The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga
A wall of Darkness appeared between Cross and White Marbles Redux. The White Marbles Redux were consumed by this darkness.

Cross says "Black Marbles Redux"  These Marbles were sent after doom and his the White Marbles. This is to make openings for the others to deal with doom.

More Will-o-Wisps start to form and a some start to cast fire magic to annoy doom as most the others start to cognate to one point.
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A scorching heat and pressure soon radiated from the opposite side of Doctor Doom's mask, and in an instant, Whis reappeared in front of the armored fighter once the White Flare had finished. His entire body radiated underneath the silver fire of his aura, the very blue skin and black clothing of his gi evaporating off him like the light particles present with the typical Ultra Instinct form.

His fierce glare never once left Doctor Doom, his hands flying outwards in quick jabs towards the exposed cracks of Doctor Doom's mask and his armor. His legs were primed, having planted firmly but his muscles firing in preparation to leap away if needed from a counter attack.

Vegetto floated still, his arms tensing in seeing the multiple energy blasts surrounding him. He kept a small glare, raising his arms to his chest and forming an X with his fists clenched. Letting out a thunderous roar, he suddenly threw his arms down to the side, a brilliant shine of silver energy igniting into two blades in both arms. In an instant, Vegetto whirled around and slashed viciously at each orb surrounding him, the collisions of energy erupting into devastating explosions all around him. The massive smoke cloud in the air billowed upwards, but within a few seconds, Vegetto soon shot down towards the ground.

Kassava remained in her meditative state, limply being pulled by Bernkastel along to safety. She held closed eyes for the entire duration of the save, but upon Bernkastel's request, a small building heat began to radiate from her body. Firmly planting her left foot on the ground for stablity, Kassava rose up to her feet with a steady, deep breath flowing into her nose. She held her arms up, her fists clenched and slowly exhaled the deep breath outwards. With the expulsion of air came a sudden flame from underneath her boots, a splendid silver gleam radiating from her pupils as she slowly opened up her eyes. The silver fire for her aura was greatly diminished around her body in comparison to Whis and Vegetto, but still the same color and glow in its appearance.

Her short, black hair raised a bit as if she had just crawled out of bed, and her silver eyes narrowed into a similar glare as the other two fighters from her universe. She turned her attention slightly, Vegetto soon arriving after dashing down towards Kassava and Bernkastel. Vegetto's eyes remained locked on the fight, watching Whis make his move on Doctor Doom while standing next to Kassava in answering Bernkastel's concerns.

"It doesn't matter if we can get close or not; we just need to keep him engaging and wasting power to attack us while the others are charging in."

Vegetto's head turned a bit, his silver eyes still forward while Kassava remained silent.

" whatever you can to make sure you don't lose concentration on watching this fight. Whis will probably try to take Doom on alone."

Kassava's stern stare broke for the first time, her right eyebrow raising as she turned slightly towards Vegetto in confusion.

"Huh? Why?"

Vegetto kept his attention forward, his dual voice flat in its delivery.

"Whis is making his move on Doom...but it's way too soon. If he wanted to win, he would've charged in after Doom had already used all of his resources on us. Instead, he's attacking head on and using full power right from the start."

Kassava kept her confused expression.

"Then why is he doing it?"

Vegetto narrowed his eyes slightly, his silver pupils turning towards Kassava.

"I think he's trying to show us something. About Doom's strategy and fighting patterns...about what his capable of. As well...perhaps he wants to show us the full extent of Ultra Instinct."

Kassava turned back to the fight, watching Whis unleash his quick jabs in a devastating flurry of strikes.

"How can you tell what he's trying to do?"

Vegetto's lips rose slightly into a smirk, relaxing his arms.

"A part of me has done this before."

His silver eyes turned down towards Kassava slightly.

"And last time, it worked out well for the fighter that ended up using that information to win."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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In the tornado of fiery winds erupted from the White Flare, Doctor Doom noticed the Breakers no longer posing any active movements. Adjusting to his newly formed eyes, Doom stans to make yet another move on his own. If they won’t come to him, he’ll come to them and forced their hand. The overflowing of the voice’s energy pooling out of his body, Doom took one step to the direction of Brachi, Spina and Vegetto. He noticed that the White Dots on some of them had disappeared, indicating to him that they either successfully blocked the orbs or were struck by them.

Another step Doom took, beaming with overconfidence of his new profound abilities, towards them. He looked up, seeing several black balls coming to his direction. Just as Doom reversed Cross, Cross reversed his attacks. “That bag of bones got some tricks under his rib cage.” He raised his arms in the air as surge of white lightning sparked violently around his hands. Just before Doom was going to stop the Black Redux, his eyes narrowed upon Whis appearing in front of him. Unable to react properly since Doctor Doom was already in motion in his attack, he took several jabs against his armor and mask, creating more cracks across the board.

He skidded back against the rugged ground. Due to the surprise attack, the Black Redux sent by Cross slammed onto him, erupting a mighty explosion afterwards. Doom arched over as the smoke seared away from his armor. He slowly lifted his head towards the tall blue man. “So, there you are… I was expecting that you’re full of yellow all this time.” Doom clenched his fists tightly as he bolted towards Whis in scorching speeds. Doom’s eyes shined. “White Flash!” He shouted as a white dot appeared on Whis’s forehead. He hurled his right fist, then his left, towards the angel. In may seem to be a single punch, but it was a rapid-fire punch in the hundreds to force a close combat session as pieces of his armor chipped away. 


“I never expected Whis to get that strong. I can’t believe it.” Spina said, watching from afar. He overheard Vegetto’s comment on the fight. It makes sense to him. “Throwing our attacks in masses might not do much if he can easily deflect it or counter it, especially since we are unaware of his moves right now. And that armor, that needs to be taken care of.”
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Cuki stared towards the others and bit her lip as to how she could help them. She wondered where there would be a weak spot for Doom until she noticed visible cracks on his armor and mask. Despite being as powerful as he was, there was still a chance to weaken him. Before Cuki could make a move, her eyes shifted to the White Marble Redux heading back towards her and her master. She dipped to the side to avoid the one aimed towards her and fired a ki blast towards it, causing a little explosion, before shifting her gaze towards the one rushing towards her Master.

"Master, look out!" Cuki said as she sped to his direction.

Zenta watched Doom and his moves carefully, gathering as much information as he could base on what he could sense. As the orb rushed towards him, he tapped his foot on the ceiling he was on and a large crack started to circle around the platform he stood on, slipping off the ceiling and leaving a hole where it once was. Thanks to his energy, his feet remained perfectly stuck to the slab as if he was glued to it. Using the momentum of the fall, Zenta released the hold he had on the piece and kicked it directly towards the orb, creating an explosion followed by debris. Zenta's hands were swift and he grabbed the orb Spina made to follow him. The dragon-shaped energy ate the ball of energy as Zenta disappeared inside the smoke and debris of the explosion. 

The smoke and debris were being pulled in to a single point, vanishing until Zenta's body was visible again. The beast held his arm out all the smoke and debris being sucked into the dragon's maw as the orb Spina provided and the energy making the dragon grew larger in size. The orb and the dragon appeared to almost fuse, the attack itself looking as if it was coming solely from the dragon. As Zenta fell, he took advantage of Doom as he became distracted by Whis, landing softly behind Doom. The attack cracked the little ground left and the air immediately felt heavy around Doom, almost as if gravity was intensifying. Zenta planted his feet on the ground and pulled his arm back, taking aim towards Doom's back. Spina's orb now looked like a swirling concentration of Zenta's energy and his own, as steam began to exit the dragon's maw. 

"Dragon Palm, Pressure Sphere!"

Zenta launched his arm towards Doom's back, landing the sphere right in the center. The heavy air went still for a brief moment before the energy unleashed itself. The ground immediately shattered and the pressure crushed the rubble to dust. The attack looked as if the dragon energy was biting down on Doom's armor and trying to shred it to pieces by the pressure it made. He hoped that the immense pressure would create more cracks in Doom's armor and give Whis a chance to strike without Doom attacking him.

Whoa... Master can do that? It's like he concentrated his energy and unleashed it to a single concentrated point. Feels like a reverse black hole... 

Cuki turned to Spina and Brachi, rushing towards them as she noticed more visible cracks forming on Doom's armor.

"Mr. Spina, Ms. Brachi, Doom's armor is weakening. There appear to be cracks forming on it! I bet if we break Doom out of his armor, he'll be completely vulnerable!" Cuki stared at her Master and Whis. "We should try combining our attacks, maybe it will hit a lot harder and we'll be able to knock Doom's armor off! What do you guys say?
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As the attack launched forward with the sphere forming on Whis' forehead, the tall angel's body morphed dramatically. His silver, fierce eyes stared down doom, yet his head suddenly split in two like play dough. Each furious punch that flew to strike Whis itself hit nothing but air; his body morphing and shifting similar to Majin Bara's magical body.

His torso soon split off his waist, but Whis' fists expertly flew forward in keeping up his intense assault on Doctor Doom's armor. His split body began to move on its own, his right leg gently punting Whis' upper half up to the left while he simultaneously punched at Doctor Doom's mask. The speed and precision of his strikes flowed very fluidly and despite lacking predictable structure in martial arts, his attacks all flung forward with a strange grace and skill with the strange development. His legs whirled around at the same time after the punt, hurling a round house kick at Doctor Doom's midsection.

Upon the impact from Zenta's strike, Whis' body began to attach together slowly, his legs and fists both hurling forward at the same time to deliver a four strike hit directly to Doctor Doom's torso. Whis flipped gently backwards off the impact force of the strike, gently landing on his feet and pulling his arms up in a defensive, Wing Chun stance and preparing for Doom's counter attack.

Vegetto's eyes widened at the display. He had prepared to respond to Spina's comments, but stopped dead in seeing Whis' strange and dramatic alteration unfold in avoiding Doom's attacks.

"How is he...doing that?"

His eyes snapped open slightly, Whis' voice ringing out in his memory. The taller angel was smiling with his right arm raised with a pointer finger.

"Ultimately, your end goal is to have the your body think and move independently of the other parts. But I admit this can be exceedingly difficult: Lord Beerus hasn't even mastered it, and he's a god."

Vegetto lifted his head back up, narrowing at the display once more with a small smirk.

"Every part, moving on their own in perfect combat. Incredible."

Kassava spoke next, her tone flat.

"The intensity of his strikes impact with sheer power like fire...but it flows with a more fluid, unyielding consistency like water."

Vegetto lifted his lips slightly into a smirk, his arms still at his sides.

"With Zenta teaming up with him, there might not be a Doom left for us to fight."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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