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The Reality Vortex
"Ohoho! Guess I'm pretty popular! You sure are an interesting bunch, to say the least." Lambdadelta said as she shook Demi-Fiend's hand with her gloved one. "But how should I know where Waldo went anyway?! I'm not one of Bern's lackeys! I only said I wanted to play, not that I was some kind of radar." She pouted.

"At least give them a hint," Bernkastel said. "You said you would play, so you should stick by it."

"Fine," Lambdadelta rolled her eyes. "All I know is that he told me he was gonna go around and blow off some steam. With all that ruckus you made, he'll probably be around here somewhere looking for a good excuse to fight. Are you gonna fight him, Bern?"

"Nope. These guys will." Bernkastel walked over to the weapon Snow had returned to her and picked it up out of the ground, examining it closely. "I was wondering where this went. Thank you for returning it." The hard-light scythe in her hands dissipated into light particles. "It would be troublesome if I were without it." She took her place besides Whis before the pink witch followed her.

"Bern, what's that thing on your shoulder? It doesn't look like your kitties." Lambdadelta looked at Maggie-cat with a scrutinizing look.

"This is Maggie. Don't be fooled, she has a big mouth."

"I see..." Lambda kept a small smile on her face before it turned into a tiny scowl, sticking out her tongue childishly at Maggie before straightening her posture. "Cute, but not cuter than me!"
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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"Oh brother..." Brachi said, crossing her arms, "So we go from one fight to the other."
“…Right.” Spina responded to Raune’s enthusiasm about their group getting a somewhat official term. Considering the group is composed of and their violent emotional outbursts, the name seems fitting. “There are way too many gods here; it makes feel like the whole trial thing is a waste of time if we can just get Demi-Fiend or Gervene to plow through everything in sight. Heck, might as well ask, erm, Cross and the newcomer, Lambdadelta.”

Spina’s viewpoints of the “gods-like” beings did not change; he still views them as a threat—because even if they managed to get the tools, what is stopping one of them from taking it for themselves? That is the thought that ran through his mind right now.

“Anyways…” Spina started to spoke once more. “What’s the hint? We might as well finished the duration of the trial then.” 


“I don’t know how long you been hanging out with that child, but you can sense the malicious nature radiating out of his body, right?” The detective said to Cuki in a whispered. “That child’s energy grows by the minute… becoming stronger as the sinister energy become more apparent. I advise you to keep a watchful eye on him. You seem to be the one who head’s still screwed on, so take this warning with serious consideration.”

Detective did not wait for a reply; he rely his thoughts onto the child and went to Bernkastel and the others. “Well, as my Saiyan brethren (Spina) asked, I think we should have the next hint, madam.” He spoke to Bernkastel in a well-mannered tone. “Based on the language and the humiliating defeat handed by Vegetto, I sense that teamwork seems to be a problem here, hm?” 

“Wow, that guy with the receding hairline is hitting all the notes.” Demi-Fiend thought. 

“… Anyways, this Waldo fight will bring out their strength, along with their wits, I presume?” Vegeta asked Bernkastel and the others. “What is my role, exactly, my dearests? Surely not to babysit the problematic ones, right?”
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"Is that all you got?"

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Vegetto winced as he stumbled to the side from the push, quickly regaining his balance. He turned to face Demi-Fiend, his eyebrow noticeably twitching in annoyance. Yet he turned his eyes to the side, his glare momentarily landing upon Bernkastel, before shifting back to Demi-Fiend. He scoffed lightly, clenching his gloved hands into fists.

"I don't care how powerful you are, kid. Mark my words: you little children won't get to mock me forever."

His usual, confident smirk soon returned.

"I'll beat both of you one day."


Whis rubbed his chin, frowning slightly.

"Hmm, another fight with a more powerful opponent already? Their teamwork was incredibly sloppy and slow paced, as well as having already used extensive energy in the fight with the Librarian."

His eyebrows suddenly perked, his head tilting to the side with a warm smile.

"Oh well, I'm sure everything will be fine. Good luck everyone!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Brachi, Majin Bara and Gervene remained silent, waiting to see what the next hint was and hoping they could solve it without making such a mess as what happened before. Having been on the receiving end of the deconstruction has left an impact on both Brachi and Majin Bara, even though they hadn't done exactly a thing to agitate the Librarian in the first place, so they hoped they could take a more level-headed approach on this.
"I can sense it too," Cuki confirmed. "I have noticed that he's gotten stronger as time passed on. I... I have an idea of how to handle it, however, the others will make it difficult if they continue to bother him."

Cuki shook her head, turning back to the situation at hand and narrowing her eyes at the spineless threats handed by certain members. Her tail continued to twitch with annoyance before slamming on the floor, cracking it. 

I can see why this Waldo character was upset, I would be too if something so simple can be ruined by a pack of idiots... If I was only stronger, I would teach them a thing or two.

Cuki, do not let your desires overwhelm your actions. Emotions are a powerful tutor for growth, but a debilitating temptress in composure. You must balance your urges with reasoning... A mysterious voice echoed through Cuki's head. You cannot train an animal by beating it...

It's... very hard. They keep doing the same mistakes over and over again! It's like they don't care if other people get hurt or suffer from their actions! They will continue to destroy everything even if one of our universes disappears...

If a person is astray, give them a path to follow... They will eventually find a road they can call their own... Patience... Cuki...

The voice faded and Cuki took in a deep breath before exhaling loudly. She continued to clear her head of the many urges she wanted to do to the group and remained focused at the matter at hand. Once she was relaxed and free of her thoughts, her body relaxed and her tail stopped fidgeting. She walked up to the group and spoke up confidently.

"I think Lady Lambda... Lambdel... Lammy gave us a pretty big hint as it is. If this Waldo person is looking for an excuse to fight, why not bring the fight to him? Announce a competition of some sort, it'll no doubt be a nice way for Waldo to let out some steam." Cuki turned to face Vegetto and the other Saiyans. "Your race loves to fight, so now here is a great opportunity to show your skills against someone of your own caliber. Save your strength for Waldo!"

Cuki then turned to Lambdadelta and smiled to the Witch.

"We certainly hope you enjoy your time within our rowdy group, Lady Lammy." She bowed her head. "Besides, Kettles said she was bored, the least we can do is give her a good fight."

"Hey... my mouth isn't that big, Kitty." Maggie-Cat hissed slightly. "But I'm totally cuter than that bright pink witch. I'm the great Maggie, after all!"
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Cross thinks "It's some what cute they still have hope getting out this reality."
I will fine one later
Raune had come back into attention and was observing everything around him, mostly more alert because he saw something of particular interest to him.

"That's an interesting sycthe Bern has... If it's anything like hers was, perhaps even I could use it to even the odds..." He quietly mused before shaking his head. He looked over to Spina and nodded.

"We do have literal gods among our ranks, that's true Spina, but I feel it's a requirement. We're currently operating in conditions where our opponents, presumably Waldo, exist beyond the concept of mere strength. We got flat-footed against a book keeper who was nullified at her strongest by Demi-Fiend punching the air hard enough to generare shockwaves." He added. "Though, come to think of it... I dunno why we didn't have Demi-Fiend OR Kavassa just kick the crap out of the Librarian in the first place. Demi-Fiend was able to knock her away with just punching the air, and Kavassa's a god of time who I assume killed my time remnant I created. I helped end the fight, but if I could do that, and she didn't despite killing me... If we worked together, we would get this whole business over with, so I can go back to my family." However, hearing Cuki's suggestion put him into a bit of alarm.

"Cuki, hold on a moment. If I recall correctly the clues pointed to us getting Waldo while he wasn't at full strength or preparation in some form. And even if we had to, the last thing we need is outside interference, like someone even stronger than Waldo showing up, like in a competition. Now getting him into something with the bait of blowing off steam is a great idea, but we really need to keep this contained. Otherwise, things could just get uglier than they have been."
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Ignoring the discordant chatter, Bernkastel chose to only address Vegeta first, taking his shoulder and turning both of their backs toward the group. "Your business here has less to do than babysitting and more with your deductive reasoning skills. None of them have so much as read a mystery novel from the looks of it. But what is about to come soon requires somebody who understands it and can speak their language, if you catch my drift." She kept her voice low so the others wouldn't eavesdrop.


"I guess Bern's on the fence about giving you guys another hint." Lambdadelta said. "But even if she did, it looks like there's a conflict of interest among you regarding how to approach Waldo. Why don't we settle this the plain old easy way?"

The pink witch held up her gloved hand with a peace sign, before making a snipping motion. "Rock, paper, scissors! If you win, you can fight Waldo. If you lose, you go to time-out. There's just enough to play the game in pairs. Maybe it'll get you to drop the whole strength feats thing and work with what you've got. What do you think, everyone?" It seemed like she took delight in suggesting a potential handicap that left things completely up to chance.
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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Brachi, Majin Bara and Gervene remained silent as they watched the others banter about how to approach the situation, although Brachi's interest did peek up at hearing the idea of a competition pass by...

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