The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
"What am I? Chopped liver?" Gervene asked, a frown on her face as she crossed her four arms.
One of the Raune Remnants looked over to Cross.

"If Doom's gone, there's nothing holding me back from just flat out killing him."

The other one immediately responded.

"As if you would hold back to begin with. This just makes it even easier."
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"To the Ends of the Earth."
Demi-Fiend froze for a second, narrowing his eyes. “You little bastard…” He couldn’t help but smile at Kassava’s confidence. Despite all the verbal abuse this girl went through, she was tough as nails, but he noticed that Kassava was struggling to hold the gun in proper position. Demi-Fiend knew this girl was not the one who shot the bullet—perhaps it was Cuki? How?

Demi-Fiend narrowed his eyes, realizing that since there was another version of himself, perhaps, everyone else was affected by this. He concluded that Kassava’s influence on time had caused a strange occurrence of different points flaring at once. Knowing that Kassava could had not done it, he, with an evil grin, step forward with killing intent. “Alright…” His tattoos glowed as he twirls his fingers, indicating that he was about to cast a new magic attack. 


Before Demi-Fiend could finished, Cuki grabbed him from behind. Angered, he flail around to shake the girl off him, but she would not budge. He slammed the back of his head against Cuki’s face and started to thrash around. “I’ll break you!”


Detective was surprised at Vegetto’s demeanor; after hearing that he was fighting a being name Superman, and considering he enjoyed himself, he was quite curious too. Cross' forces searched around the castle, but seemingly, they can only travel so far. They were contained in this particular room, and cannot move down nor up, until all battles has been fulfilled. 

He listen to Zenta’s expansion of what he saw, adding further that Doom seemingly wanted to reduced realities. The Detective considered the memory, the opponents, and the voice’s connections to the tools. 

“I think that means that Voice is some sort of god, but because of whatever reasons, he cannot do things he’s normally does.” The Detective didn’t have any hard proof, but this isn’t a wild off speculation. If the tools possessed power, Doom would’ve used it, but he didn’t. He simply waited until everyone’s guard was down, and he took the voice. Once he got that, he starts thrashing everything in sight.

The Detective turns to the group. “That memory we saw… We know that Doom survived this. If Zenta is saying is true, then Doom is forcing everyone to come here, like a large-scale migration. But from what we saw, Doom wasn’t like that before. Something must’ve caused him to change suddenly like that.”

The Detective pondered on, checking out the orb that Waldo carried. “And that large, armored man was displaying a strange energy… similar to this one… Dark Energy.” He uttered the last term. “Yes… I remember now.”

Before he continued….


The energy-star shaped blade dissolve relatively quickly afterwards as Vegetto-Black disappeared after taking his attack. Spina straighten his body, pulled his head back and yell furiously, as the world gained the full experience of his mighty roar. He panted as his chest enlarged, then decreasing after each deep breath. Spina’s eyes became misty; perhaps it was the water that drippling down on him from energy trail that followed him throughout his attack. Perhaps he was excited that he finally managed to score a win without instantly getting destroyed.

Regardless, Spina pumped his fist in the air as a sign of victory. He took it as a badge of honor that he bested a man he considered as a worthy opponent—not the doppelganger himself but rather him as a concept. He respected Vegetto’s strength, considering him as an adversary—even when Vegetto doesn’t consider him the same. Maybe he does, but he’ll never know.

He left his arms dropped to absorb the silence as the battle concluded. He looked to the left: none. He looked to the right: the same thing. Suddenly, a door appeared in front of him, connecting Spina to where the others are located. He didn’t care whether this door was going to send him to another fight—whatever Doom had in stored for him, Spina was ready.

Using every ounce of his strength, as his transformed state slowly disappearing, he raised his right arm to turn the knob, opening the door. In a flash of light, Spina was suddenly in the presence with the others; The Detective, Cross, Vegetto, all the others were present. Knowing that there wasn’t a battle, his dove-colored eyes disappeared, leaving his sclera completely white. He collapsed to the ground, returning to his base, because his body was so damage from Vegetto-Black’s malicious assault, being completely knocked out. He didn’t even hear what Cross, Zenta and Detective had explained to the group after his statements.
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Cross says "We shooed give context to that shoed up after us." 

Cross says to his forces "Go back out side of range of a massive wipe just in case and spared that order." Lady lightstep asks "what about you my lord?" Cross says "I might as well keep finished this and if I on the mark I might as well give her a lab. I have a lot those kicking around."

Lady Blackrock says "Master our teleportation methods seem not to be working." Cross says "send a warning to all uninvolved forces. Then assume defensive poster 55 DA." All his followers obey orders.

Cross thinks "I wonder if this sends to those that care about the fact I am a Lich in our little group."
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Brachi, Majin Bara and Gervene remained silent, with the former two being worried about their friends back in their home universe, wanting to find a way to get back to them asap. Even Gervene was concerned when it came to Jize and Vocat...

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