The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Snow sighed and walked to the nearest person he could find. Upon looking at them he realized it was a person he knew "Vegetto? That you?"
The sage strolled over to Vegetto and the group.

"Yes, the leader of the time patrol, created by the wish of your half son displaced in time. I've read the stories."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
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"Well, more and more people are coming to this empty street! Oh, one of them is a newcomer as well! I guess you are rather popular in your world, Vegetto?" the voice seems amused. "Though, they might be disappointed that their knowledge of you might not be accurate." The voice expanded his voice onto others head and began to speak directly to Snow.

"Hello, newcomer! Welcome to the Reality Vortex! It's the world where the impossible happens and there's no way out of this world!" The voice seemed to give Snow a brief explanation from the get go to avoid getting into the details if Vegetto or anyone had further questions. "I hope you will make this reality your brand new home~, well you have no choice in the matters anyway."


In a faraway place, a humanoid figure was on top of a building, eating a roasted fruit. He had black, wild hair and a muscular build. His clothes seem to come from a primitive race, with a fur coat wrapped around his chest and torso. "Hmm, I sense very high power levels that just pop out of nowhere. Another one trapped in this dreaded city..."
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Vegetto kept his frown, glancing around to the new arrivals one by one but maintaining a perplexed stare on his face. The voice in his head caught his attention, being unsure of how to respond until the voice finished speaking.

"No no...this whole 'never leaving' business isn't going to sit with me."

He suddenly threw his arms down, a small roar escaping his mouth as a bright white light encased his body. The light soon shattered into pieces like broken glass, crashing to the floor while a blue, flame like aura rapidly encompassed his body.

The light particles glinted brilliantly in his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, his right arm extending out to an open portion of the street.

"This dimension will not hold me. Maybe you won't talk so high and mighty when I turn your entire fake world here into dust!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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"Alright Kettles, I'll let you pick from the place we're headed to. You never know, sometimes cheaper stuff is tasty too." Cuki smiled before turning to Vegetto and frowned. "Yeesh, why's Cactus-head gotta make such a big scene? C'mon Kettles, trying to explain anything to him will only be like talking to a wall."

Cuki gently landed on the floor next to Bernkastel and crossed her arms at Vegetto's transformation. She was impressed but acted as if she wasn't. Her constant belittling was quickly put to rest when she sniffed the air, getting a good idea at how strong Vegetto was. The thought of him being stronger than her annoyed Cuki and caused her tail to twitch.

Guess this newbie isn't as weak as he looks... Cuki thought. Hmph, I bet I can beat him. What's changing his hair gonna do?
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
"Flashy," was Bernkastel's only remark. All she did was stand and watch what Vegetto was attempting to do. She didn't show it, but she wondered what kind of power he was capable of exerting. "Hmm..." Her eyes stared off into the empty street with a pensive gaze. It felt meaningless to intervene.
"Whoa! You people can have your hair turned blue now? I definitely need to catch up..." The voice said, his tone seemed to be of amusement of Vegetto's explosive anger. "Well! Let's see if you can try when countless others failed!" Voice ringed in Bernkastel's head. "How far would he go until he gives up of getting out of here?" 


The man chomped down the fruit once more but before he could chew, the surge of blue energy spiral in the skies, departing the clouds in that area. Narrowing his eyes, this energy was definitely something. "Well, you don't see that every day. Looks like someone does not like the idea of being trapped in here, huh? That damn voice..."
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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An woman with an unearthly beauty says "How do you think it will take the kid to give up?" A shadow of the lich that cooking says "One his kind hard to say." The woman says "Master what dos that mean." She shadow says "For we know telling that his reword for doing the impossible is oblivion may drive him to disprove that fact."
I will fine one later
Vegetto broke out into a smirk at the voice challenging him, ignoring the others and suddenly slinging his arm back around and sending a massive blue energy sphere flying out towards a nearby tower. His confident expression suddenly changed, however, watching the massive ball of violently energy bounce off the skyscraper like a bouncing ball and cascade back down to the street.

He blinked, watching the energy bouncing back up to the group, the roar of the violent energy still humming out despite the energy not exploding outward.

"...this usually explodes when I throw it at something."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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I'm not interested in how long he will try so much as how he decides to attempt to leave, Bernkastel thought in response to the voice. 

"Throwing explosive blasts always seems to be the first thing people try..." Bernkastel watched the energy blast fail to explode looking unimpressed, possibly due to not being able to tell how much it could have destroyed if it exploded. "Any other ideas?" She asked Vegetto curiously.

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