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"Alright, no more temper issues okay Mr. Vegetto?" Cuki said pointing at him. "But a deal is a deal! Your team lost fair and square so now you gotta cook dinner and clean my apartment! Mr. Whis said you are really good at cooking but I'll be the judge of that! I get to decide who does what because I didn't get to hit anyone with the ball!" Cuki pouted.

Before Cuki started rambling on about who would do what work she remembered the state of what happened to her apartment. She instantly looked over to Demi-Fiend and pinched his ear.

"Oh yeah! You! You blew up my apartment when you threw a temper of your own! This time you're going to be sweeping my floors from the rubble left behind and no excuses! I need to tend to Mr. Spina's wounds thanks to you!" Cuki tugged at his ear. "You talk about Mr. Vegetto being mean but you're just as bad and more destructive than he is!"
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The lich thinks seeing spina got healed "so it merely delays healing magic that is good to note, I may."  The lich thinks seeing Kassava be able to get Vegetto under control "Good thing that is a seems to be a consent for there species."  The lich makes the rest of the score board disappear.
I will fine one later
Both Brachi and Majin Bara powered down to base form, with Majin Bara glomping the former afterwards, holding her close.

"If only our other friends were here... I miss them dearly..." Majin Bara said.

"Relax, we'll find a way to get back to them sooner or later." Brachi said, gently rubbing the top of Majin Bara's head.
Raune, content Spina was fine and in no further need of assistance, went back and rapidly devoured the boxes of pizza he had left laying there.

“Ya know, this is all getting crazy. And this is just a dodgeball game. I hope that you all can keep your cool in an actual fight... Or at least, direct your anger as well as my mom could.” Remarked holding his last slice of pizza, and then eating it.
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Bernkastel looked at Whis with a side-eye before staring off past the group and watching them talk among themselves. 

"Hmph. I simply have a great dislike those who don't learn... especially stubborn ones like him. It makes my temper flare, in an embarrassing way." She hated when she lost composure, even for a mere second. Then she stared at the Voice with a small frown on her face. "It will require more elbow grease than I thought, but if I give up now, I'll go back to being bored. But Raune is right. If they can't even keep it together for a single match of dodgeball, imagine how they'll do in a gauntlet run by Dr. Doom! It's a disaster waiting to happen..." Bernkastel rubbed her temples exasperatedly. "Which brings me to my next point. Whis, I will need you to help these... Saiyans, as you call it. They keep mentioning these transformations and whatnot, but since it doesn't seem to be related to magic, it isn't something I can meaningfully help them develop on short notice. I don't understand it at all... You seem to know enough to at least mentor those who could use the lessons."
Whis nodded once curtly.

"Indeed, but those transformations too, prove to be the true problem of the team's cohesion."

His smile rose slightly, turning his head.

"I know you had your trials already planned, but might I suggest a different approach? Respect and power go hand in hand with their kind, and without the overall eyesore of the transformations, all of those Saiyans seemed to show complete disrespect for their peers."

He nodded to Vegetto.

"While humorous, Vegetto being eliminated within the first few seconds of the game is troublesome. Despite the clear power difference between his own and Demi-Fiend's with early warning signs back at the apartment, he barely stopped the first throw at all with only a fraction of his power. Had this been a real trial, he would've surely been killed for underestimating his opponent before he could even use any of his true power. Simply because his opponent did not have a transformation to display."

Whis then turned his head towards Spina.

"And while the other Saiyan appears to be more experienced, he too, underestimated Demi-Fiend's capability. Had he properly judged the man's strength from the beginning, he would've known he had to use full power to handle any sort of tantrums or spikes in output such as the one displayed earlier. While he proved much more calm and well rounded, his lack of respect for that power, because it was not a transformation, cannot be ignored."

He then gestured to Kassava.

"Now, while you may find Vegetto's demeanor frustrating, his wife has some tendencies of her own. Lack of progress in her training has to do with her laziness, due to severely relying on a unique transformation of her own that she has yet to demonstrate. Any trial of Doom's that would not rouse her sense of immediate danger would likely kill her as well."

Whis gestured to Cuki next.

"Then there is the younger Saiyan Cuki, who already has shown her eagerness to improve and desire a transformation of her own. I fear if not addressed properly as well, she too, will fall into the trap of focusing solely on these displays of power instead of reading her opponents appropriately."

His head turned to Snow.

"Then this one, possessing a unique shade of coloring and power as well, expected Vegetto to recognize his form in the middle of an altercation. While it, in itself, did not cause trouble, it shows that he was too focused on himself to realize that there was another matter that was more pressing than his power. Quite the arrogant display, no doubt."

Whis then finally nodded towards Brachi.

"Then as well with the final fused Saiyan, who has shown a similar interest and distraction for the power of Super Saiyan Blue. She appeared to be more level headed and judged threats appropriately though, however, her god of destruction's lack of acknowledgement for potential threats also shows a matter of concern. If that god of destruction displays a image that Brachi follows, then I would expect her to fall into the same trap of underestimating her opponents under certain circumstances."

He only paused for a moment, before continuing.

"I am aware that team building exercises can eventually form the bonds we require, but at this rate, we might need an eternity to form this team appropriately. The Saiyans respect power, as well as the others attempting to find their footing with these transformations. So, why not use this to our advantage and take care of their respect problem and physical capabilities all at once?"

The taller angel's smile lifted.

"With your permission, I would like to instruct them on a method of combat known as 'mushin' from the world you came from. With this fighting style, each warrior can develop their powers in a manner that would unify well with each other. Some will develop transformations under this practice such as most of the Saiyans, but with the appropriate mindset, some of them will develop an ability to manuever through trials that Doom will not immediately notice such as a flashy transformation."


Vegetto slowly crossed his arms in front of his chest, his scowl returning but his dual voice flat as he spoke.

"Fine, I'll cook tonight."

Kassava merely perked her head up, turning her head towards Spina at the final comment he made to her.

"Tsk...I already had him apologize. Don't start giving me orders...I don't answer to you."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." - Meet Vegetto
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The lich says as a key appears in Whis' hand "that should teleport you to a place good for what you are thinking Whis." The Key has a tag say arena #20.
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"Mushin... very well, I will allow this. It sounds like a promising prospect. Of course, I'll be putting it to the test afterwards." Bernkastel responded after a moment of thinking. "Any objections?" She asked the group with a mild smirk on her face.
Gervene turned to Whis.

"I wasn't familiar with all the new characters here, I was honestly more focused on the game. Had it been a combat situation, things would have been different. But I understand where you're coming from. Brachi has displayed her own moments of vulnerabilties. I was hoping to address these flaws of her and your idea of training has given me an idea to help with that." She said to the Angel
“Only one problem with that.” Raune said over to Bern, pulling out a sword constructed of a black material and covered in mist. “I’m no stranger to relearning everything I know about fighting. When I first got my super speed, I had to be retaught everything I thought I knew about fighting with speed as my ally. And you, that’s where the problem lies.” After finishing his sentence he reappeared closer to Bern, a trail of blue lightning in his wake.

“Whatever you could teach me, I’ll learn, but I highly doubt that it can be applied to my fighting style or abilities, because most forms of combat assume only a certain speed is possible. And my speed exceeds almost all of them. Almost.”
I don't believe in bleak horizons, I won't concede to all of that. What we need is something different. What we all need is a... Steam Powered Griaffe!

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