The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
Lady Lightstep ported all living underlings of Cross with bearer magic.

The horde of Zombies got blasted.

Lady Blackrock toke the hit but is regenerating.

Cross's says as he looks fine "less see if this is pleasant surprised."
I will fine one later
Vegetto Black kept his smirk, his body contorting under the foot slamming into his torso. He released his grip on Spina's hand and throat, sliding back across the ground from the force of the blow. His head barely moved, having remained tilted down as he slid until the powerful blast of energy engulfed him in a massive explosion that erupted out in every direction.

The smoke began to slowly clear, but a sudden surge of black energy blasted the remaining dust and particles away. Still transformed in his Super Saiyan Rose state, Vegetto Black kept the same cock smirk that mimicked the original only in a darker, sinister twist. He lightly brushed off the side of his robes near his shoulder.

"No...but perhaps that is where I've failed for so long."

He stood with his arms at his side, his dark smirk intensifying.

"For so long, I looked down upon your weak and pathetic could simple beasts dare challenge the gods who granted them meaning beyond their petty instincts? Until I saw the legend stand before thousands of me. Literal legions rushing to enact justice, only to fall to the might of a single mortal."

Vegetto Black chuckled darkly, the ominous pink and black energy unleashing torrents of wind in every direction as he shouted over the forces of nature he created.

"He has shown me a world beyond the gods...and you will push me just as he has. Push this body to the absolute limit...push me to realm beyond the gods!"

His eyebrows narrowed into a fierce glare, crouching down in preparation for an assault.

"Or die a death as meaningless as your existence!"

Boss Battle: Vegetto Black

"Soon, Vegetto's body will bow to my command."

Giving Spina no time to recover or react, Vegetto Black launched forward in a dash, his arms swinging violently in a flurry of punches and heavy swings in an attempt to blitz Spina right from the start.

Vegetto's smirk only grew at Superman's comment, scoffing lightly.

"Fine...let's see what you're made of."

The bright blue energy exploded upwards from underneath his boots, engulfing him once more in its brilliant shine. Vegetto pulled his arms up into his signature fighting stance, eyeing down Superman for a brief second before suddenly hurling his cocked right arm forward. A bright sphere of blue energy tore through the air in seconds, crossing the small gap to the second island. The energy struck the ground in front of Superman's boots, erupting into a bright explosion just as Vegetto appeared from thin air, his right leg shooting forward in a strike aimed at Superman's back.

Kassava grimaced with wide eyes, throwing her arms up in defense and sliding backwards from the intense heat Demi-Fiend outputted. She grunted, quickly powering up to her True Super Saiyan God form, the bright crimson and gold flames swaying in the blistering winds. Her eyes remained wide, her tense glare strong as she visibly shook a bit at Demi-Fiend's taunt. Her arms flung up, forming the similar red rings of energy around her wrist from the encounter with Waldo.

A bright red glow illuminated around Demi-Fiend, Kassava twisting her outstretched hands as if she were turning a dial using both hands. Time began to slow around Demi-Fiend, revealing her initial attack as a means to bind him in a cage of time.

Whis blinked as the explosion went off on his chest, blasting him backwards. He remained completely poised, his body straight as a board while he flipped backwards from the force of the blow. Still clutching onto his scepter as if nothing happened, Whis soon flipped back around to his normal position, looking over his body.

"Oh my, how silly of me! I was not expecting an attack like that."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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The three Raunes all got themselves slammed into various parts of the room. The one into a wall slammed into it head first before falling onto the ground, the one into Zenta couldn't even move to avoid being used as a projectile against the martial artist, and the one slammed into the ground gave a cough.

"You're good." The Remnant stated from the ground, starting to climb back up. "But I'm even better." That Remnant drew his Stormruler and got into a crouch, focusing on his blade for a moment before starting to run straight at the air dancer with his sharp blade, leaving behind a blur from the speed of running. In an enclosed space. Against an air dancer.

"He's going to-" One Remnant stated.

"Yep. Literally the fight with Zenta all over again. How am I so stupid?" The other asked.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Cuki held her arms in front of her to protect her from the dirt and heat Dei-Fiend kicked up at them. She kept her ground, shaking not from fear, but from anticipation. As odd as it seemed for her, she appeared to be excited. Her Saiyan blood boiled but her brain told her to stay put and think strategically. 

Demi-Fiend is going to be our opponent, huh? This is not good... Last time he was with us, he nearly destroyed everything in my apartment. Let's not even think about that crazy power he used on poor Spina during the dodgeball match... Then there's the Librarian incident... Cuki eyed Demi-Fiend, thinking back to all the times he used any sort of move or technique. Okay... he's able to use magic and is super strong, so that means he probably resists magic stuff and can take a hit too...

Cuki took a step back, her palms glowing with white energy as she continued to examine Demi-Fiend.

He's still a dumb kid, so he's probably not familiar with martial art techniques. If we can approach him properly, he'll probably be overwhelmed. So far, he hasn't attacked us, so that means he's waiting for us to make the first move. It's the perfect opportunity to not mess things up! As long as we don't mindlessly bone-rush him and think everything through, then everything should be fine--

Cuki's eyes widen upon seeing Kassava make the first move. Her face was a mix of anger and panic as she switched her gaze from Kassava to Demi-fiend then back to Kassava.

"Kassava, no! He resists this type of stuff! He knows our moves!"

As Raune crashed onto Zenta, the furry martial artist held on to Raune and allowed himself to hit the wall, the blow softened by his tails. He made sure that the Raune clone was unharmed any further. Zenta then placed the Raune to the side as he dusted his tails. 

"Indeed, your clone charged at an enemy that can easily toss him back," Zenta chuckled. "I believe fighting this Air Dancer head-on is not the most intelligent approach." 

Zenta's smile remained as his palms lit up with white energy. He was heard clicking his tongue along with other strange noises. It was obvious that he was using his amazing hearing ability to scout where Air Dancer was and how big the room is. He turned his body directly to where Air Dancer was located before clicking his tongue again. In his mind, he saw the four walls of the room but an empty void in the center, implying that is where he can identify Air Dancer.

"I can see where this Air Dancer is when I hear the noise bounce off of him. If we are to win this battle, we must work together. This small room leaves us at a disadvantage, however, I believe if we change this room, Air Dancer will be at a disadvantage as well."
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Lambdadelta's head tilted to the side as one of her eyes was targeted for the explosion. Smoke billowed out as bits of sparking candy fell to the floor from the hole in her head but she didn't seem too bothered; she merely placed her hand over it, smile never wavering. "Well, if he weren't capable of warping reality to some degree, then it simply wouldn't be worth our time. Doctor Doom has that going for him at least." She sneered, moving her hand away to show it had gone back to normal. 

"I do have to admit it was such a funny prank! You really should see the look on your face, Bern!" Lambdadelta laughed boisterously, patting Bernkastel on the back. Bern was silently slumped over with her long veil of hair obscuring her smoldering face, dark as a shadow. Her eyes were the only thing visible behind her long strands of hair, even though the smoke from the attack was fading. 

"What's that, you want me to go first? Fine... you scaredy-cat!" Lambdadelta lifted herself into the air before conjuring up a large purple jack-o-lantern with a green mist emanating from it. "Here we go! Trick or treeeaaat!" She yelled with glee before throwing it right toward Wordplay. If it was anything like the kind she used before, there was no doubt it contained a trick, but this one was vastly different in appearance from her previous pumpkin.


"There's got to be a way for us to break out of here." Waldo said as he tapped his cane around on the carpeting. "If we do, maybe we can at least help out the others with whatever we find by sneaking out, but we definitely need to be inconspicuous about it. This reminds me of one of those closed-room puzzles. Surely he couldn't have sealed the whole place off from everywhere else?"
Spina, surprised by Vegetto-Black’s sudden rush, attempted to raise his arms just above the chest to shield from his vehement onslaught. Yet, after the first few blows, his body still jaded from earlier, Spina succumbed to the punches and swings. One punch connected, his head rocked to the other side, his eyes flickering in and out and fragments of teeth flying out of his mouth on a trail of blood. In that moment, it felt like an eternity, but before Spina can grasped the situation, the assault continues. Punch after punch, his body is taking punishment and his mind is on the verge of losing consciousness, his bones began to boil from sheer speed of Vegetto Black’s attacks had on it. Lights started to dim, his pupils began to fade, his body started to feel numb in multiple areas.


Suddenly, Spina chomped down on his tongue to wake him up, to breathe into life into his eyes. He looked towards this ruthless and vicious man, growing angry at his own failure for being on the verge of knocked out: twice. He ducked down, dodging one of his attacks just in time, and bolted upwards with an uppercut towards Vegetto Black’s jaw—his hand radiated in energy to give it an extra kick of power to push him in the sky.

He lifted his head towards the sky; immediately afterwards, he let out an angry roar as loud as he could. Energy poured out of his body as his hair spike up and change from black to a golden color accompanied by a golden aura surrounding him. He crouched down, inhaling slowly before exhaling, then leap towards Vegetto Black in a straight line in blistering speeds. Just seconds before getting close, he quickly stop and sped around him, creating after images as all of them form energy balls in their hands, firing a storm of destructive attacks towards him. The main one went above him, rushing at him with an assault of his own to return the favor in a series of punches and heavy kicks.


From Kassava’s perspective, Demi-Fiend’s movements decelerated to an absolute halt. However, the tattoos throughout his body shined briefly. He clenches his fists and zipped from his position to appeared in front of Kassava and grabbed her head, slamming his knee onto her face; the force behind it created a powerful shockwave and push her away by several feet. All of this happened just before Cuki finished her sentence.

“Time is precious to some, but they are meaningless to me.” Demi-Fiend took a look at his hand to observe the red glow illuminating around his body. He clenches his hands and brought out all the red glow into a singular ball of energy on the tip of his fingers. “You can have that back.” He toss the it towards Kassava, redirecting her time attack right back at to decelerated her instead.

“You’re next, squirt.” Demi-Fiend turned his sight to Cuki, eyes widened and a smirk. He bolted towards her with a heavy assault of punches towards her face and torso. The force behind his punches is strong enough to completely shattered the ground they were standing on.


The Great White Whale did not back down when Bara created a water in the ocean and changing the currents of the waves moves. From the earlier momentum, it leaped into the air in the path directly to them through the barrage of discs that sliced its flesh. It left behind a trail of blood that drizzled on that area of the clear, blue ocean into a misty, red spot. Its eyes narrowed, indicating that it is feeling the agony of pain despite tanking it to get closer. Once it got close, the whale did not hesitate nor gave Brachi and Bara no time to react—it immediately fired off a devastating blast in front of their faces.

It went back to the ocean once again and swam away to recover its injuries, using the water to heal its wounds—indicating that as long there is water, it will continue to recover.


In amidst of their confusion and lacking any form of defense, the tube man continued to wiggle, then suddenly stopped and stood up straight. He lifted one leg forward, then suddenly, lunge a strike at one of the Raune, flinging them towards the wall. His wiggle returned, as his buttock slammed onto the second one, pushing him towards Zenta and slammed the third one towards the ground with a single strike on his head. He jumped backwards several time before landing.


The Air Dancer stood up straight when Raune drawn out his blade—the moment he moved, he started to wiggle; the he ran, the faster his wiggles. The moment the speedster got close enough for an attack, the Air Dancer dodges it by moving its body to the right—although it did leave a small cut on its torso, causing it to react violently. The Air Dancer, using the excess momentum of wiggles it gotten from Raune’s speed, left out a devastating onslaught on him. In rapid succession of combos, he slap away his Stormruler towards the ceiling, embedded into it. He jumped back, turning his sight towards Zenta and Raune.

“Wiggle Bounce”

The Air Dancer rushes at the both of them. Seconds before appearing in front of them, it bounced off from the ground, towards the ceiling, then the walls. It was bouncing all over the place, making as much noise and sounds as possible and slamming Zenta and the other two Raunes from all sides to prevent them from assessing the situation.


Superman was surprised by the explosion that appeared in front of him and was swiftly kicked away from Vegetto’s powerful kick on his back. He crashed onto the island Vegetto once stood, splitting it in two, one of them sank underwater. He stood up, standing on the island still in stable condition and shook the sand off of his head.

“Guess we’re starting.”

He jumped in the air as he turned around to face the blue-hair warrior and immediately flew towards him. He tore through the ocean as the waves kicked up in the air. He pulled his right arm back, clenches his fist and angled his hand forward to strike his stomach.


Wordplay wiggle his finger at Gervene raising her shield. “Uh oh, that won’t do you any good. That’s something I just can’t get behind. I prefer to get straight to the point.”

The floor suddenly disappeared, dropping everyone into the literal depths of space—fortunately for everyone, they were able to float and levitate. He’d twirl his fingers to bring out a nearby Sun to smashed onto the incoming pumpkin to avoid collision, resulting a massive explosion between the two groups. As the smokes clear, a series of celestial bodies showered in the space between them.

“Zap!” Another sound Wordplay uttered that sound just like a lightning striking down. Suddenly, a massive amount of electricity came out of nowhere—no source of where it came—and struck them at all directions.

“Electrifying! Just gives me spark of joy! I’ll let you in on a secret just to give you a hint since I’m a nice guy. My ability falls on Onomatopoeia! Any sounds I make, as long they are in my view of sight, a massive attack will be occurred on your bodies.”


“Yeah…” Detective Vegeta rubbed his chin. “But something doesn’t feel right… I think this is a trap.”
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There might be arks traveling around his body but he is completely unaffected. Cross says "shatter." As Wordplay's shield shatters away opening him up for attracts form the others. Cross says "I not use this school in some time so I hope I did not shatter to much."

Cross' underlings are unaffected because of the shield that Lady Lightstep cast on every.
I will fine one later
Both Brachi and Bara were blown backwards, but being a Majin, Bara was able to regenerate her wounds and used her Mend Beam to let Brachi heal up as well. Brachi had locked on to the whale however and in retaliation, she went Super Saiyan Blue and fired a MASSIVE energy wave at the whale in retaliation, which parted the water upon moving over it due to the force and creating a massive explosion once it hit its target, blasting both water and steam upwards.

"I can do that too, filthy beast!" The amalgamation snarled at Moby Dick.


Gervene on her turn was quite tough, her energy of destruction having effectively blocked most of the attack.

"Intriguing. But guess what? I'm a Goddess of Destruction." She stated, before firing a small finger beam at one of the celestial bodies near Wordplay's position.

Within seconds after the beam struck, the surface of the celestial body began to splinter and crack all over, with magma becoming visible inbetween the cracks, before the body eventually exploded merely seconds after being hit, the debris of the body blocking the group from Wordplay's sight, giving them additional room and opportunity to strike back.
Vegetto Black's light grey pupils followed Spina's movements while extended out too far in missing his offensive strike, his eyes shutting tightly with a small grunt from the uppercut to his chin. However, as his body shot up into the air, he extended out his arms on each side and chuckled darkly; shooting up into the sky like a majestic angel ascending towards the heavens. His poised form remained as the afterimages unleashed their barrage of energy attacks, masking him in their destructive power.

The smoke cloud covering him dissipated away suddenly, the pink energy of Vegetto Black's aura in sheer pressure alone blasting it all outwards. His sinister smirk remained as Spina approach and he quickly threw up his arms. His limbs shot up much quicker than Spina's attacks and within an instant, he held the other Saiyan by his right arm and outstretched left leg in each arm to interrupt his barrage.

"Super Saiyan?"

Vegetto Black bared his teeth, his eyes widening in rapidly releasing his grip on Spina's arm in the momentary restraint, slamming it into his chest within the blink of an eye.

"This is the power you bring-"

His eyes expanded even more, his sinister smirk violently twisting into a heavy frown of pure rage.

"-to challenge a god?!"

Letting out a thunderous roar of his own, Vegetto Black swung Spina by the leg he held onto, hurling him down towards the ground below.


Kassava's eyes widened just in time for Demi-Fiend's knee to slam into her face. Her pupils nearly turned entirely white from the force of the blow, stumbling back and struggling to stay conscious from the force of the hit along with being caught off guard. She still swayed a bit, holding her face with a pained groan as her own attack engulfed her in its effects. Frozen like a statue, Kassava stood fully transformed in her True Super Saiyan God form in a cage of time.


Vegetto landed gently on the island after making contact with his kick, scoffing with a small smirk and crossing his arms to observe the damage left in the wake of Superman's crash. His smirk remained, his eyebrows perking a bit once Superman blasted forward in another charge. The fusion threw up his right knee, his arms still crossed in taking the full force of Superman's punch. The shockwave alone split the second island in half, the land slowly slipping into the water while Vegetto blasted backwards across the water. He kept his form entirely as he shot backwards, soon coming to a halt above the water. His left boot gently touched the surface of the water, making a single ripple the expanded out into the open sea while his right leg was still lifted. His smirk grew a bit, glancing down with crossed arms at the smoke rising up from his kneecap from where the punch hit before turning his blue eyes back towards Superman a few hundred feet away.

"Nice shot. That one really got the blood flowing!"

He slowly unfolded his arms and lowered his leg, clenching his gloved hands into fists and leaning forward slightly.

"And here I thought Doom sent me a push over. Now that I'm all warmed up, this is where the battle really begins."

Blasting forward into a blue dash, Vegetto cocked his arm back, hurling it forward towards Superman once he was within striking distance.


Whis' eyebrow perked a bit, his smile remaining as the realization of Wordplay's power was explained to the group.

"Ah, I see. Interesting."

He swerved with a merry hum, floating and evading the incoming lightning strikes with swift sways of his rather tall body. He floated in the same spot, raising up his free hand from his sceptar and extending his pointer finger towards the celestial body that Gervene struck.


A small, red and refined energy beam shot forward from his finger tip. Whis giggled to himself after firing the blast, covering his mouth.

"What fun!"
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Cuki gasped when Demi-Fiend fired Kassava's own time magic back at her, freezing her in place. Before she had a chance to do anything, Demi-Fiend was already in front of her. She felt a wave of pain, especially at her face. Her senses were jumbled for a moment as Demi-Fiend continued to attack her. Her tail twitched violently before whipping Cuki on her back, a mysterious and powerful force pulsed from the tail. The Saiyan's body jolted to life and quickly moved her head out of the way from an oncoming attack. Cuki, although damaged, was slowly keeping up with Demi-Fiend's punches. She was able to eventually dodge all of his attacks because they were predictable to her.

He's just throwing punches in hopes he hits something... If he is as predictable attacking, then his defenses are no different...

Cuki swiftly slipped in between Demi-Fiend's punches, attempting to close the gap between them. Once she was close enough, she launched her glowing palm towards Demi-Fiend's face but stopped halfway through, faking him out. Her arms became a blur as she pushed Demi-Fiend's fists away from her and attack him with her palms then redirected them to his shoulders, hitting his pressure points in hopes to disable his arms. She knew she couldn't fight Demi-Fiend alone and needed Kassava's help. As quickly as she attacked Demi-Fiend, she flipped backward, away from him and towards Kassava.

Cuki stared at the frozen Kassava, entirely void of what to do to make her snap out of her own magic.

"Kassava, snap out of it!" Cuki shook Kassava by her shoulders, peering over at Demi-Fiend. She shook Kassava faster. "Move, move! Ugh, how do I undo this time-magic shenanigans..?!"

Cuki's face showed nothing but panic, completely clueless about magic, let alone Kassava's ability. She looked around frantically for some way to free Kassava from the magic. She pinched Kassava's wrists, tugged her hair slightly, and even copied Kassava's movement, pretending to 'dial' back time. Frustrated, Cuki reeled her fist back having no option but to take aim at Kassava's face.

"I'm sorry Kassava! ...Kinda!" Cuki slammed her fist as hard as she could against Kassava's cheek.

Zenta heard the Air Dancer speak and was about to make a move, however, his ears fluttered at each and every sound Air Dancer made towards them. He darted his head around, the commotion Air Dancer made broke his focus and he was unable to pinpoint where the Dancer was. With the last bounce location he was able to pick up, Zenta immediately lifted his arms to guard his front, however, he miscalculated and was hit from the side. He reacted quick enough to catch the last possible moment Air Dancer bounced to them, but due to all the noise, he couldn't pick up from where the Dancer came from.

Zenta flung back towards a wall, grunting in discomfort as he could not anticipate where Air Dancer was going to hit. He took a deep breath, however, and regained his posture. His palms were still coated in the mystical white energy as he quickly swiped his hands over the patches of fur all over his body, primarily his arms, chest, and ears. The fur rose on ends, able to better sense the tiny vibrations in the air. The energy traveled to his tails, which he swayed in quick motions, sending wisps of harmless energy around the area to engulf it. The energy looked like white smoke as it delicately bounced off the walls to be picked up by his very sensitive fur. He was able to sense even the tiniest movement thanks to how small the room was.

"How troublesome," Zenta sighed. "So much noise..."

Zenta slowly waved his arms into the familiar Tiger stance and rushed directly towards Air Dancer. Since he always wiggled, Zenta was able to pick up on him easily and jump as high as the room will let him. He pushed himself off the ceiling and launched himself towards Air Dancer, planting his foot directly onto Air Dancer's chest. The impact cracked the wall behind Air Dancer.
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