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The Reality Vortex
Snow, Eclipse and Sun saw what Bara was doing, and felt the growing potential within her. Snow also sensed it in Vegetto, Brachi, Gervene and Kassava. All of them had so much untapped potential. He felt the bloodlust from everyone and struggled to keep himself calm as he took a deep breath, then another. His breathing growing calmer and it ended up matching Kassava's rhythm. He finally called down but moved alittle ways away to keep himself from succumbing to the bloodlust.
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Raune watched Bern talk, his perception of time slowing down so he could carefully analyze every thing she said as she was saying it, blue lightning arcing in his eyes as he tapped into his mystical powers. Seeing her speaking, hearing her words, watching her generate those red sentences into the air, seeing them slowly start to glow as photons descended off them slower than Raune could perceive, everything just added onto that feeling of being cheated, that he had been had, someone pulled the rug out from under his feet and humiliated him. Seeing Bern finish talking, every muscle in Raune's body tensed, face hardening into pure anger and disbelief. He slowly closed his eyes and drew his sword, and then opened his eyes to look upon the legendary level blade. He then looked up to the witch, and spoke.

"Fate. Such a stupid thing." He said, every word carrying anger inside it. "The idea of destiny is meaningless to a Speedster, especially in my universe where I learned a cold hard truth about reality, fate isn't a real thing." Different parts of his body made gestures, a threatening tail flick, a small squeezing of his sword blade. "In fact, my Speedster family, we killed fate. Destroyed it entirely. And after that... I fought, and won, against the omnipotent god who was in control of every part of my universe. Fate isn't real." He stated, anger slowly cooling off, and summarizing his speech at the end.

"But we aren't in my universe, and here. Fate certainly is real. Else half of us wouldn't be here." He added, face turning into an emotion of resignation. "And if fate says I'm not going to fight Waldo, I really don't want to go through the effort of killing it again. It was hard enough to do it the first time when I had what, six other Speedsters helping me or so. So fine. I'll remain on the side lines." He continued before smirking. "But five minutes isn't a lot for a Speedster, generally takes us ten to bring down anything that isn't another Speedster... Except for the one fight where I did it in one punch but that was a fluke. Anyways." He disappeared and reappeared with two gusts of wind kicking around random debris, with two bags of fast food, handing one to Bern. "If I've been had, at least I'll be a nice loser and give out a gift. Free food." He then looked up from Bern's eyes to the thing ontop of her head, the Detective's hat. "You look good in the hat Bern, the cat in the... Oh, oh god my mother used that joke on my father..." He shuddered for a moment, the bittersweet memory affecting the former king. Rolling his eyes at himself, he disappeared and suddenly reappeared by Whis, a burger in hand from his bag.

"You know if Kass can really control time, I can help with that. Every Speedster has different abilities, heck, they have different sources of their power." He said to the angel, kind ignoring Vegetto for now. "But there were two in one universe, one who could speed up time, and one who could slow it down. I could... Possibly pull something like that off. Oh yeah." He suddenly raised Stormruler up. "This sword. Time magic affected it, making it quite strange."
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"To the Ends of the Earth."
“You have a strange sense of humor, Cross.” The voice twitches his eyebrows multiple times, after realizing the joke. “Well, you heard the man, Brachi. He picked his choice.”

In that moment, Voice realized the severity of the situation—the group became too expansive, too many different factors and complexity gets deluded. “This is taking a bit too long, I need those tools fast; I’m afraid that these chumps might get too used to the situation in Reality Vortex if things continue.” The voice thought to himself, turning his eyes onto Vegeta and Kassava in their match.

The Detective gave out a cheerful smile, seeing that Kassava is at least changing her attitude a bit. No words need to be utter—he wants the conversation to be convey in their hands. Each confident strike Kassava made, Vegeta matched until the last one. He felt a sense something strange; however, noticing that despite matching her movements, it seems like there was a delay for Kassava by a few mere seconds. For those without a trained eye, it seems like a meaningless, insignificant factor, but in the battle, any second counts.

The last pump confirmed his suspicion; his hands decided to use scissors, but the slight, millisecond delay of Kassava’s hand. He could have change it, at the last second, but even his body accepted the incoming lost. Showing off scissors, Vegeta burst out laughing.

“What the heck are those two doing? They should be itching to get this over with and save their forsaken worlds… but it’s became a cuddly party.” The voice grinned his teeth, eyebrows went down, showing off a disdain look. “Even Bernkastel is taking a ride into enjoying things and Raune.. he’s talking so fast, he might as well be speaking nonsense! And that girl Bara… damnit… I need something to happened…” It struck him—a way to tip the scale of the Breakers, Doom and the Trials. 


“So that’s the deal…” Spina wondered after listening to the demands from Bernkastel. “I wonder if someone would pick me.” He was quite frightened by her statements; however. Spina does not take too kindly to Gods or anything concepts that like them in nature. 

Demi-Fiend continued to watch with a careful analysis. “So that’s how this time goddesses uses her time magic. Not so different than those regular demons, then.”

Doctor Doom continues to remained silent.
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Kassava's eyes followed Detective Vegeta's movements intensely, the flow of time slowing enough for her to really read the detective's movements. Her hand slowly descended, having initially formed a flat palm to appear as if she was choosing paper. Her lips rose not in a smirk, but a delighted grin as she watched Vegeta slowly extended both fingers into scissors in her distorted perception, and quickly pulled her fingers into the form of a fist to touch her outstretched palm.

The atmosphere suddenly as if a tense, pressure had disappeared in an instant, Kassava keeping her smile with her hand still out in front of her.

"Alright!! I did it!"


Whis rubbed his chin, pondering Raune's advice for a moment.

"Hmm...well I suppose it couldn't hurt. I'm not too versed on your universe's capabilities, but I would say your alterations and advanced speed seem to follow different mechanisms in very important points that could only help her to a certain limit. The magic of time manipulation in our universe is more of a...controllable quantity rather than an effect produced from speed, as it seems to be in your case."

Vegetto perked an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

Whis kept his smile, taking a moment to glance over to Demi-Fiend's direction after hearing his commentary as well, before turning his attention back forward.

"It will take some time...but if she can overcome the learning curve, the potential is quite high. Right now, she's starting to realize that she can alter time for herself, in the case of slowing it down enoguh so she can aptly follow the detective's movements with an advantage in decision making. Yet that's only scratching the surface: once she realizes that all things are affected by her alterations, not just herself, as well as the ability to affect those elements...then perhaps, she can apply her combative ingenuity to controlling others more directly."

Vegetto blinked, his eyebrow raised.

"So she can actually affect others directly with the magic?"

Whis nodded curtly.

"Of course...I'll need to teach her how to do that myself eventually, as this technique is impossible to learn on your own. For example-"

Whis narrowed his eyes, his expression growing stern as he let out a small grunt. Dropping his sceptar slightly, the orb end pointed to Vegetto and glew a bright green glow. Vegetto blinked in confusion, a sudden light encasing his body as he seemingly sped forward in a set of motions of standing and changing his arm positioning multiple times. His face contorted as well, the expression changing rapidly a few times before the glow suddenly disappeared.

Whis exhaled lightly, straightening himself out as Vegetto nearly stumbled forward a bit from the sudden alteration to his body, quickly collecting himself.

"Ack! What the hell did you just do?!"

Whis smiled.

"It's not much of a demonstration...but I just sent you forward in time about 30 seconds. Of course, I can only do a very small amount, but imagine being thrown forward in time against your will during a very crucial situation like combat. She could tire you out without even throwing a single punch."

Vegetto grunted, his eyes narrowed.

"You could do this the entire time...and never told us?!"

Whis smiled, nodding, his eyes turning to Raune.

"Of course. I apologize as well sir, I did hold back a little in our spar and did not mean to insult you."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cross says bluntly to the voice "All groups of adventures and heroes are some what odd. Trust this Lich they have a habit getting results most the time." Cross thinks "I only did that to humor the voice but its fine to let the voice think what it wants." Cross starts to eat a hamburger with a milkshake and fries.
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Cuki continued to think things through, every possible outcome and what she would do for each outcome. Her breathing slowed down and her body appeared deep in thought. Her tail twitched as she wrote down symbols and words on the dirt, and eventually, Cuki began to mumble words that appear to be in a different language. Keeping an open ear to what everyone was talking about, she gathered as much information as she could until she opened her eyes. She didn't say a word but instead turned to the gibberish her tail scribbled out. 

Every possible outcome in any possible situation in any possible order... I can see it all. I can make this work, I think I can do this! Even if they fail, it will all fall down to a safety net. The only missing factor here is that Waldo guy... I know nothing about him or his skills, so I must think on my feet. My fighting skills are mediocre at best thanks to my memory loss, but I have certain assets the others don't such as enhanced hearing and precision fighting. Even with all these outcomes in my head, our chances are still rather slim... Unless...

Cuki growled under her breath and added more symbols to the ground, and before she knew it, she had written a large amount that expanded a couple feet. She wrote quickly, her eyes darting back and forth rapidly, occasionally pausing to put her hands together as she did earlier, then quickly scribbling on the floor. Without any warning, she slammed the floor with her foot and all the dirt she wrote on lifted in the air from the force. The small shockwave was felt by anyone nearby. Cuki's eyes shined and she jabbed her hand within the small cloud of dirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. A single symbol formed in the mess, it was unknown to the others but Cuki knew exactly what it stood for.

"So that's it, huh? That's how we beat Waldo? Guess it was obvious from the start." Cuki said to herself before looking over to Kassava. She let out a desperate sigh. "But it might be hard since we have a couple of reckless minds joining this group. I need a break after this..."
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Brachi nodded as she had picked scissors, feeling that Cross had picked paper for this, itching to get it over with quickly.

Gervene merely watched as Majin Bara meditated, noting it was a wise idea to use that time to calm oneself to properly prepare for battle.
The note given to the voice did say "Scissors" Cross seeing that "I was hoping to lose this sub game quickly."  Cross did make another note for this game and handed it to the voice.
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Snow came back to watch. He was annoyed that they couldn't just all fight.
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The Detective nodded. “I was bested.” 

He watched her demeanor changed after this match. Just a confidence boost is all she needed. However, Vegeta had a serious, grimed expression on his face when he approached her. Without giving her any chance to react, he wiped her right hand.

As their hands locked together, the Detective’s eyes matched with Kassava’s. “I was misled about your strength, but from the texture of your hand.” He suddenly kisses it as he smiled. “You are far more capable than you let on.”

“I don’t know what kind of training regime you went through, but it’s clear you have too much potential storing within you. As the Saiyan prince, it’ll be an honor if you allow me to give you some tips here and there. Not as a rival, but as an equal.”

“She managed to defeat Ultra Instinct… I thought she was weaker than Vegetto. What gives?” Spina thought.

“Looks like Vegetto never took her seriously and just a punching bag for his competitive nature.” Demi-Fiend said, looking around. “Aside from Brachi and Cross, who’s left?”


“You and your jokes…” He turns to Brachi. “The Lich had chosen! What’s your next move?” The voice listens to Cross’ thoughts on the matter. “Perhaps you’re right… but…” 

Doctor Doom nodded his head. “Well, looks like I’ve seen enough.” He turns to Bernkastel and Lambdadelta. “Let’s begin this trial of yours quickly.”
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