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The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
After Doctor Doom’s ominous taunt on the Breakers approaching him succeeded, he finally took a stand. He laid his hand on the machine as he turned to face his worthy adversaries, taking the time to answer their questions. 

The Machine was a complex build. It was working overdrive since the first time the Breakers witnessed it. As Zenta noted, it was quite larger than before, so the battles that the Breakers had to face gave Doctor Doom enough time to construct an even bigger object to erase universes he so pleases. In the center, it had a glass door with the voice sealed inside of it. When the voice overheard the Breakers’ comments, he planted his face on the glass, tapping it with his tiny hands.

“About time! What the heck were you guys doing!?” His tone was anger, confusion and fear. “This guy has been working me to death over here! Beat this guy and get me out of this thing!”

Doom Doctor stared at the Breakers, one by one, seeing that most of them had broken their limits in their epic battles. “Is that so…” He finally spoke, acknowledging Vegetto’s answer first. He close his eyes for a moment, reminiscing everything that led up to the point. Some good, some bad, some that made him curious about the biology of Saiyans and the foundation of the Gods.

He opened them again, after everyone questioned his reasonings, his purpose for the escalation of universal destruction. Doom’s eyes narrowed. “Then, come as close as you like, in fact, I’ll come to you.” Doom pressed a button before walking directly towards the Breakers. His energy exploded like a super volcano.

“And realize my ambitions will move you.” After Doom pressed the button, the Voice was shocked in all directions, causing him to back away from the glass door, and let out a agonize screams. The machine lit up like a supernova, firing a power beam of destruction upwards.

Spina prepared in his defensive measure. “Here it comes!” He started to power up, seeing that Doom was ready to erase them right here and now flat out, but the beam continue upward towards the ceiling, then the skies. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, until he heard an explosion. He turned his head slightly to the right, looking at the windows of all the universes were floating around. Several universes exploded into nothingness. He started to sweat, turning to Doom. “The hell is that?”

The Detective Vegeta’s eyes enlarged in horror. “You… you didn’t…”

Doctor Doom stopped in front of them, notably Vegetto, face to face, chest to chest, eye to eye. “As I destroyed your universes, Doom will create a singular reality, a reality of everlasting peace.” Doom chuckled. “I looked at your realities, full of misery, full of dangerous gods, full of enemies that threatened the stability of your peace. I come to get rid of all of that.” Doom come even closer to Vegetto, bumping chests against one another as a means of provocation. “Racism, discrimination, hatred, sexism, greed, lust, evil gods, all of that will all cease. All will come under one rule, Doom. And all I expect is undying loyalty. Those that stray away from that had no business in my world.”

Spina witnessed the destruction of his world, as the others witnessed theirs. He roared greatly, as his body transformed straight into his strongest form, Super Saiyan 4.” He bolted towards Doom, cocking his fist back and slammed against Doom’s face, whether Vegetto was in his way. Doom stood there, as he continue talking.

“So, Breakers, will you submit to my will, or perish under the feet of Doom?”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Cross thinks "Most those things are apart of a lot creatures condition." Cross says to the group "Your response kids." Having a strong felling what they all will want to do.
I will fine one later
Kassava was the first to turn her attention off Doom, and at the realization of their universes being destroyed, she quickly turned to the window in shock. She glanced down slowly, her eyes still wide and her voice quiet.

"No. After everything we've done to go's all...gone."

Whis turned his head as well, looking out at the destroyed atmosphere. His expression was mostly blank, his tone flat.

"Ah, I see. A fresh start."

However, despite the flash displayed, Vegetto kept his eyes forward. He stood still with his arms at his side, his cocky smirk as strong as ever in focusing only on Doom. He soon balled his gloved hands into fists, tensing a bit once Doom was directly in front of him. Vegetto's body did not move on the small impact made by Doom, his entire expression unchanged in waiting for Doom to finish.

He paused for a moment, letting out a small sarcastic chuckle.

"I don't care for whatever stupid plan you have for the world...but for once...I actually agree with you."

Vegetto's smirk remained strong, his chin turning up a bit to meet Doom's eyes.

"All those distractions have no place in this world. The only things that matter now are"

His pupils flashed a bright gleam, hardening like silver steel in the rapid rise of heat around his body.

"-ţhe̴ ̢fìg͠h̨t.̵"

The monsterous silver fire exploded upwards from underneath Vegetto's boots, rapidly engulfing the fusion in its glaring heat. Hot wind blasted outwards in every direction, the flames surging around his body. The fire seemingly scorched and seared Vegetto's hair, the black and normally stiff spiky bundles flowing freely as the silver flames seared a matching color into the hair. His cocky smirk remained, the silver eyes staring down Dr. Doom.

However, his smirk vanished in noticing Spina's fist still lodged in Doom's cheek. He frowned, reaching up with his left hand and lightly pulling Spina's arm back away from Doom. Vegetto stared down Spina with a disappointed glare, shaking his head lightly from side to side once. Upon regaining focus, he suddenly launched his right fist forward with a thunderous roar, the fist sailing forward directly towards the center of Doom's mask.
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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To say that Brachi, Bara and Gervene were shocked was an understatement. However, there was one thing that had to be taken into account: Gervene herself was still around; being a Goddess of Destruction meant that her life was linked to a God or Goddess of Creation, and if Gervene was still present, Jize, the Supreme Kai whose life was linked with hers, must be also alive as well... but this didn't come to mind to Brachi. Did this mean that THEIR universe was still around?

"Congratulations, Doom, you wanted me angry? I'm angry!" Brachi said, flashing straight into Super Saiyan Blue as she had powered down prior to the confrontation and didn't seem to acknowledge Vegetto and Spina's assault on Doom.

But the most surprising change came from Majin Bara... she didn't cry out however... instead, she was now powering up herself, screaming in utter frustration as steam bellowed from every hole on her body, seemingly beginning to cover her and preventing Doom from actually seeing her, while her energy signature was rising rapidly. 

Gervene noticed this however and boldly stepped into the steam herself.
The three Remnants watched the beam fly upwards into the collection of universes, watching as one in particular faded away.

The three Remnants watched the beam fly upwards before the explosion went off. With their augmented hearing, they turned to look out a window to see a certain universe fade away.

"It's gone.
It's gone."

Two of them stated, pulling off their masks as tears began to run down their eyes, rooted in place. They both walked up towards the window, placing a hand on it and staring outwards.

"My family.
My history.
My kingdom.
Gone, to please a madman."

They both bowed their heads in shame, starting to cry, their bodies shaking. In that moment, they lost the one thing keeping them going.

- - - -

One Remnant remained. The second Remnant. The allegedly main, allegedly true Raune. The only one who mattered. All others copies, duplicates, remnants. He held Stormruler in both hands, blue lightning arcing across his body as he prepared himself for battle, increasing in intensity. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and let loose a truly demonic howl, raising Stormruler into a offensive stance.

"HEHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you! Thank you, Doctor Doom. I was concerned how I was going to erase that worthless, ugly mockery of my home without the other Breakers stopping me, and then you just go and delete it to try and demoralize me. That makes everything so much easier. Like how I'll not have to fight my own team after we stop you. I'm free. No destiny, no universe, nothing to make me stop, make me pause. Now, there's nothing to hold me back." He took a few steps forward towards Spina, Vegetto, and Doom.

"BREAKERS! OUR MISSION IS STILL THE SAME! DEFEAT DOOM!" He raised Stormruler into the air, legendary blade and Huntsmen, together as one.

- - - - -

The third Remnant backed away from the window, tears still running down his eyes as he looked to Doom.

"You took my home. My birthplace. My kingdom. I'll take your head. I'll be erased, I'll die, I'll be sacrificed so one of the other Remnants can finish the job." The red eyes, the full beard, the cat ears, quite distinctive, quite unique. But that neatly groomed black hair, that royal facial structure, that was familiar. King Raune Xaio Long. What was his uncle's name again? Jacen? Yes, the familial resemblance was there. On another world, in another time, Raune didn't exist, but his uncle did. What did they call his uncle? Right, yes. Kaiser. No mistaking it. Black hair, royal blood, preference for a sword, and those eyes full of anger and hate. No matter what, sometimes you still lose.

The third Remnant pulled his mask back on and surged forward, moving at such incredible speed he appeared almost instantly behind Doom, leaving behind a sonic boom with a fist aimed right for the back of his head, while the second and third Remnants kept their distance, rapidly moving around the room at super speed, waiting for an opportunity.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Bernkastel watched placidly as the universes faded out of the atmosphere one by one from where she stood. 

"My my... good riddance, if you ask me. There weren't a whole lot of interesting toys to dig up from the territorial abyss anyway."

Lambdadelta's face was hidden behind her hair, her hands balled up into fists. "Easy for you to say, you friendless loner," she said dejectedly. "People didn't depend on you like they did me. They're gone now and I couldn't even pass them a warning along..."

- - - -

Waldo's typically unfaltering smile was instantly wiped away. His beloved family, the land of Wally... he had no chance of returning to it now; not even a goodbye to his dear mother. He turned away from the deletion with his eyes hidden behind his glasses and his mouth consisting of just a line. 

His entire body tensed and trembled as he hunched over to let out his unfathomable despair and fury.

"You... You...."

Waldo's body let out its own pulse of energy as his form became engulfed in the strange yellow and black aura he had only revealed once, this time, it seemingly radiated off of him in waves.

"YOU MONSTER! You think you can just play God like this!? Just because you could!? Unforgivable! I'll never allow you to rule over any life form knowing what cruelty you are capable of! Your reign of terror... ENDS HERE!" Unlike before, his simple-looking face contorted into a more chiseled facial structure that matched his overtly muscular body. Through the immense pain within his own heart, he reached the conviction needed to go all-out for the first time since he had entered the Reality Vortex. Swinging his cane into the air, Waldo assumed a defensive position near the Detective and Kassava, anticipating the next moment with a keen eye.

"T̛h͟is̸ ́ou̶gh͠t ͝t̀o ͘be ̨a͢ ̴g͜ood ̸f̶i͜gh̷t̛!"

- - - -

Bernkastel's dress billowed in the maelstrom of wind being produced from so many power-ups being performed, although she opted to watch first and act accordingly. She noticed Lambdadelta's long silence; usually she would let out a boisterous taunt in exchange and jump in with her own explosively bombastic attack, but she didn't.

"....Lambda." She reprimanded from Whis' side, looking away from the others lunging their fists at Doom with a disapproving look on her face. "I know you still have a heart that sways you time and again, but don't let a handful of people from Purgatorio make you become sentimental. There were so many doomed timelines in the Sea of Fragments... I've lost count. We had more fun destroying the games we didn't make because throwing others into despair was better than longing after what could have been. You've no need to let those attachments weaken your conviction now of all times."

"..." Lambdadelta looked over at her, a deep scowl still on her features.

"So spare me from that gut-wrenchingly saccharine savior facade. Even if you did warn them, where could they possibly run to?" Bern sneered. "Think of it this way-- we finally have been rid of that wretched Senate and the old hag. So we can basically do as we please here without them holding us back, just like Vegetto said."

Lambda smirked. "I can't believe you'd agree with him. But we still won't have a place to do as we please... It won't be a good kind of fresh start if we let him win. I mean really, a reality of totalitarian peace afforded only by a megalomaniac?!" She cackled. "Ohohohoho! To hell with that! I submit to no one! I'll serve none other than myself! Anarchy is the best way to run this show, isn't it!? I'll absolutely never give up!"

"Hm, utopias never work out as innocently as they seem on paper anyhow." Bernkastel shrugged, getting into a defensive stance with her hands and eyes glowing green. "Oh well. Better to have nobody in full control than a self-appointed god. The unanimous vote is leaning towards 'no' at any rate... so anarchy it is."
Cuki stared up at the vanishing universes, eyes widening not from shock, but from the display of power Doom showed. She remained silent, gazing as the other universes disappeared as well. Her body did not feel any wave of sudden emotion or an urge to get back at Doom for destroying her home; Cuki felt nothing. Nothing in her body screamed for revenge, no sudden impulse, no reaction. Her stunned gaze turned neutral as she slowly glanced over to her master.

Zenta, either unaware or uncaring, kept his body facing Doom and the battle that is no doubt going to ensue. 

"Master, our universe... is gone," Cuki said in a near whisper.

"I see. Are you going to fight like the others for the people of our universe?"

Cuki lowered her eyes to the floor, the question had put her in a spot of her ideas and her beliefs. 

"N-No... I... Why should I? I have no memories of that life, that universe. Even if we restore it, why go back to a place I don't remember? I'll have no memories, no purpose, no path to follow if I go back! I'll... I'll be all alone again... I... I already made my home here, in this realm." Cuki slowly gazed at all her comrades. "I made friends here and we've gone through the good and the bad together. I'm not confused or without purpose when I help them. I never wanted to go back to my universe, not with all the great memories I have with my comrades, even if we do bump heads."

"So you agree with Doom?"

"No... Peace through absolute dictatorship will never work. Killing people who don't obey you will only create unseen chaos, a rebellion. But..."

Cuki's voice lowered even more, almost as if she did not want the others to hear her.

"In a way, I'm glad that all the universes are gone..."

Zenta chuckled to himself.

"And why is that, Cuki?"

Cuki stood silently, watching the others power up and start their attack on Doom, despite saying earlier that Doom knows their every move. She was confused and lost, not knowing what to do in a situation like this. Her eyes were wide, like a deer caught in the headlights. Finally, she replied to her master, her voice rid of any emotion.

"...Because I never wanted my friends to leave."
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Spina, being casted aside, stared at Vegetto’s brilliant form as he took on a conservative approach. Seeing his disapproval on his action, felt like a stare from a disappointing father, Spina stared at the ground, in disappointment at his own actions for letting his emotions run wild. He back away a few moments to calm himself down, as Vegetto readied himself for battle. 

Doctor Doom, being struck from the front and the back by Vegetto and Raune respectively, remained still in his position. He lifted his arms wide, just slightly above his chest as his eyes remained locked onto the silver shimmers in Vegetto’s eyes. “Understood.”

His mask cracked. A straight line from one side to the other burst opened, but still intact, across the bridge of the nose, as both of their fists remained.

Doctor Doom, feeling the pressure of the sonic boom riddled across his metal body; his muscles tighten, and the overflowing aura flow raging out of his body. He grabbed Vegetto’s arm, pulling away from his face. “I am a savior, an avenger, a conqueror, but for now, Breakers, Doom will be your executioner.”

Using his free arm, Doctor Doom forcing Vegetto forward by yanking his arm, planting a small, green energy near his stomach, resulting a powerful explosion to blow everyone near him away to create distance for himself.

“And execution Doom shall bring.”

Doctor Doom levitated from the air, as the machine behind him started to overload. The voice slamming his fist on the unbreakable glass door, yelling “Breakers!”, but the noise from the explosion prevent his voice to be heard by anyone. Suddenly, he felt that his energy snapping rapidly. “My, what… is going on…”

Surrounding in green energy, Doom placed an object, the tools, in between his hands together to create a small black orb, radiating in blackish, malicious energy, before smashing it. The tools itself fell from grace, slamming onto the ground, resulting in a grey, like fashion, indicating that it is no longer active. The machine started to fire off energy, all absorbing into Doom’s body, firing off sparks of lightning around him. The green energy turned black, then eventually white; his green coat, likewise, started to change in color.

Spina narrowed his eyes. “He’s used the tools… to absorb the voice’s power?”

The Detective seems to have a  despair look on his face. He witnessed the destruction of his universe. His friends, his family, his beloved wife and children. All of them gone in a flash, the second he started to found hope that he could return. He wanted to share his adventures, wanted to showcase his progress to his rival, Goku. He wanted to show his change to his Whis and wanted to embrace the love to his wife he hadn’t seen in decades. Yet, he had no tears. His face was not despair in his eyes; it was anger. “Voice was…”

Spina turned to the detective. “Detective…?”

“Voice was the ultimate god of this world, but for some reason, he was unable to use his full potential. So, the tools was a key to his power, but Doom used that to absorb all that locked potential in his own, so he can become… God.” The Detective balled his fist, in agreement with Waldo’s statement. “This will indeed be a delightful fight… You took my beloved… for your goals… sounds good, but your end goal is by most unorthodox.” He raised his arm up, his base form burst into a brilliant glow, like Vegetto, and raised his hand in the air. “A gentleman doesn’t strike when an opponent is powering up, but this metal twat ain’t getting none of that! Atomic Big Bang Attack!” As the silver aura burst out of him, his silver hair flowing in the flames burning in his heart, an atomic particle appeared in the palm in his head. Afterwards, light particles formed around it, merging with it to become a small ball of red, blue and white energy, before launching towards the direction of Doom, whom still stability his body, result an explosion, with smoke clouds covering Doom completely. 

The Detective turned to everyone next to him. “Everyone! Let’s teach this plank a thing or two about how we do things, eh!?”

Spina, seeing Vegetto, Raune, the Detective and mostly everyone taking their strong stance, he himself decided to remain calm. If they reverse this, perhaps they can bring back their universes. Spina closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them again, tapping into the strength that he held previously. His eyes changed, after hearing Zenta and Whis’ talks about improvements earlier. Spina took an offensive position, observing Doom’s next move. He noticed Cuki’s demeanor, concern that she wasn’t as upset about the others, but vaguely remember that she didn’t had any memories. Suddenly, Spina, and everyone, felt a sudden force of energy, a dangerous energy that cannot be understood by normal means.

A sudden white beam of light burst through the cloud of smokes, heading straight to Bernkastel. The Detective Vegeta narrowed his eyes, seeing that the beam was heading straight for him. Without delay, the Detective jumped in front of Bernkastel to block it, only to have his entire lower torso erased on the spot.

Doom exited out of the clouds, now on the ground, with his hands in a finger-bang position.  "I am Doctor Victor von Doom. Liberator of worlds..."

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Survival: UNKNOWN
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Cross thinks "Kids these days." Cross says using a spell-like ability "I order all Buster to fight well." Some how that one order made all them feel far stronger and far more aware of every thing. Cross thinks "This shooed make them hit harder, hit better and be harder to hit in return. I don't know if its even worth my time to even bother with defensive buffs that are not oriented in evading."  

Cross sends the voice "If you can hear me make it as hard as you can for him to erase people. This fight feels like a fight of inches."
I will fine one later
Vegetto's silver eyes remained tense, glaring down Doom despite his punch doing nothing to phase the man. He turned his eyes down, quick to throw up his arm to slightly cover his chest once the green energy struck him. With the violent cloud of smoke billowing out from the explosion where he once stood, Vegetto blasted out from the opposite end of the smoke and quickly slid across the ground on his feet. He grunted, quickly rising back up as Kassava joined him at his side. Her hair spiked up, the golden and red fires engulfing her body in transforming into her True Super Saiyan God state.

Vegetto's eyes widened at the incoming blast, turning and following the attack as it struck Detective Vegeta.


Whis perked his eyebrow, tilting his head to the side once the energy passed by. He was about to comment on the situation with Bernkastel and Lambda, but the overwhelming energy completely distracted him. His eyes had turned forward, his smile remaining as he spoke along with Bernkastel's comment on anarchy.

"Yes...I do believe that sounds quite wonderful."

Whis inhaled deeply once, exhaling the breath before nodding towards Cross.

"Thank you for the enhancements, Lich."

Whis let go of the scepter he was holding, the rod disappearing into thin air. The odd ring hovering around his neck dropped suddenly, the attire around his body completely changing with a small flash of light. In the short span of time, Whis' garb had morphed into that of his own former pupil Beerus: the ornate crest adorning his neck. His blue skin glinted a bit in the light, his slim but muscular physique visible for the first time.

Vegetto's shocked eyes turned at the sense of Whis approaching, both him and Kassava looking on while Whis happily hummed to himself, leaning down and stretching out his legs in a similar fashion to Goku himself.

"Whis...what are you doing?"

Whis kept his smile, straightening himself out as he cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders.

"I'm about to fight, obviously!"

Kassava blinked, peering around Vegetto.

"But...what are you wearing?"

Whis stifled a small chuckle, lowering his arms.

"Oh, I needed something far less restricting than those stiff robes. Plus those shoes are way too big for my feet!"

He reached down, tightening the sash around his new gi pants, spacing his legs.

"This attire is much more comfortable!"

Vegetto blinked hard again, studying Whis curiously and speaking with a confused dual voice.

"But you've never changed clothes, even if you were fighting."

Whis nodded curtly, raising his hands up.

"Yes...because most fights did not require my assistance. This one, however...will be the first battle I take seriously."

Inhaling deeply through his nose, Whis stood with his arms raised in a Wing Chun stance. A gentle breeze momentarily rolled through around the others, Vegetto letting out an audible gasp at the sudden explosive surge of heat directly next to him. For the first time, Whis' tremendous energy signature could be felt as silver fire blasted upwards in every direction from underneath his boots. The luminating purple and blueish glow of the fire itself dwarfed his students in its shine, the flames themselves raging in such intensity, the energy flowed almost like water instead of fire around his body.

The contained, devastating energy dispersed slightly from around Whis' face as he exhaled through his nose. His eyes shot open, a ominous gleam of silver light rolling off his pupils that now hardened like steel in their illuminating silver glow that replaced his normally light pink eye color. Standing poised, Whis' normal warm and light hearted expression had completely vanished. A fierce glare with a small frown was all that remained, the intense stare focused on Doctor Doom.

Vegetto's silver eyes remained wide, completely caught off guard by Whis' explosive surge in power.

What the hell are you?!
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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