was deflecting it, it would instantly shatter in the realm of blows.


He uttered a word, as the flying stars smashed onto them to overwhelm at even faster rate, moving thousands upon thousands of times faster than the speed of light and create even more blind spots, completely and utterly blinding everyone so no one can spot each other—but the fragments are still in his concern.

He raised in arms in the air. “Let’s not stop there!” He claps his hands together and suddenly a singular, black dot appeared in the middle of the clouds of smoke. 


Yeah, you’re right.” The Detective said. “Doom isn’t a fool.” He touched the walls and felt a difference in texture compared to the other walls he touched earlier. “Hey, come over here. You fell this? Compared this part to the other part of the wall… you noticed in difference in texture, as if it was made completely different compared to the rest.”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Cross says to all his allies as the ones meant for him went torts wordplay "if you have the chance to leave take it." All his underlings will leave and defend them self till they are able.

Cross says "Black hole meat White hole." He calls forth a white dot to counter the black hole.
I will fine one later
Brachi wasn't deterred however and, using a shield to protect herself, she locked on to the whale with Instant Transmission and teleported towards him, dashing to him and slamming into its side to make him spit Bara out. Seconds later however, as she got her distance, the whale suddenly began to flash purple, halting it in its tracks. Seeing this as an opportunity, Brachi proceeded to push the whale out of the water, having turned Super Saiyan Blue for this and the shield protecting her against the purple glow. The second she was out of the water, there were now changes visible; a brown spot had formed onto the whale and was spreading rapidly as the movements in that area ceased on the whale. It was then that Brachi realized that Bara was using her Transfiguration Beam, turning the whale into a life-size chocolate image of itself. 

"Note to Doom: NEVER underestimate a Majin." She said, smiling as soon enough, the entire whale had become chocolate and after about a minute or so, Majin Bara emerged from it unharmed, at which Brachi then dropped the chocolate whale, which now sported a large hole in its stomach area, back into the water. 


Gervene on the other hand was observing Wordplay's actions, at which she stretched her upper left hand out.

"Hakai." She said, instantly erasing every fragment that was directed at her, intending to create an opening for the others to strike on their turn.
One particular Remnant's perception of time slowed down, noticing a small blur heading his way, and carefully raised his sword up to deflect it. When he allowed his perception to speed back up, that blur impacted the blade of his sword and tore it out of his hands, sent flying backwards, and momentarily stopping both bullet storms from the Remnants.

"What the Hell." The other Remnant replied at seeing his clone's sword fly backwards.
"I underestimated the force that thing can produce." The now swordless Raune replied, both looking at the rapidly retreating blade. They glanced towards Air Dancer and narrowed their eyes, filled with deadly intent.

"Tight space."
"Narrow corridor."
"Backed up against a wall."
"And nowhere for any pressure to go."
"Cross beam?"
"Cross beam."

The Raune without his sword ran back and grabbed it before reappearing at the side of his Remnant, both of them holding out their Stormrulers with two hands, blue sparks starting to build up on their bodies. They both looked to the third Remnant, the one without his sword.

"Flashtime?" He asked.
"Flashtime." The other two replied.

The two Remnants ran backwards, phasing past the third clone to avoid needing to jump over him. The third Remnant smirked, closing and reopening his eyes as everything began to slow down around him. He started to run, getting closer to the wall before putting one foot onto it, and then the other, running across the wall right towards Zenta and Air Dancer. That Remnant jumped off the wall and grabbed onto Zenta, starting to pull him into the Speedforce energy surrounding himself.

To Zenta, every moment starting to slow down, his body being driven into overdrive by the Speedforce, able to move and perceive far faster to the point time was nearly at a standstill for both Zenta and Raune. Blue electricity swirled around Raune and Zenta, forming the bond. That Raune began to speak to him in this heightened state of awareness, explaining what was going on.

"This is Flashtime, Zenta. The ability to slow down the perception of time to the point that nearly everything is a standstill. Normally a non-Speedster or faunus would collapse in seconds worth of Speedtime due to the force exerted on their bodies. I can only keep it up for maybe a minute myself. But you're far stronger than the average faunus. So here's the thing. Behind us my two clones are currently generating a massive amount of electricity around themselves and pushing air around them to create not only a massive amount of static electricity from friction, but also by moving that fast they're hoping to generate enough friction to create a weaponized blast of air to hold Air Dancer still. That stun will hold him in place for the two to create twin beams of lightning to hopefully slice right across him."

"Meanwhile, we're in front of Air Dancer. I'm giving you the ability to completely and utterly dominate him long enough for my Remnants to build up their attack, in theory. Hopefully, the both of us can take him." He finished, still standing behind the martial artist and holding onto his back. Even without the Speedforce enhancement, Zenta was a match, maybe more, for the tubeman. Maybe, just maybe, that Speedforce enhancement could provide the edge needed. The real question was, could Raune hold this connection long enough for his gambit to be executed.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
The massive smoke cloud from Spina's attack billowed outwards freely in the air, and just as quickly as it formed, Vegetto Black shot towards the ground with steam rolling off his body. Slamming into the floor below, he tumbled across the ground like a ragdoll for a few seconds and slid to a halt. His face was hidden on the floor, laying still.

An eerie yet muffled chuckle soon rung out, his back visibly contorting in the strange laughter as he struggled to push himself off the floor. His arms trembled violently, but the doppelganger soon rose to his feet with his arms hanging low in a slumped position. His sinister smirk had risen into a full, maddened grin as he continued his manically giggling, turning his head up.

"Yes...yes...good! Show him how weak I am!"

He stumbled forward a bit, his arms swaying a bit despite the twisted grin rising on his face.

"This temple of a body will be caged no longer. A god who cannot defeat evil is worthless...and thus...I am worthless. But your vile and evil strength does not compare to his...even now, he belittles and taunts me for taking damage from you. The voice is speaks so loudly now."

Vegetto Black turned his head up towards Spina, his twisted expression never once faltering in its strange intensity as he continued.

"Can you hear him? He's calling to us..."

His eyes slowly shut, his sinister tone and dual voice ringing out with another different and ominous voice alongside Vegetto's.


The pink and dark black energy surging around Vegetto Black swirled more violently than before, a strange but somewhat familiar pressure building around the man. Steam slowly rose off the doppelganger's black robes, yet his energy signature could be sensed as the exact same. He only chuckled to himself in his sinister and chaotic stance, swaying from side to side in his odd state of mind in letting Spina decide his next attack.


Kassava's head tilted to the side from Cuki's blow, the red magical energy radiating from the impact. However, a crack in the small shell appeared closer to her rib cage, soon growing larger across her entire chest. The magical energy suddenly exploded outward like flying glass, Kassava's thunderous roar following out shortly afterwards in having used raw power to break out. Her red and golden eyes were widened to the brim, only having a few moments to pant until the scorching wind from the incoming attack caught her attention. She took a quick side look in recognizing Cuki was right next to her, before rapidly throwing up her arms and forming a massive bubble of golden energy around the two.

She grit her teeth, yelling loudly as her arms trembled underneath the intense force of the heat attack, her feet sinking into the only piece of ground protect from the flames outside.



Vegetto grunted upon the impact of his fist colliding with Superman's, his arm trembling for a moment under the force. His eyes shot down, throwing up his arms in a small cross to brace against the impact of Superman's following hit, shooting up into the air. His two bangs rapidly shot into his hair bundle accompanied by a quick roar while he shot upwards, powering up to Super Saiyan Blue 2. However, his eyes only turned in time to see the next attack at his back, and Vegetto let out a pained grunt as he flipped downwards back towards the water below. He disappeared into the sea with a large crash, sending out a massive tidal wave in every direction on the impact.

The sea seemed calm, despite the red glow from Superman's beam rapidly changing the atmosphere above when fired. The water steaming, however, seemed to dissipate much quicker as the beam approached. The water had already split into two passage ways before the beam had come close, as if it had granted the beam passage much sooner than intended. Blue and bright yellow energy crackled below in sight once the water had fully parted, with the lone fusion warrior standing on crouched legs at the bottom of the sea's floor. Vegetto clenched his teeth, his missing eyebrows and bundles of spiky blue hair draped over his back indicating he had already transformed into Super Saiyan Blue 3 while he charged up his attack.


Vegetto threw his arms forward, the blue aura exploding outwards behind him.


A monstrous beam of bright blue energy wrapped with streams of yellow lightning erupted forward from Vegetto's outstretched palms. The immense size and volatile energy heavily contrasted the refined red beam fired from Superman's eyes, making direct contact with his attack. Vegetto tensed his arms, attempting to push through the beam once their energies collided.


Whis gasped, quickly moving up behind Gervene once she unleashed her Hakai to stop the incoming attacks. He kept his smile, having glanced around at Cross and Bernkastel with a small giggle.

"Thank goodness for your immense power in this situation!"

He lifted his right hand up, rubbing his chin in analyzing the surroundings.

"I wonder, if it's possible to use the same power he is? To speak a word to create something into existence."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cuki gasped upon seeing the huge wall of fire rush towards them. Her eyes closed, unable to react on time to the flames until Kassava put up her energy bubble. Her eyes flashed open desperately trying to think up a plan of some sort. 

Demi-Fiend has us on the ropes, what can we do..? I'm not strong enough to go toe-to-toe with him, even if I open my pathways-- Cuki stopped herself mid-thought before turning to Kassava. But Kassava might have a chance! She's already got an ace up her sleeve with her time magic and other techniques, this could be the boost she needs!

Cuki quickly shifted her position so she was directly in front of Kassava with glowing fingertips. She jabbed at Kassava's pressure points with incredible accuracy and speed, her arms being a blur as she attacked Kassava. Kassava would feel pokes all over her body until she saw Cuki's finger stop directly on her forehead. For a moment, Kassava would feel numb to the point where she could collapse until a surge of energy consumed her entire body. Cuki took the role of placing a barrier of energy around them to give Kassava the moments she needs to regain her composure. 

Kassava's body was entirely free of any stress, fatigue, and limits for a while. Her body felt weightless and free, almost as if she had a brand new transformation. The boost would have increased Kassava's capabilities to their max, stacking as she powered up. A simple ki blast from Kassava would rival if not overpower her husband's signature moves. To Kassava, it felt as if she was more alive than ever.

"You're powered up, get in there!" Cuki yelled before pushing back the flames using the force of her energy. "I'll create an opening!"

Without skipping a beat, Cuki dashed towards Demi-Fiend from within the flames, her face not showing discomfort but a smile with wide eyes. Her tail continued to twitch violently as her blood continued to boil with the anticipation of a good battle. She jumped out of the flames and above Demi-Fiend, fire still clinging to her small parts of her body. Her palm lit up with white energy surrounded by flames as she rushed down towards Demi-Fiend with the intent to slam her palm on his face. 

Zenta was about to retaliate to the Air Dancer but felt the world around him slow to a halt. He heard Raune's voice and listened carefully to his words. He seems relaxed and stared over at where he assumed Air Dancer to be. He simply nodded to Raune.

"Very well, I will do my part to aid you," Zenta smiled. "I believe it will be fun playing with this Air Dancer, I have yet to use my other techniques. It is, as you young people say, Air Dancer is going to 'catch these hands', or rather, palms, yes? It is humorous because The Air Dancer has no hands to catch mine, ohoho~"

Zenta chuckled at his failed attempt of a joke. The beast cleared his throat.

"I assume you must keep a connection between the both of us should this Flashtime technique of yours to work. It would prove troublesome if we know not of where the other will go."

Zenta whipped his tails behind him, releasing the same smoke-like energy to engulf the room to aid him in sensing out the Air Dancer. He then wrapped both his tails around Raune's waist and pulled him close so their backs touched. The electricity Raune naturally produce frizzed up the fur on his tails, better aiding him in the situation. Raune could break away from the comfort of Zenta's tails any time as well as use them to shield himself from any attacks. In this situation, Zenta was very vulnerable from attacks towards his back.

"I will make sure the connection between us does not break, however, I am wide open when my tails are not where they should be. I fully trust you to be the eyes on my back, young Raune. I will make sure to damage and occupy this Air Dancer long enough for your plan to unfold." Zenta lowered his stance in preparation to attack Air Dancer, energy engulfing his palms. "I move unpredictably, so please do not involuntarily toss your lunch on my tails, cleaning them is quite a task."

Before Raune had a chance to say anything, Zenta dashed over to Air Dancer still on the floor and slammed his palm on the chest of the Air Dancer, creating a whiplash of energy and shockwaves. He then took a step back watching the floor under Air Dancer crack and shatter just a few seconds later, creating what felt like a small earthquake within the room that quickly subsided. The force of the attack lifted Air Dancer into the air. The beast then spun around quickly, roundhouse kicking the tube man without touching him. The sheer amount of force and energy behind Zenta's kick flung the Air Dancer across the room while Zenta remained motionless and perfectly poised with his foot in the air. He bent his knee, keeping his upright position, perfectly balancing himself on one foot with Raune strapped behind him. He kept his guard up with his leg, expecting Air Dancer to retaliate somehow.
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Bernkastel's long hair whipped wildly around her as she was forced to tank much of the collisions head-on, especially on a level that was so unrelenting that mere teleportation back and forth would do little good for her. Her girl's form was in itself starting to phase in and out of stability, which was causing her to actually develop an expression for once. Mostly seething rage. It was difficult maintaining her witch form while trying to process everything as it happened. "Gah- aaaauugh! At this rate, I'll-!!" 

"Don't worry Bern, Super Paper is here!" Lambdadelta appeared before her and threw her arms around the other. In essence, she was providing herself as Bernkastel's shield. But not even she would be completely immune to the blasts. 

"You idiot! This isn't the time to be playing around!" Bernkastel shouted at her, waving her arms around feebly. "Why can't you just worry about youtself for once!?"

"I am! But if there's anyone out there who's gonna beat you, it had better be me!" Lambda shouted, cut off as another collision had hit her. Her dress had started to become torn at its seams. "But you're not going to win if you let yourself get so mad like a child."

"Who are you calling a child!?" Bernkastel glared at her and roughly shoved Lambda away as soon as Gervene managed to put an end to the attack. Her form managed to stabilize then. "We've only got so much time left until we get sucked in ourselves by the black hole if it gets any bigger than the white one. We could try to do the same thing he is but it's likely a stalemate would happen." She said after hearing out what Whis had to say.

"And time isn't really on our side, right?" Lambdadelta asked, still with her cheeky smile despite looking like a torn-up ragdoll. Bits of candy and cotton even trailed behind her. "What we need is to create a proper distraction. I can provide the trap no problem now, but we definitely need to set up some bait first."

"Then I will start!" Bernkastel threw out her hands toward the fragments coming out of the magic portals. With her hands and glowering eyes glowing green, she took control of many crystals out of their projected paths. Crystal fragments had gathered to form four long, glowing snakes that effortlessly glided through the space, while the rest of the fragments continued whizzing through the air in their patterns. All of the fragments had been glowing green, indicating she was putting a tremendous amount of effort to keep them from coming near either of the holes that were out on the field. Positioning themselves to strike at different angles like raptors, the snakea sailed through the air with their mouths open and aimed for him with intent to chase him through the minefield of fragments that simply kept pouring in and out of the portals.

"From now on we'll have to make him pick between attacking us directly or avoiding the hits we've got since he can't do both, now" Lambdadelta added. "Or maybe one of us is crazy enough to get right up in his face and force his hand? Four arms here seems plenty capable of packing that amount of punch."

Waldo came over and swept his hands over the wall as suggested to him. "Well would you look at that... it is. It could be a hidden passage like in those old Golden Age novels. The only way to find out is to tear down this drywall." Waldo stood before the area where the strange texture was. "I'll give it a good wallop, but if that doesn't do it, we'll use my trusty crowbar to dig through it." He cocked his arm back and tensed his muscles, uttering a low grunt as his body gave a brief yellow glow before he slammed his fist into the wall. "Hyaaah!!"
"Him?" Spina raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What the hell are you blabbing about?" He felt a sudden chill after feeling a familiar heaviness from Vegetto Black's aura. His body tensed up in response and his hands were shaking. "What is this feeling...? Am I getting excited... or am I experiencing fear...?"

It's the first time Spina felt legitimate terror. In all these years since he had travel in this crazed world, he faced plentiful of opponents; none had ever provoked him to the point that his body firing off warning signals. Something is coming, something dangerous.

Spina took a deep breath, then started laughing out loud. “Ridiculous!” He pointed his finger at Vegetto Black. “You are not Vegetto at all! You’re just an imposer!” He regained his composure after getting the laughs out. “Fear is invading my mind, my body telling me to retreat!? If Doom thinks he can sick a second-rate clone to take me down through fear, he has another thing coming!”


“But you have a nasty scent of dread...” Spina frowned. "Whatever act you are playing, I ain't buying it!" He shouted loud, his fiery aura rose, and his fists clenched. He ignored his body's warnings and charged straight at the erratic man. He opened his hands and gathered energy on each palm. Spina appeared in front of him, realizing that the man had no intention of fighting back. He narrowed his eyes, sensing a sinister power that leaking out of him, but he continued on.

Spina slammed his hands together against his head, creating a violent explosion. He lowered his arms, only to land a punch to Vegetto Black's jaw followed by a punch to the stomach. Using his strength, he lifted the craze man over him with one arm. "Rising Fist!" Spina shouted, punching him with enough momentum, it flung him in the air.

Spina's eyes twitches as the battle rages on. Super Saiyan 4, despite giving incredible strength, is taking a toll on his mind. He started to laugh with a more sinister tone. He started to behave in a more aggressive manner. He placed his hands together and slammed the ground once more, kicking up debris in the air.

"Rising Showers..." Spina narrowed his eyes. Energy surrounded the debris and launched towards Vegetto-Black to shred him to pieces.


Demi-Fiend continued his heat wave towards the shield to the point that it reduced it to liquid magma. From the perspective of Cuki, it look like Demi-Fiend was completely defenseless. Mere inches from his face, Demi-Fiend's eyes locked onto Cuki's eyes and smile.

"Javelin Rain."

Blades of light from all direction pierce though Cuki's body, causing her to fall on the ground. Demi-Fiend closed his mouth as his attacks ended, his tattoos glowed once again. Javelin Rain is a powerful move that disabled their most recent move for the reminder of the battle.

Wasting no time, Demi-Fiend approached Cuki and slam his feet on her multiple times. The more times he stomp her, she was becoming one with the ground. “You have to do better than that.” Demi-Fiend raises his arms, revealing that Cuki's pressure points vanished. “Disabling my arms won't work.”

“Freikugel.” Demi-Fiend opened his mouth and gather light-based energy at the center. Demi-Fiend narrowed his eyes and was about to blast her, but he instantly change direction and fired off towards Kassava instead.


The whale, now turned into chocolate, sank towards the bottom of the ocean. Its movements halted, it's mental state no longer working, and its inner organs took damage. Based on the looks of things, it was a sound defeat delivered by Brachi and Bara.

At the bottom of the ocean, there was no life, no plants and no sight of any artifacts; just nothing but blue darkness in the boundless and immense sea. The Great White whale, lying dormant on the ground, had its eyed facing towards the ceiling of the ocean.

“That is the extent of their abilities.”

A thought emerged from the immobile whale as its eyes flicker; slowly recovering and dispelling any magical properties using the water around it. Once it gained the ability to freely move its eye, a flash of white light emitted from its pupils.

In the perspective of Brachi and Bara, there was too much time that had passed since the Whale re-appeared. In normal circumstances, it was a sound victory—but this is not normal; in Reality Vortex, an abyss of unknown possibilities cannot be defined by normalcy, only irregularities. The sea levels rose rapidly, forcing Brachi and Bara to be underwater as the ocean touches the very tip of the skies. The clear, beautiful sky is no longer present, but below, they seen an abyss of blue, dark hell.

In the darkness, a white light flashes in and out multiple times before disappearing. After a moment, a beam of white light erupted from the dark, heading straight up towards the tip of the ocean sky before, once again, vanishing, near Brachi and Bara. Behind them, a powerful, tall humanoid figure is present, holding Bara’s right arm he sliced off using a blade, tossing it to the side as it sank to the bottom in a frozen state.

“I see why Doom sent me here to fight you two. As he said, you two are nobodies and do not stand out among the others." The humanoid figure turned around and faced them in a proper manner. "Once I determined your abilities, this won't be a challenge. I, the Great White Whale, will defeat you and reclaim my lost world."

The Great White Whale had taken on form suited for battle. His body had a medium build with fins on his head. He has long, white hair with white skin and blue eyes. His torso and trunk had armor made of pure ice covering it. His blade, made of pure ice, is a powerful weapon that disabled Bara's regeneration.

“This world shall be your watery grave, as I return to the sanctuary of my world. No hard feelings, I have something to preserve.” Without hesitation, the Great White Whale kicked both them away from each other, sending energy waves from his blade towards both of them.


The Air Dancer, unable to react in time, was pushed towards the wall and collapsed on the ground. Debris flung everywhere, electricity surging throughout its body—as if it never left—as the dancer raised its head. Its never-changing eyes, it started to wiggle less, preserving its movements. He lifted his hands in the air and slam the ground  with enough force, it launched itself in air.

The Air Dancer bounced off the ceiling and at first, it seems it was heading towards Zenta and Raune, but it went passed them, it’s going straight towards the two Raune building up their energy instead. However, its movement became considerably slowed than before.


Superman widened his eyes and attempt to push Vegetto's destructive back at him; however, the Saiyan's further transformation provided an extra boost into the attack. Unable to push it back, Superman stopped the heat vision and took a defensive stance to protect himself from the attack. It resulted an explosion.

"Vegetto..." The smoke clears, his clothes riddled with clothes and his cape shredded. "Before continue this bout... what is strength to you?" Superman lowered his arms; his hair is a mess and his facial expression seems to be one of concern.

"Once you return to your world, what do you seek? What drives you to continue?"


“The Witches is seemingly taking a more hyper aggressive move.” Wordplay attempted to add more power to the black hole that he created earlier, but noticed the crystallized snakes coming after him and dodges them swiftly. “That was a reach though—” He turned around, seeing that the snakes were hounding on him. No matter which direction, Wordplay could not shake him off until he was in the vicinity of the fragments in and out of the portals.


He crossed his arms together and multiple meteors slammed onto him to act as a protective barrier against the fragments. The fragments piercing through the rocks and still managed to hit him, causing significant damage. In that moment, Wordplay noticed that the black hole was colliding with the white hole, which spark an idea.

He release the barrier in order to use one of his abilities. “Merge!” As the fragments slammed onto him. The black hole and white hole collided, both of them pushing back and forth for domination of powers until they merge as one and resulting a bigger hole in spacetime—a wormhole.

Wordplay’s eyes glow bright blue, but he had to stop midway once the snakes were rushing at him. He moved more celestial bodies in front of them to act as barrier to give him a few seconds more. He clenches his hand, using his powers and forced everyone, including himself, crystallized snakes, portals, into the wormhole.

Upon arrival in the other side, everything was completely dark in all directions, expect for the small confined white square box they were in. It cannot be destroyed or erased by any means, but the walls were transparent that you can see the outside. However, the portals and the crystallized snakes did not appear in the box. Suddenly, Wordplay became a giant, appearing on top of the white box they were in. Each side of the walls were transparent, where you can see the outside and the giant Wordplay. They can launch any attacks through the walls, but they themselves cannot get past it at any means.

“What does the photon say to a black hole? You suck! Please, please, save the applause, we only have a few moments.” His blue eyed narrowed. “It’s really got the density of out my bones.” He twirl his hands, leading a star to appear in the middle of the box and suddenly exploding, resulting millions of celestial bodies such as stars from spreading throughout the box (and pasting through the walls and they flicker out).


Wordplay said, summoning giant mallet and slammed the box around like a ping pong ball; whenever direction it went, he would appear and hit it around multiple times as the stars continued to spread rapidly within the box.


As Waldo suspected, there was a secret passage hidden among the walls.

“Well, you look at that.” Detective Vegeta said. “You did good work, lad. Let’s see what this passage leads us… be on your guard for any enemies.”
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