The Reality Vortex
Cuki held her breath through Vegetto's Instant Transmission and when they landed on the floor, she never felt more relieved. When Detective Vegeta kissed her cheeks, she couldn't help but blush from embarrassment.

"Oh my..." Cuki mumbled, cheeks red. "Uhm, thank you. Quite a way to show your appreciation, Vegeta." 

She backed away slowly to reassure that they were in the proper realm and took a deep breath. A cute smile formed on her face and she seemed very proud of herself and the group. She pulled the drawing of Spina from her pocket and placed it on the floor, assuming that he will return to normal now that they escaped the Library. Cuki also pulled out the four shard fragments they managed to find. 

Now that we're out, Kettles will have to show her face soon. Let's just hope that she only had 4 clues to find or else we're gonna get an angry kitty...

She realized she was still partially deaf, only regaining little of her hearing. Cuki shrugged, knowing she didn't need to rely so much on one sense. As Raune left, she looked confused, barely able to understand what he said or even what happened to him.

"It's time to grace these guys with your presence, Kitty." Maggie said nervously. "W-When all this is over, I'll be sure to find you a new place to read..."
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Cross follows the voices lead.
I will fine one later
"I see you've made it out in one piece after all." Bernkastel lowered herself onto the ground after reappearing in the destroyed library. "What a mess you people make... oh well, at least that bothersome librarian is out of everyone's hair for a while." She perched Maggie on her shoulder before addressing the group. "I take it you've recovered all of the fragments? It was supposed to be just one big clue piece, but since you insist on doing things the hard way, I allowed the pieces to have the ability to break as a contingency plan."

She clasped her hands together, which sent out a cascading wave of energy to restore the group's impaired hearing. "I don't like to repeat myself." Bernkastel held out her hand expectantly for the shards. It was hard to tell whether she was satisfied or not at the moment, but her tone sounded at least somewhat content with things for now. "The next portion of your trial will take place outside in Reality City."
After arriving back into the current reality, Vegetto lowered his arm down from his head at the sensation of solid ground underneath his boots. The silver hair, eyes, and fire alike all dissipated as his arm dropped down to his side, as if the deep breath he exhaled blew out the immense heat and pressure that came from the form. Standing in his normal base form, he barely registered the congratulations of Detective Vegeta until he felt the hands gripping onto his head and pulling him into the kiss.

Vegetto instantly pulled back, yelping and shaking his head with a disgusted stare.


He threw up his one free hand, rubbing the spot and holding out the palm in front of his face. Glancing down with wide eyes, Vegetto repeatedly looked up and down towards Detective Vegeta with a perplexed stare.

"What the hell happened to you Vegeta?"

Vegetto stopped midway, however, turning his attention to Bernkastel once she arrived. His eyes narrowed into a small glare, studying her reaction and movements while she extended her hand out for the shards. The wave of magic prompted a small russling from Kassava, who groaned lightly ontop of Vegetto's shoulder.

Vegetto's stern stare broke instantly, quickly turning his attention to Kassava and helping her off his shoulder to her feet.

"Hey hey...easy Kass. It's over...take it easy."


Whis floated up to Bernkastel's right, smiling and slightly contrasting the witch's lack of enthusiasm with a contained, yet warm tone after waiting politely for Bernkastel to finish.

"Well done everyone! I'm excited to see your upcoming performance!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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