The Reality Vortex
Cross thinks"They got lucky its one the nicer ones." Still drinking his tea.
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The man listens to Cuki’s words first, instantly responding to her questions after taking responsibility of the events. “Don’t bother trying to cover up someone’s mistakes, shorty.” He pinches the tip part of the nose bridge to display his frustration. “Though, it doesn’t matter now since what’s done is done.” After taking a breather, he nodded once when Cuki, Gotenks and Raune asked him questions. 

“Alright…” the man pointed his hand towards the air. “As you can see, you are still in the library but obviously, the environment had changed thanks to the Librarian.” He explained to the group, more specifically, addressing Cuki’s first question. “The librarian is an old hag that is overly sensitive to sound, so anything, even so much of a whisper, will set her off and caused her to use the fullest extent of her warping powers; thankfully, only this place is affected by her abilities.” He addressed Gotenks’ question.

The man turned to Raune, nodding once. “Well, there is a search engine, but because of what happened, that’s kind of hard to access right now. Lucky for you, there is a way to bring this stuff back to normal; in order to make sure the Librarian does not start constantly flinging the readers to this crazy, chaotic world, some dude made special soundproof headphones; it keeps her at bay. Yet, recently, those headphones suddenly disappear… like magic. If we can get those back, we should be good to go; if you can help me, then I can definitely help whatever you guys are looking for.” 

“… Tsk… I bet this is Bernkastel’s doing… making it harder for us to rack our brains to solve this problem.” Spina thought to himself. After another look at the man, squinted his eyes of his appearances, he noticed something oddly familiar. “Hey… who’re you?” 

 “Me? I am a masterclass investigator that handles all the cases that transpire in Reality Vortex, nothing can get past by my prideful eye for detail. I am the almighty prince of Saiyans, Detective Vegeta.” Vegeta pointed to himself with a smug smile on his face. “No mystery never gets unsolved when I’m around the corner.”
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"Not without giving away too much,” he laughs. “But it takes place at a very key moment and it’s a sort of call to arms"

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Brachi blinked at hearing the name Vegeta, as this was quite a surprise to her.
"Let's just say I put what was available around here to good use." Bernkastel said with a smirk on her face. "My goal is to get them through the first two Trials without my explicit help, after all. While I can more or less stay one step ahead of them since their actions are more or less predictable, I figured it would be more interesting to only partly control the environments they will be interacting with. The Vortex is probably the best Fragment I've been forcibly stuck in so far... it has so many variables I can poke my pieces with..." Bern giggled before taking a drink of her coffee. "It keeps both the players and the spectators at full attention."

"But it would be a little mean to launch them into what is essentially a mystery game without someone there to teach them the ropes of it. Having to do all the work myself is a pain. You'll get your turn in the Trials soon... one must be patient."
"Headphones..?" Cuki bit her thumb and realized it was better than being chased by a monster. "Alright. We'll help you find these headphones, and, in return, you help us find clues about Waldo."

Besides, it would be better to rid the problem earlier than to be distracted by it...

Cuki turned to Detective Vegeta.

"Just a few questions before we begin..." She started. "This new realm... what's it like? Can we pick up books and use the stories or words to our advantage? I plan to make as little noise as possible until we spot these headphones. Also... how did you manage to get stuck here? I thought you said that you solved every mystery you came across?"


"You sure know how to make the best of this situation we're in, huh Kitty?" Maggie stared at the group. "Hey, looks like that Demi-Twat got himself lost. Hope he stays lost! Maybe that Librarian can teach him how to value rare and exotic artifacts like me, The Great Maggie!"

Maggie boasted on the top of Bernkastel's head, crossing her arms.
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Cross summons some donuts and starts eating one with his tea.
I will fine one later
Raune looked to his sword and realized that an unfortunate drawback.

All of my powers happen to make a lot of sound. Even the ones that don't involve speed.

"Well thank you for your help, Mr. Vegeta." He said looking up. "But we really need to be getting to those headphones, it would seem."
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Gotenks stared at Vegeta for a minute. There was a large sweatdrop on the back of his head.

"F-Father.... or half-father?" the fusion shook his head. 

Now that I think about it do I call both Goku and Vegeta my dad?

Gotenks took one more glance of the Saiyan prince and finally he fell to the floor anime style. He stood back up.

"When did you get transported here? And why are you a detective? Oh my god I have so many questions!" the fusion pulled his hair.
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Snow saw this then shrugged. He honestly didn't care who showed up at this point, he just wanted to get this done and be with his family. He kept thinking where he had heard the name Waldo, before a thought hit him and he went into the children's section looking for a specific book.
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