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The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Cuki thought about her situation with Kassava and frowned. Instead of dwelling on the thought for much longer, the young girl listened to Demi-Fiend and his use of magic. She remembered the dodgeball match and his performance in magic, especially to Spina. She made sure to put a mental in her plan about Demi-Fiend's potential. 

I guess I'll have to see where this takes us. We'll see how well a certain Say-Yam listens to reason...

Cuki sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose before taking a deep breath to compose herself. She decided to take her mind off the idea for a moment and slipped by Whis' side once he calmed down. Cuki gently tugged at his robe while her cheeks turned red as she remembers how he complimented her food.

"Errm, excuse me Mr. Whis," Cuki said gently. "maybe after this trial, I can cook you a meal to help relieve your stress. I'm sure it'll be better than anything a brute can ever cook. I'll even make it extra special, just for you! I can't imagine what you got to go through sometimes. A wonderful person like you deserves nothing but the best food!"
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Kassava nodded at Whis after smiling back at the Detective, but nodded to the group near Lambda.

"Ok, but can it wait? We gotta get going: they're about to go looking for Waldo."

She turned on her heel, Vegetto's shocked expression remaining from the shout.

Whis sighed lightly, nodding to Raune.

"I am sure we can come up with a good regiment for her in the near future."

Vegetto's eyes soon returned to normal, glancing between the others. The agitation grew on his expression, his glare bouncing a bit from Detective Vegeta to Raune. However, he took his eyes off both, frowning a bit with a small scowl.

Why am I mad? She's happy...and people are offering to make her stronger. This is...good for her.

His frown only grew stronger, the stern glare softening into a melancholy gaze as he stared up at Kassava.


Whis' eyes turned to Detective Vegeta, bowing his head a bit and shutting his eyes.

"It is the personality that I have struggled the most with, detective. You were a troublesome individual in certain cases, just the same as Goku. However, in both of your behavioral patterns, you were very simple to guide as there were very clear and defined limitations."

His eyes turned towards Vegetto, noticing his sad demeanor and his complete detachment from the conversation.

"However, the fusion of your behaviors has created a pattern that is far more complex and without as much limitations. For example: both of you held very strong attachments to your families. Despite Goku's nature to abandon responsibility in most situations, you both had a strong desire to see your loved ones protected and cared for. Yet they are not as strong as your most glaring qualities: your former self's drive to be the best, and Goku's desire to elevate himself as far as he can go."

He sighed.

"I had originally assumed that your blended motivations would merely mix together, as they are almost one in the same. However, the detail is in how you both see things differently: you would see a challenge to conquer and put underneath your boot, while Goku sees someone who could bring out potential within him. This allows Vegetto to have the overwhelming viewpoint of both ideologies, amplifying his drive beyond both of yours to heights I didn't think possible. He has more than twice the challenge to mitigate his behavior, with absolutely zero experience in that field from your past self or Goku."

Whis perked his eyebrows, rubbing his chin.

" that I think about it...perhaps it's even negative, given Goku has never once attempted to modify his behavior and actively worked against doing such. Regardless, it is a burden I expected...but even I must is becoming a bit challenging to tolerate. His bond with his wife is not progressing his behavioral change as fast as I would like."

He then turned his head to Cuki, smiling warmly and the stress on his expression instantly evaporating away.

"Why thank you, dear! I would love to sample more of your delicious cooking, a special meal sounds absolutely lovely.~"


Vegetto's trance was broken at Detective Vegeta's shove, stumbling forward a bit. His scowl returned momentarily, scoffing at Vegeta before turning his head forward again. His expression softened, walking up after Kassava a few steps before tapping on her shoulder lightly, practically ignoring Lambda's planning.

"Kass, you got a second?"

Kassava kept her head forward.

"Just a minute. We're going over the plan."

"I just need a second, I wanted to ask-"


Vegetto perked his eyebrows slightly, seeing Kassava shift her head and put a finger to her mouth before shushing him. His small frown remained, his stare softening again.


Kassava frowned, rubbing her chin and looking over towards Lambda.

" do we get his attention? If he's upset over the Library fight...shouldn't he want to come to us?"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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The voice smirks. “Oh, I’ll make sure to pay you my debts for this favor, Cross.” He responded to the Lich directly in his mind. “The Lich had chosen to used Rocks! That means you lose, Brachi. Cross will be a member of this final half of the first trial now. I would’ve preferred you over the useless slime girl, but what can you do.” Before Brachi can retort, the voice vanishes and appeared near Bernkastel and the others.

He clapped his hands together. “Right, how about we get started? No more fooling around now.” The voice is seemingly eager to get this over with. 


Detective, pondering on Whis’ Explanation regarding Vegetto’s personality. He didn’t think that the sums of their parts would result in such a radical change nor that it would even result to that personality to begin with. “Had Kakarotto and I, under the impression that the potara was permanent, stayed as Vegetto… we would become like that?” He shook his head. “Something else might have changed…” Before Vegeta can asked another question, he realized that there are far more pressing matters—these questions can be saved on a later date until things cool down.

He turns to Brachi. “It’s nothing, I wasn’t really asking per say, since I was speaking to myself here.” Vegeta stated. “I was curious about your state of fusion, is all. I remember, when the Librarian was messing around, she must’ve deconstructed multiple people… and I sense myself nearby… so I think that was you who got deconstructed… along with other familiar energy signatures.” Detective pressed his finger on his lips. “Yet, I didn’t sense myself when Vegetto was breaking down.” The thought came to mind but shook it off. “Aren’t you concerned about your state of mind? The conflict of personalities clashing against one another, can result a very bad combination in a singular person. I’m surprise you were able to function somehow competency… The dragon balls are capable of breaking these kind of fusions… have you ever thought about it?” He stopped before he continues. “Ah, I’m just speaking my mind, is all. Hope I wasn’t offending you, milady.” 


“Like bait?” Spina said. “What would catch his attention?” He asked Kassava.
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Cross thinks "I assume I cant use my underlings in this fight in place of my self voice." Cross heads over to the others competing in this fight.
I will fine one later
Brachi shrugged.
"It's fine," She said to Detective Vegeta, "I was created through a well-intended experiment that went out of hand, using a set of Modified Potara Earrings. The idea was for the fusion to be terminated whenever either earring was removed or destroyed while omitting the time limit. It didn't go as Dende has expected it. As for you feeling your energy signature when I apparently got deconstructed, that's because in my universe, you were one of the fourteen people whom created me."
Raune followed Whis, Kass, and Cuki.

"I'm allowed to help with the search." He said putting his hands behind his neck, in the typical anime pose. "So... Why don't I just search the hard way? Not like I need to save my strength for the fight anyways. Since I'm not allowed to participate I'm betting giving advice would count for interference, which counts for losing. I can always just go take a nap afterwards."
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"To the Ends of the Earth."
"Ooooh my~!" Cuki covered her blushing cheeks upon Whis's compliment. "I won't let you down Mr. Whis! Please excuse me, I must group up with the others."

Cuki took a step back and bowed her head to the angel before slipping back within the winning members of the group. She overheard Lambda, Kassava, and Raune talking about plans and remained silent for a moment. The situation of Waldo and the people within the group gave them an extra obstacle to overcome. The Saiyan bit her thumb, eyeing each member respectively and assuming their abilities and how it would benefit in finding Waldo.

"Hang on Raune, since you're gonna pop in the fight on demand, you might actually need to unleash your full strength during those five minutes of battle. I recommend you save your energy, your newfound powers can come in handy." she smiled at Raune. "Besides, I think your new power is cool."

Cuki lowered her gaze to the floor, thinking intently.

Lammy says that Waldo is good at hiding and is good at hiding his energy, so that means Mr. Vegetto or Kass can't sense him. Spina and Kass have a point when they talk about bait... But what kind of bait will Waldo take? Cuki stared intently at the group before her, crossing her arms and tapping her finger against them. What would drive Waldo out of hiding? How can we bring him to us? Hang on...

"His mug," Cuki said suddenly. "What if we drag him out by using his mug? Lammy mentioned earlier than he lost his favorite mug in the whole library fiasco, so instead of running around and looking for Waldo, why don't we set a trap to ambush him? If he's as good in hiding as Lammy says he is, then we'll waste more energy looking for him than fighting him. We should conserve every ounce of energy, especially when we don't know what Waldo is capable of."

"Hmph, sounds like a good plan, but I wouldn't get your hopes up! None of us know where Waldo's mug is!" Maggie retorted. "Are you implying that you look all over the city for the mug?"

"I never said I was going to look for the mug," Cuki turned to face Maggie, smirking. "I don't need to when there's a little dolly that can shapeshift into anything she sees. If Lammy has an idea of what the mug looks like and is allowed to sprinkle a pinch of her magic, you can shapeshift into Waldo's mug with near full certainty of convincing Waldo. From that point, we'll have to rely on Kass..."

"E-Even if I can do the job, there's no way Kitty would lend me, The Great Maggie, to a group like yours. Right, Kitty? Besides, why would you send that nutcase to get Waldo? Wasn't she the one who ruined everything for you guys?"

"Despite her... mishap in the library, I would imagine Waldo to hold a grudge against the person who busted the library. Think about it... the person who ruined his day is in possession of his favorite mug." Cuki tapped the side of her head. "Best case scenario would be that Waldo comes out to rescue his mug and get the opportunity to settle his fury with the person who caused his stress, all at the same time. Hopefully, it's an offer that would even get Waldo out from hiding, given the circumstances, especially since we cannot sense him. Once he exposes himself to Kass, the group can catch him by surprise and have an upper hand for once."

"H-How far did you think this through?" Maggie-Cat sweated.
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
The detective sweated a bit. “Well, I never knew of fusion with that many people… but then again, based on what I seen so far, I’m not surprised.” He told Brachi. “Nevertheless…” He overheard Cuki suggesting a mug. “Kassava did do a number on the library, no doubt about that, and the mug might prove a significant to lure him out. He might be out for blood… since he’s in a bad mood.”

“Huh… so the brat got some big brains going on.” Spina said. “But wouldn’t Waldo just storm over here? What if he instantly gets away after he gets his mug?” 

“Kassava’s ability to manipulate time should come in handy.” Detective Vegeta said. “This world… time is a flicky thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. However, if she were to slow down time around herself, and Waldo enters her field… he would get affected.” 

Demi-Fiend snatch Maggie by the hair, after hearing her rejection of getting on this. “Nah, we’re pretty adamant about finishing this trial. Although I can’t jump in, I can force you to hurry it up, right?” Demi-Fiend dangle her around. “Or you prefer for me you rip the stuffing out of your body, eh? I could always use a cloth to wipe.”

“That depends, but if they can assist, so be it.” The voice told Cross. “More the merrier, I say.” He turns to the rest of the group, discussing on baiting Waldo. “I’m assuming Waldo can sense energy, right?”
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Cross thinks more aimed to ask the voice "Knowing how poorly they toke you possessing the pink one. How do you think they will take a zombiedfied form of say some one called Goku? I even thinking about lending it to Cuki." Cross seems to be treating this zombie as not a big deal.
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Kassava rubbed her chin, nodding at Cuki.

"I don't know if I can slow down time against him...but I think I know how I can stall him long enough for the group to hit him."

Vegetto kept a small frown, thinking to himself throughout the entire exchange.

Ok...I can do this. Offer to help...offer to help...offer to help-

He cleared his throat, his eyes turning down to Kassava.

"It's too dangerous Kass. Let me do it...I can stall him."

"No, I have to do it."

Vegetto's extensively puffed out chest and bravado immediately deflated at her response, his eyes widening a bit.

"But you don't know how to control the time magic, what if-"

Whis' loud, exaggerated cough cut Vegetto off mid sentence, the fusion turning his head a bit and meeting the taller angel's strong glare. Vegetto frowned in response, glancing down.

I was just trying to help her...what am I doing wrong? Why was she so happy when Vegeta offered to help, but not me?!

Vegetto's small, quick trance was broken from Kassava turning her head to him, raising an eyebrow.

"You don't think I can do this?"

Vegetto stopped in place, his eyes meeting hers for a moment. His expression dropped for a small moment.

No...I don't.'s not about me.

He glanced for a second at the other faces in the group, sighing lightly.

It's about supportive, Vegetto. You can do it.

Vegetto forcibly lifted his lips up into a small smile, nodding.

"Yeah, I think you can do this."

His expression shattered once again at Kassava's audible laughing, her eyes shut and wiping tears from the side.

"No you don't! You're such a liar!! It's written all over your face!"

Vegetto's eyes narrowed, gritting his teeth in a small grunt and angrily flailing his arms.

"Hey!! I'm trying to be supportive here!!"

Kassava stifled her laughter to a giggle, reaching up and pinching on Vegetto's right cheek with a small grin.

"Heh, and you're doing a great job. Thanks hunny~"

Vegetto kept his eyes to the side, his cheeks reddening as Kassava pecked onto the side of his face where she had pinched him only a second ago. He folded his arms across his chest, the blush still strong as he scoffed in annoyance.

"Let's just get this over with already."

Kassava held a small smile, turning her head to Cuki and the others while ignoring the Voice's question about Waldo's energy sensing capabilities.

"Right...I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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