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"We'll do our best." Gervene said, mentally giving orders to Brachi and Majin Bara, with Majin Bara smirking.
Whis nodded once.

"If Raune admitted that he caught the ball after it struck the ground, then I don't see why Cuki should be out."

Vegetto's confident smirk immediately vanished, his scowl returning at the reverse of the events.

"Damnit Whis...why can't you be on our side for once?"

Whis kept a flat expression.

"I didn't make up the rules, nor do I really enforce them. Perhaps you want to argue with the head referee on the matter?"

Vegetto grunted.

"No. But you wouldn't be so impartial if there was food involved."

Whis perked his eyebrows.

"Oh yes, that reminds me. About Cuki's earlier statement."

He turned slightly to Bernkastel, smiling warmly.

"I would like to inform you that towards the end of this competition, you should consider an aspect about Vegetto here. He may seem like a brute in most scenarios, but according to his wife, his cooking is quite excellent. It would serve everyone well, even his own teammates, if he were to lose this competition."


Kassava had already lunged forward slightly, but stopped at the blow of the whistle. She frowned, her attention still trained on Demi-Fiend a few meters away. She stood relaxed as the referees deliberated, but narrowed her eyes slightly at Demi-Fiend's conversation with the other opponents, unable to hear what they're saying. She glanced down, noticing her staring possibly giving her intentions away, and slowly turned on her heel to move up to Spina's side.

"Think they figured out our plan, the damn ref blew the whistle at the worst time. We'll let the other guy go after Demi, but aim for Cuki when the game starts again. She won't expect the rush for sure."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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"Oh I knew you'd see things the right way Mr. Whis~!" Cuki sang cheerfully. "I'll make sure to cook you my special meal in case Mr. Vegetto doesn't satisfy your tastes! Ain't no one better than me in cookin', even Master said so!"

Cuki jumped in the air with fun and enjoyment. With the little intervene in the game, it was obvious that she seemed to be a little bit of a brat but she kept that nature well hidden when being a decent host. Her gaze shifted to Raune and she smiled at the man.

"You're a quick one but I'll make sure to get you when you're not looking!" The youngster laughed. "So you better watch out from now on and no hard feelings, okay? Alright let's start the game, c'mon Kettles!!"
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
"Whelp,  Cuki isn't kicked out. Shall we resume the game, then?" Demi-Fiend said. "I want to knock these fools out of here so I can have a nice dinner." He mocked Vegetto's team. 

"Arrogance will be your downfall one day, kid," Spina responded. He nodded at Kassava's plan about taking out Cuki. He gripped onto the ball, ready to throw the moment Bernkastel blows her whistle. 

"Sure, but it won't be today." Demi-Fiend retorted. 

As of now, there are 3 balls on Vegetto's side and one on Demi-Fiend's side.
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"I am the referee after all, it is my job to watch for fairness." Bernkastel listened to Whis and Cuki before thinking for a moment. "Is that so? Hm, then I hope Demi-Fiend's team can win the match without any trouble... or else, I'll make the next portion of your training more difficult to make up for it~ You may continue the match." She said before shortly tweeting the whistle.
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Vegetto's aura flared slightly, waving his arms angrily at Whis.


Whis chuckled lightly, shrinking back slightly.

"Take it as a compliment. I've been hoping to sample some of your work, had I known how skilled you were."


Kassava grinned the minute Bernkastel tweeted the whistle. A red aura rapidly flared up around the blue that coated her body, her voice booming as she lunged forward.


The ball shot through the air with a thunderous ripple, lightning sparking off the rubber as it rapidly closed in on Cuki, aimed at her knees.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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As soon as he heard the whistle, Raune threw the ball towards Demi-Fiend, using his speed to give it somewhat of a boost.
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However, Majin Bara clocked the ball and stretched her arms, catching the ball in her hands before it would hit Demi-Fiend, after which she tossed it back towards Raune with equal force.
"Mr. Quickfeet, you're out!" Cuki pointed out with a smile. "Ms. Bubblegum caught that ball fair and square! That marks two down for Mr. Vegetto's team!"

Cuki hopped in place like a child waiting too hyper to sit still and by the time she finally paid attention to the game, she saw a ball aimed right at her. Cuki gasped before thrusting herself to the left and on to the floor very narrowly avoiding the ball and even she came to realize how close it was to taking her out. The force and shock wave behind the ball flung the girl's hair back, messing it up.

She stared at Kassava and the others by rising from the floor and chuckled nervously. She was quick in her reactions and movements but seemed to be distracted very easily. Her tail swayed behind her while she stunk her tongue out at Kassava.

"You're gonna have to try a lot better than that Ms. K-Kassava!" Cuki sweated. "T-That was too close for comfort however... But that move was so cool!" The little one tried to copy Kassava's posture. "Yeah! Kairo-Chen!!"
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!

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