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Having already laid out the ingredients across the table counter next to the stove, Vegetto rolled up his sleeves as he set up a few pots for boiling. He narrowed his eyes, having jumped first into cutting out some red and green peppers he laid out, his hands whizzing by with the large knife he grasped onto as he chopped.

He perked his eyes slightly at the sound of Snow's voice, his dual voice mostly flat in response.

"Here, you can cut up the meat."

Vegetto leaned down towards the open refrigerator shelf on the bottom, pulling out a couple of sacks of raw beef and tossing it up to the counter closest to Snow.

"I normally don't put steak bits into the ramen, but we'll see how he likes blood mixing with his miso soup. Come get me when it's done: I'll need to marinade it my special way since I didn't have time to prep anything here."

He promptly turned back towards the peppers, pushing them into a small bowl with the knife before he reached up into the cabinet and pulled down a few sacks of egg noodles.


Whis gently pulled out a chair at the table next to Bernkastel, sitting down to join the group and remaining mostly passive throughout the conversation. His eyes perked slightly at Spina's mention of the Tournament, smiling slightly.

"Oh my, you were at the Tournament of Power? Which universe did you represent?"


Kassava had already sat at the table, next to Gotenks and Brachi. Her eyebrow twitched in annoyance at Demi-Fiend's multiple grandma insults, raising her voice slightly with a glare towards him.

"I'm not a grandma, you pompous little shit! Besides, even if I could move time forward...which I can't because it's not that simple, what makes you think any of us are even ready to fight that Doom guy? He'd probably kick your ass just as hard as everyone else here the first time."

She crossed her arms, her glare intensifying slightly while she lowered her voice nearly to a whisper.

"Damn kid...I need a drink."

Kassava then leaned back in her seat, waving towards the kitchen with Vegetto and Snow.

"Yooohoooo~ Waiter...get me a couple of beers, would ya?"

Her eyebrows perked up, however, noticing Amaterasu and breaking out into a wide smile at her request.

"Sure, pull up a chair!"

She leaned back slightly, peering around Amaterasu again as she raised her voice again.

"Waiter...dear...make it two beers!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." - Meet Vegetto
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"I like to sew, it's fun for me-- idle hands are the devil's workshop after all. Why, do you not like my stitchwork?" Bernkastel looked down at Maggie before taking her right thumbnail and effortlessly cut through the stitching on the doll's other arm. "--Oops. My finger slipped." She said without a change in her flat expression. "Looks like I'm rusty." Going back to her sewing, she had nothing important to say besides listening to the conversation as Gotenks would become more acquainted with the others. Reality City piqued her interest, although she was more concerned with what Voice had to say during dinner.
Snow nodded and began cutting up the meat, deciding to take his time as he wanted to see what Vegetto really thought of him as a person, despite knowing almost nothing, which would change soon hopefully. Amaterasu sat next to Kassava and decided to ask "So, sorry if I seem a little nervous, but I'm new to making friends as I never really had any before."
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Future Gotenks looked at Spina.

"If there's even a slight possibility of making it out then I'll take it. I can't let that monster in my universe win." he said. "I think I'm pretty strong myself but from what I'm hearing you guys definitely sound like some strong ass dudes."

The fusion smiled at Spina and then at the others.

"Well, I'm a half-saiyan fusion between Goten and Trunks, sons of Goku and Vegeta. It's actually weird how many fusions lived in my universe. Not only was there me but there was also my cousin, Troten, who is also a fusion of Goten and Trunks but he was fused via Potara instead of the fusion dance. Then of course there's my uncle Vegetto as well my dad Gogeta who did the fusion dance like me." he started chuckling as he eased up with the others now. "Then my dad and uncle created female clones of themselves called Jitto and Goggie. Of course they made clones of me and Troten named Trotina and Gotenksha. It's really complicated I don't even know how any of that worked. It's like a bad fanfiction."

The fusion made a deep sigh.

"Too bad it's Troten now since I'm gone too. I hope he's alright."

He looked over at the kitchen and crossed his arms.

"It's been a long day I'm the mood for a Hetap..."
"I'm taking your son." - Raditz
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Spina blinked once followed by a moment in silence. “R-right…” He responded in confusion. “I did not follow any of that… it is one thing that these two have a different path, but yours is one a different level of scale.” He addressed Gotenks’ universe. “Nevertheless, that’s basically the situation. No way of getting around that.”

He turns to Whis. “If I recall, it was referred as Universe 7. They needed 10 fighters, which they did, but apparently, one of them had to drop out due to some circumstances. Therefore, I ended up replacing them after Beerus and…. You, at least, an alternate version of yourself, forced me onto the team.” Spina scratches his right side of his cheek. “That’s where I saw that power of these guys… I could not feel it, but it feel odd. We’re essentially playthings for these beings in the end. Anyways..”

Spina continued. “That marks the first time I met the Prince and Kakarotto. Didn’t think any other Saiyans exist… especially across the damn multiverse and now, multiple damn timelines from what you’re saying. After the Tournament of Power was all and over with, I just went back to my planet. I never seen anything like fusions, soulless beings or…” 


“So in other words, your abilities are practically useless.” Demi-Fiend chuckled. “And bring some juice too!”


“And water as well. Water is an important refreshment aside from sugary drinks.” Voice commented on. He sniffed the air, sensing that the food is undergoing preparations. “Well, I suppose this is a good time to start the evaluation… Someone drag Raune in here. The Lich should be able to heal him in perfect condition.”
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"In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories."

The lich says as he is reading his book "no need the regeneration spell I cast on you lot still has some time, so by now he is completely healed." Raune is completely healed.
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Cuki listened to Gotenks's story and widen her eyes at his situation in his universe, she cleared her throat at the awkwardness of it all and decided to head to Raune and pull him into the conversation like Voice wanted. She sat Raune on a chair next to her and shook him gently to try and wake him up.

"Psst, hey Raune, you doing okay? Time to wake up, dinner should be ready soon." Cuki wiggled her tail by his nose to make him sneeze. "Mr. Voice is gonna rate us or something."


"Okay!" Maggie whimpered. "Please don't break my stitches! Your sewing is wonderful, no, perfect!"
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What is it, big boy? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?!
Brachi broke her meditation as she noticed Kassava and Gotenks beside her, with Majin Bara sitting on Gotenks' other side, with Gervene beside her.
Raune didn't open his eyes but did tilt his head.

"Thanks." He remarked to the Lich without much effort, before moving his head to face Cuki, eyes still closed.

"Well he can do it as I'm thinking. I've got nothing to add to all of this anyways."
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